Tuesday 20 October 2009

Why do poets express so well what I want to . . .

I celebrate myself,
and sing myself,
And what I assume
you shall assume,
For every atom
belonging to me as
good belongs to

from Song of Myself  by Walt Whiman


  1. I find Walt Whitman a bit condensending, but I liked this quote. Maybe I should go back and read his "Leaves of Grass" again. I've read the book back when I studied literature at the Haifa University, and it was then he seemed condensending to me. But I've changed since, and so has my perspective on life. I'll give it a try - should be interesting. Sometimes I read a book for a second time a few years later and discover a completely different story...

  2. Strange but I never was interested in American Poetry while doing my MA. As you have mentioned, even I am evolving and seeing things differently now. I came upon this quote by chance and liked it. Very thoughtfully written. Guess prejudices melt as one grows older.

  3. Simple but deep poem. I tried to read.."Leaves of Grass" but then.. at one point of time everything went about my head so stopped midway.


  4. My mum had this really old copy of "Leaves of Grass" from her M.A. times and I tried to read it once. This was like three years ago and very little of what he said seemed to strike a chord. I remembered thinking then that maybe I shud come back to it after a while.

    I think this was my sign. :)

  5. Yeah Bluey. Go and get it. Its waiting for you. Calling out to you.



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