Tuesday 19 December 2017

Urban vignettes


She waits in the car
while he has gone to pick up some kebabs
The glass is half-down,
She looks out while he places the order and glances around.
Windows up
The smell of spice and coriander fill the car
Another day of no cooking dinner!


She walks the aisles of the mega-store
She remembers foreign herbs
And fills her shopping cart.
The bottles neatly stacked on the racks
Lie forgotten.


She promises herself
"No more online shopping."
She clicks JAYPORE
Just once, let me glance.
With horror and pleasure, she reads:
Your order has been successfully placed.


She yearns for her days of childhood
She arrives at her hometown.
After half-a-day,
She yearns for the place she lives in!


She thinks in English
worries in English
swears in English
yet teaches,
"English is after all our second language!"


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