Thursday 15 October 2009

Sepia-hued reality

The world takes on a different tinge from the time I wear my shades. A sepia hue envelops the sky, the roads, the people and all things. I cry vintage and yearn for the rain when I see the clouds threatening to pour anytime. Even though sometimes I acutely feel the extra addition to my face as something to be taken off, I don't. It is not an exaggeration when I say that my emotions seem under cover when the shades are on me covering my eyes, concealing my expressions. I see everything but at the same time for the person opposite me, I don't see.

Sometimes closing my eyes for a few seconds while walking seems great as if I have closed the world itself. I can gaze at the eagles soaring above without twitching my eyes. Why, sometimes I venture to look at the sun eye-to-eye. What power can those simple polarised glasses wield.

I want reality so much that I remove my shades but the moment I do that I regret and put them back. Sepia seems lovely when compared to reality.

At least for some part of the day, I try a different reality -- a sepia-hued one!


  1. I never wore shades ever in my life, except when walking in high snows, which was more for safety against uv.
    I feel I also disliked glares because I actually disliked people who talked with glares on. I find it disconcerting to talk to someone without being able to see his/her eyes.
    Never thought of glares in the light (pun not intended) of how you have described them. Nice post.

  2. Thanks Pushkaraj. I remove the shades when I talk to people as I would also the eye-to-eye contact.



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