Thursday 29 October 2009

The rains have arrived . . .

Finally after dodging the state for weeks, they have come with their usual cheeriness and gusto. The north-east monsoon predicted for 15th October have come a tad late. They have been pouring the night long leaving the roads like a huge chocolate and the leaves shiny and new. Its a lovely sight to behold the leaves which take in the water as a refreshing bath to cleanse them of their dusty and dull demeanour.

The rains have not come alone this time, they have brought me tears, fears and a detached feeling. Yesterday morning the rains made me marvel at the droplets that so precariously line the railway doors and windows. Today the rain has left me with certain uncertainties and lingering doubts that seem quite stubborn and meloncholic.


The rains have gone now for a short break but the tears haven't.

Along similar lines:
Everyone is a weather god at some point in their life


  1. I just came by around an hour ago to see a new post and there was nothing and now there is.....

    south west monsooons now, I always it was the north-western monsoons that came from the mediterrean side to Rajastan and deflected by the Aravallis that brought the October rain....geography mixed up, I guess...

    Hugs to you Susan, tk

  2. congratulations! finally Chennai must be feeling relieved

  3. Dear Ashes: Geography mixed up there. I never seem to get that one right. Bad with directions and this is worse. North-eastern!!!

    Vinay: They disappointed us. They have stopped now but we were happy with the two day showers.

  4. I'm not the alone in mixed up Geography!! :)))) I'm loving it Susan

  5. Absolutely Ashes. In spite of topping the class in Geography, I miss these finer details.


  6. Rain is healing. Just don't get washed away in it. Tears are healing. Just don't get washed away in them.
    Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words. I appreciate you!



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