Thursday 22 October 2009

Let us go then you and I . . .

Oh! yeah, these lines belong to Eliot. Well, this post is a sort of a digging exercise into our posts of yore. Upon examining a few fellow blogger's blogs, I found out that though there are great posts when they began writing, those are often neglected by the readers. My own blog stands example to that. The traffic that one encounters in the present is only after the gracious registration into blog directories like Indiblogger, etc. Okay! I am not trying to promote my earlier posts or something but then readers are like that - LAZY. They read the posts that are presented to them upon clicking the link and maybe they might venture to see two or three posts that are on the same page. What happens to the earlier posts? Will they never see the light of the reader's eye. Now I can sense the familiar allegation slowly rising its hood: I write for myself and not for anyone else. Okay. I agree with that but then the question I would like to raise is: When you do like reading something that is worth your time, why restrict yourself to the first page or at the most, second. Why don't you travel to the first ever post written by your favourite blogger and see the paths traversed or better still you can view the change in the subjects and thoughts.

After all this, I can only say: Its up to you to follow the thought that this post promotes or else . . . maybe you are plain lazy. Catch 22.


  1. Its a bit of futile exercise in my opinion. Blogs are very much a personalized expression Just like a conversation, is always very 'here & now', a blog is likewise. If during a dialogue I have to refer to u what u said earlier, then either I have to remember it or else, I have ask you for it. In a blog u can make it a little easier for the reader by using widgets like recent posts, my favourites, most commented posts, etc. But that still does not stop a reader from being simply lazy.
    Any blog is a 'just now' face of the blogger. If someone is REALLY interested in your older post' s/he will check the archive.
    Plus, u may be a little behind times. Now tweets are eroding the blog world. Bloggers are complaining that since advent of twitter, people don't write as many comments these days. Twitter is micro-blogging, which is even more 'current.'

  2. I find Twitter limiting, though, Pushkaraj. There are still people around who want to read blog posts, and what I do, Susan Deborah, is include links to pertinent earlier posts (don't know if many people click on them, but it does make it easier on the reader).

  3. Elizabeth, of course Twitter is limiting. So much that I have an account but never feel like using it at all. I gave twitter's example only to highlight my point is that blog is very 'here & now'.

  4. Pushkaraj: Not futile. Conversation is different and going back in conversations are pointless unlike blogs which one can go back. I read some of your older posts and its definitely worth it.

    Elizabeth: Thanks for dropping by. Yeah including links seem sensible but I am not too familiar with that. Nevertheless I do go back and read some of my favourite bloggers' initial phase posts.

  5. Hey I've often wondered about this myself..

    I like reading people's first posts..its fun to see how better/worse they've gotten at writing..;)

    but I dont get to do this with everyone coz of being pressed for time..

    but you know, what makes it easier is some bloggers putting up their favourite posts up for ppl to read..and then the temporal order doesnt matter..



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