Wednesday 21 October 2009

Extended family

Blog hopping has become something quite habitual these days. I find it especially worthwhile to read the comments on a particular post which even I found interesting. Two days ago, I found a link in one of the comments. The link led to stories of different people who found comfort and love through their online friends and acquaintances. Although I always take on the side which is against technology, I find it amazing how people can relate to you despite the fact that they haven't met you. Online dating is of course a well known fact but getting friends who are very very different in their culture, time-zones, spirituality, etc is something that is just wonderful. I have read many articles about the hazards of divulging information to strangers whom we have not met but then these friendships go beyond that. They are purely based on trust, instincts and a mutual streak of personality.

I am fortunate to have found many wonderful people like that. They are from many parts of our country as well as outside. We share different time-zones and there are times when we haven't kept in touch regularly but then the bond exists. A single liner mail, a birthday wish and the occasional online chatting is enough to sustain the bond. These people are there when one needs them. They are patient enough to read the long mails and reply with longer mails. They offer slices from their life tales to tell you that "It shall pass."

They are a special family - an extended family of sorts. I just wish that I really get to meet them sometime and give them a nice big bear hug to tell them that "You really made a difference."


  1. your words ring so true, friend - they are words, i believe, that each of us here in blogworld have found to be true - it's magnificent! truly magnificent! and i am so proud to be a part of my whole new worldfamily - we are all blessed to have the lights of others shine upon our lives as they do here! thank you for so faithfully following along with my blogs! your visits are cherished!

    oh, and lest i forget, yesterday i did a little thing about the snow tiger at gypsywomanworld - so take a look and check it out - let me know what you think -

    and have a wonderful day!

    namaste' - jenean

  2. Yeah Jenean. I forgot to mention the bloggerworld friends. Your blogs are written with so much love and detail. Its a pleasure to follow.

    Have a great day ahead.

  3. so true Susan...

    blog friends who move beyond the comment page to chatting, emails and an occasional coffee date or a city visit... ditto with chat friends

    ...have some wonderful friends over the internet, and it is just some instict that makes us divulge a lot about us to each other.

    Cheers to technology, I say

  4. Very true dear Ashes! A toast to the health and joy of our Online friends.

  5. Wow! This is a warm one! :)

    I am actually really grateful for the friends I met on blogger..the cold hardness of technology tempered with the warmth of new friendships.. :)

    *bear hug back*

  6. very much agreed Susan. I read your other posts too. They are very interesting. I am following your blog now. :)

  7. Thanks for that Shashank. I like to repeat your name Sha shank. Sounds so nice. Have you seen the film 'Shawshank Redemption?'

  8. Oh yes, I have. It's a nice movie! :) Most of my colleagues in the US call me with the same "Sha Shank" pronunciation :P



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