Sunday 14 July 2024

The curious case of Whatsapp forwards

 This post has been brewing for a long time within my mind. Now that my close relatives are retired, I find that my post has gotten lot of inputs to add and I hope that you understand why. The ubiquitous family group that is almost a regular feature in everyone's Whatsapp, is the breeding place of these forwards. My mom sends a minimum of five to max eight forwards on the family Whatsapp group on a wide range of topics from religion, health, cooking and well being. Well, some of them are sent to me by other 'well meaning' folks as well but what beats me is the fact that everyone who sends these forwards take it upon them to tirelessly champion the case of anything they find remotely useful. They mean well. I don't blame them but what gets my gut is that no one verifies whether the messages are true and worthy to be circulated. Also these forwards are deemed useful by the sender in almost a zealous fashion like the early missionaries who spread the gospel of Christ.

Now, this syndrome of forwarding messages is quite common among a certain age group of people - mostly retired, with time and active data available and a willingness to imagine that many will benefit by the message. I do understand that they want their loved and not so loved ones to be fit, fine and religious, but they hardly think whether their message will be read. They believe and imagine that their messages are welcome and read. Well, I for one, never opens any forwarded messages unless my mom specifically asks me about it otherwise I don't bother. But I am quite impressed that for the forwarder, it is important that message is sent - I guess the mental satisfaction of having sent a message is far more important than knowing whether the message was actually read.

Sometimes I think that after retirement, the forwarding of messages gives a certain purpose to life and that explains the fervent offloading of random stuff in family groups. Well, I guess I should not judge the offloading of forwards if it gives a purpose to someone but I still think that the individual should refrain from sharing messages without checking the motive, authenticity and source.

Until the next time, let me ignore the forwards on our family group and since today is Sunday, you can imagine today's quota!

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Monday 8 July 2024

Eternal hope of a holiday during work days!

It has been raining incessantly for the past 48 hours and there is an alert for the coming few days; the schools have a holiday declared by the Government unlike colleges. I hope that a public holiday is declared for the state of Goa - this thought brings me to the topic of holidays which is savoured by almost many individuals that I know! Unexpected holidays on a working day have a special flavour to them. The thought of remaining home on an otherwise working day with classes, students and following time is definitely a welcome break, even so better if it is the middle of a week. Forget middle of the week, any day of the week except the mandatory Sunday offers an unexplainable glee to individuals of diverse age groups. My students are happy, my colleagues are happy and my dog is happy to have me home.

Why do we crave for these sudden unexpected break days from work, I have often pondered. Is it the relief from the clock, or the relief from the humdrum of everyday shenanigans, or the sheer joy of an unexpected burst of time at home to indulge in some extra minutes of breakfast, hot lunch and any time siesta!

My partner likes it when I'm home and vice-versa. Our breakfast conversations are longer, making us linger for tea in the dining table and staying long after the tea is drained; We stand for minutes together admiring the garden - the flowers, fruits and birds while exchanging notes on how the ash-gourd looks healthier than the last one we harvested; our Feni (our non-human companion) is happy to walk around with us matching our step and basking in the warmth of our leisurely strokes and lazy hugs.

All in all, an unexpected holiday is stretching the usual idleness while savouring it!

So, do you enjoy these welcome breaks in the course of your week?


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