Thursday 14 May 2015

Sights of summer 5: Rain

Oh yes, Rain in summer is something that is good for the mangoes (and also for our sagging-by-the-heat spirits!), they say and in some places these showers are called Mango Showers. They are welcome and not as welcome. We love reasons for some relief from the sweltering heat and hence look forward to these showers while well-meaning people who have been there and know the weather/climate wisely nod saying, These showers will neither cool the temperatures nor bring relief, they will only rise the degree of humidity. Ah, but we never did care for those lines of wisdom and only lived for that moment it rained (we believed in the now, you see!). Well, the showers do not last long but until they poured, we were overjoyed. I always tend to wonder whether the mango trees/flowers benefitted from the showers. They would have, I am sure!

Rain, which is the most unexpected visitor of warm, sweaty and humid days, feeds our thirst for a little degree of change. Perhaps this is the only time, we no not crave for warmth, literally! This rain is like hope which assures us that summer will not last long and soon we will welcome grey skies and potholes filled with water.

Even as I tap the keys of my computer, I hear the pitter-patter of rain. It is but 11: 13 am but it seems as though the dusk is about to envelop. It is wonderful to remain indoors (read home) as it rains outside. Being at home ensures that one can delight in the rain without having to bother about dirty roads, slush and slips. Rain is not rain alone but other added things as well.

Here, I fondly remember a song by Cliff Richard Summer Rain:

. . .Summer rain will come again so the
Harvest is a good one
But if you don't respond to me I am lost
You're the only hope I have to bring
Forth the fruit in season
Now I know I need you to survive
You, you are my dream . . .

Saturday 9 May 2015

Sights of Summer 4: Frangipani/Champa

I cannot decide whether I like the name of this tree or the tree itself! The Frangipani is the common name of Plumeria and the tree is a delight to behold in different seasons of the year. The name evokes sensuousness whenever I pronounce the name - certain words do that, you know. Someone once said that I was a sense-person, referring to my fascination with sounds, touch and smell. Well, I don't know where that person is or what the person is doing but still the words uttered have been etched in my memory (I say a little prayer for you!).

Frangipani is such, it nudges certain settled sediments of memory and stirs the soul and does not hesitate in tagging our fragile senses. The tree is bare during the winter and flowers during the summer months - sometimes there are only flowers in the tree sans leaves and sometimes the entire tree is filled with flowers and leaves. The tree is a treat to my eye sans leaves, flowers as well. The tree emanates a fragrance at night, possibly to attract pollinators (I read this on Wiki).

The tree is a true decorative element wherever it is found (except my wee garden of course, because I just stop with my admiration alone and do not tend to it!) Some objects of beauty are just lovely to behold but not to be taken care of, I reckon and that explains my lackaidaisical attitude in taking care of the Frangipani in my garden.

This is a well loved tree/flower by many artists and beauty-lovers. The flower adorns many a pretty ear in Hawaii or simulators of the Hawaii feel ;) And, it comes in shades of off-white and pink.

It is quite strange that it was once an exotic to India but now it is near-native. Everything thrives in India, you see.

Image: Internet


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