Tuesday 6 October 2009

Glimpses of the last five days


Sandhya and I share a relationship of smiles. We started greeting each each with a smile and smiles are never-ending whenever I pass by her. Sandhya is a girl of about fifteen or sixteen who sells buttermilk sitting by the pavement. Weary drivers, pedestrians and student relish a cup of buttermilk to get respite from the scorching sun. I always pass by the makeshift shop when I walk to the nearest railway station. There have been times when Sandhya has kept a mango for me and has given it to me saying "This is very sweet, you will like it" and in return I have given her a pack of gum (a vey unworthy return gift but nevertheless from the heart). The next day she eagerly asks me, "Did you like the mango" and then we smile, the usual lingering smile. I met her two days ago after a long time. She told me that she has stopped sitting in the pavemnt shop as her marriage has been fixed. Sandhya: will she be happy? was she asked whether she would like to marry? She seemed happy that she was going to be married. Maybe I was reading too much in between lines as 'educated' people always do.


I detest these visits. They are very lifeless and dull but then people-watching saves me. There were many couples with puny-looking babies. The babies were all with black eyebrows painted with a kajal pencil and a big black mole near the lip to ward off the evil eye. Conversations were about babies, their sleep, laughs, urinating, burps et al. A TV which was perched on the highest point that one had to crane the neck to view it. Many ring tones that either go on at the same time or one after the other demanding attention. I try to close my eyes and sit still but then a baby prods me to smile and make funny faces. Not another visit.


Sunday's 'Literary Review' a supplement of 'The Hindu' had an interview with Kanimozhi, a member of Parliament and also a poet and activist. I enjoyed reading excerpts from her poems. Here I quote some for you:

Never was out of love
And never continued to be in love,
Not with the same
Neither the loved one remained
The same
Nor it is possible
To live without love

Chasing our dreams as if
Chasing butterflies
Like winged rainbows they fly
Beyond our reach . . .


My professor asked me and few of my friends to come to his class to see a play that was performed by his student as part of their course-work. The play was a condensed version of G. B. Shaw's 'Pygmalion' which was made famous by the film 'My Fair Lady.' The actors were first-time actors and it lasted for 30 minutes. The nice part was that the students were quite excited by the whole show and managed to do their best while I felt that they could have taken care of many details but since it was their first time they could be pardoned. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. It was a nice nostalgic trip that reminded me of the time I saw 'My Fair Lady' and the songs that were sung over and over again.


  1. Wow! Thats quite a way to put time thats gone by together for posterity..saved forever in words..:)

    "a relationship of smiles" how simply and beautifully put..

    and the hospital visits, I cant really complain about them myself..I study in one! :D

    And the first excerpt is sheer beauty! :)

    And guess what, in school we once did a performance of Pygmalion in Hindi called "Woh Phoolon Ki Rani" and we were all like 12 and the play was about a Hindi professor who tries to get a roadside flowerseller to speak good Hindi and pass for a Queen..

    but all of us were collectively so bad at Hindi that we made a downright mess out of it all..mangled the lines, sang the songs and forgot the chorus..

    Haha! You wud have loved to watch us goof up too! :D

  2. I of course would have loved to see that grand MESS. Hindi does that to all of us. Our Hindi Sir was a rotound avuncular figure and his accent was the best thing ever. How much I miss his antics.
    'Pygmalion' is such a lovely play. We can do so mnay versions of it!

  3. You are the FIRST person whom I have seen actually use the word 'avuncular'. Must salute your vocabulary.
    Ummmmmm, what does it mean, by the way?

  4. Pushkaraj that was a comment on the comment. Nice to dialogue within comments :-)

  5. Was at the supermarket and there was this guy who looked quite familiar to me, we smiled and passed.. we went to the same park for our morning walks daily...no talk--just the smile and they become our smile-friends!! Wishes for Sandhya for a happy life

  6. Yeah PNA: (Sounds strange to address you PNA)Relationship of smiles is something that people have no time for these days.

  7. you could address me Ashes...Susan, cya



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