Friday 23 October 2009

Not that song again . . .

I know this happens to us most of the time. Atleast once a week maybe. A song is struck in your head refusing to let go of you. The song can be in any language, genre or period. But it is with you. You wake up with that song in your head, hum it through the morning, sing it when you can no longer hold it and its the last thing on your mind before you sleep. Now I am struck with a song like that. The song is stubborn in its grasp of me. 

The song is not the song alone, mind it. The song brings memories: smells, people, places, time and all other things which is not welcome always. The song seduces you to dwell with it and coerces emotions that you would be better off without. Sometimes songs struck in your head give you a happy happy feeling. Thats of course welcome. A friend, an old love, smells that you could not do without . . .

Let me see what I can do with my song.

Tell me what song is ringing in your head right now.


  1. Ya ... It soo happens!

    I know one song that was banned from being played on radios and public places because it stays on the mind for a really long time..

    "Hey mickey your so fine your so fine and your so mine Hey mickey!"

    Thats the song I was talking about.

    Song in my mind right now... "In Lamhon ke daaman me.." ;)[Thankfully no memories apart from drooling over Hritik throughout that movie! :P]

  2. Sameera, don't even talk about that song. I remember going 'Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey' when that song was released.

    Sometimes even jingles from ads stay in the head for longer periods of time. There was an as which went 'Tum ta da tums.' Remember?

  3. Luckily, I'm not stuck with any song at the moment, but of course that can change any minute. There are two kinds of songs that get stuck in my mind: those you talk about Susan, that seduce you and bring with them wonderful emotions, and then there are these really ugly songs I get stuck with. Once I was stuck for a whole year with a radio commercial for car-insurance. It was terrible!
    My daughter loves Michael Jackson - and so lately, ever since he died, I have to listen to his music most of the time, so it's usually Billy Jean or Blame it on the boogie... NOT my kind of music, but it stays with me all the same.

  4. Khulud: Glad to know about your daughter. Some of Jackson's songs can linger on for a long time after the song is over. Yeah, true with advertisements too.

  5. Yeah, its called a songworm..

    it kinda burrows into ur brain and refuses to leave! :D

    Mine is "Tum Ho Toh" from Rock On!! right now..sigh..

  6. I discovered by chance another blog post on songs.Here it is:



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