Friday 1 October 2010

Losing a bit of Myself and gaining a bit of Me

Every year, apart from the New-Years, there is day which pleasantly reminds one of the year that has passed by. I am referring to birthdays. It is a time of the year where one can reflect, ponder and hope about an assortment of things. Birthdays not only mean years or passage of time, it is an occasion to check our growth and our shortcomings as well.

As the clock strikes 12. 00, I love to look back at the year that has just ended. I wonder at the times when I was down at the dumps but still managed to get up and move on; laugh at the stupidities that were knowingly or unknowingly committed by me; shed tears at apparent loss of certain vital things; recollecting the new things that happened to me in the bygone year and be grateful for every single day of the previous year.

Sometimes I just can't help crying while thinking about the joy of being alive and happy. It is sad when one observes the world around with its face that is scarred with gloom, despair, inhuman conditions and sickness. Entering into a new year is truly something special and fortunate.

In the process of growing older, one also leaves a bit of something that no longer seems to complement the self. But at the same time, one gains common sense, wisdom and practical knowledge by the experience of the passing years.

In a previous post a few months ago, I had pondered on the changing faces of birthdays as the years increase and this post is an addition to those thoughts. After all I love to meander and reflect on things over and over!

Birthdays are to be taken with the sagacious advice of Mr. Browning: "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be."

So, how do you see birthdays? Happy to grow older and wiser??

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  1. Oh, I take it it is your birthday today ; thus a BIG CONGRATULATION dear Susan.;)) May it be a great day.;) The stars must have been smiling when you were born.;)

    I still love to celebrate birthdays and I want people around me to make them special - as well as I want to make them special for others. I dislike when people simply start to ignore that day, stating it is just like any other and it doesn't matter; whether it is their own or someone else's.;) To me it is not about presents or an extravagant celebration, it is just about the acknowledgment of the simple fact that this was an important day in ones life, the day it all started.;)

    So Happy Birthday my dear friend,

  2. Good wishes come ur way on ur birthday.
    As for me it's not a real big deal and i find it strange when i see all the fuss.Maybe because my parents never remembered our birthdays and for a long time it was a foreign concept.
    Change on my part is only when i remember my son's birthday and wish him but that i do always birthday or otherwise...wish and bless him always.
    Maybe because we never had it in my family i goof up big time on all the frns...relatives birthdays.
    There's an easy solution at hand always...BELATED...
    Glad if i caught up on urs and if i missed it...Happy Belated Birthday Susan.
    Rejoice...have fun...God bless.

  3. Happy b'day susan !!
    got a new insight/look about b;days ... during that special day, I never think about the past, just enjoy and have some fun, also answering the endless calls from my friends n relatives from morning to night is an arduous task which I love very much, now people started wishing online..:)

  4. Happy birthday dear Susan...God blessed the world the day you were born.

    Interesting question. I definitely see birthdays differently as I grow older. It's not so much things that are important but being with family who are really happy that you are there to be a part of their world. What a wonderful cause for celebration!

  5. Happy bday Susan, if it's your bday today. And may God bless you!

    You're right. With every passing year, we grow more, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. And begin to enjoy & appreciate life more.

    I like to feel special on bdays. Bday cakes (my mom got me on that ritual - she baked the cake and did the icing herself), gifts and (surprise) parties! I'm missing those days now, bcoz my husband doesn't understand what the fuss is all about. Thinks that every day is special so what's the big deal. So every b'day I make this big face, but of not much use bcoz he won't budge :(

  6. happy birthday susan. i am more than happy to grow older..they seem to have a lost a bit of the festiveness, and serve more as markers of time...but i do like to recollect...

  7. Belated wishes for your birthday Susan. For me, birthday, on one hand, brings joys of completing a year of my life and of course becoming wiser, it also has a bit of pain of ageing. I look at the kids and hope to be a child again.

    But alas! that can't happen! So I move on.... living....learning and further living till I don't meet my end.

    I am doing very fine and what about you? Just looking forward to what all I can make of this life, while passing through the irreversible process of ageing. Thanx Susan for stopping by and asking about my well being.

  8. Happy Bithday Susan!!!

    I like that you make time for introspection on your birthday. I tend to celebrate them, life. It's so wonderful that you came to this world. That is much to celebrate.

  9. Happy birthday my dearest... yes it is true, as you say 'Entering into a new year is truly something special and fortunate.

    I am glad I can celebrate a new year each year, others can or could not... so lucky us- those who still can... that's how I see it...
    Hoping you've had a gorgeous day!

    Joy and love


  10. Dear Susan,

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday... and a lovely weekend!


  11. Happy Birthday Susan. It's a good thing life moves forward for most of us.

    I like the title line.

  12. Zuzana:

    I didn't indicate anywhere but you did find it out. Thanks for your kind wishes, dear Zuzana. The day it all started . . .


    You were on time. Thanks for the wishes. Growing older means that I am alive, healthy and happy :)

  13. Vignesh:

    I also enjoyed the endless calls and messages. Glad to know that people still care and wish the best for you! Thanks for your wishes.


    What a lovely wish. thanks dear one :)

  14. RGB:

    Thanks for your kind wishes. Men, sometimes can be quite insensitive. they fail to see the beauty in the simple pleasures of life. That trait annoys me as well :( Once you should completely ignore his birthday. Lets see how he feels!


    I am a happier person too. Seems great to have completed a year in the cycle of life.

  15. Sunny:

    Aging is a byproduct which one should learn to embrace happily. There is no other choice, sadly. Good to know that you are well.


    Thanks Myrna :) Your lovely wishes for me are much appreciated.

  16. Dulce:

    Life is lovely as it is and birthdays emphasise that fact. Much love and big hugs.


    Thanks for your kind wishes. Hope your weekend is swimming as well :)

  17. Toemailer:

    Thanks :)


    I am glad that you liked the title. Peace and joy to you always.

  18. Hey I missed your birthday??? Oh dear me, my dear friend Happy Happy Belated Birthday... good grief how many days has passed! You are birthdays are meant to be celebrated, but I guess we have just taken for granted each year that passed thinking 'no big deal' just another year. A year of hard work, despair...

    We should change and appreciate every moment that we are alive. YES! we must do that.. we must remember to do that! Blessings dear.

  19. Gaia:

    Your kind words are much appreciated :)


    Welcome and thanks for writing your insights on birthdays. I completely agree with what you have said. And thanks for your wishes :)

    Hope to see more of you. Joy always.

  20. Hey Susan, I am late. Belated wishes. May you be blessed with all the joy and happiness!!!

    I grow older each year, wiser is debatable :)

  21. Happy Birthday, sweet YOU! I wish for you love and success and happiness. And, of course, the good health to enjoy it all.

    Hugs and love!

  22. Yuvika:

    There is nothing late in wishing well for a person. The wishes, even if they come late, are well appreciated. Thanks :)


    Thanks for your warm and kind wishes, dear Angie.

    Big hugs and much love always :)

  23. OMG!! how did I miss this post??

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, sweet Susan!
    May your life be filled with joy around every corner!

    Big hugs!

    B xx

  24. Dear Betty:

    Thanks for your kind and lovely wishes. Joy back to you as well :)

  25. At every stage of my life and every year I thought I had enough wisdom only to find out later that I still had a long way to go.

    Happy Belated birthday!

  26. Same here with me. I guess one should never worry too much about wisdom and other things. It is nice to think that we are always in the process of becoming wiser and healthier.
    Thanks for your wishes dear Myriam.



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