Tuesday 12 October 2010

"If I had another pair"

Traversing through the different chores of the day many times we wonder: "It would be great if I had another pair of hands." Well, the one pair that I have doesn't receive its due and here I am signing an ode in prose to the hands. Last week as I was roughly scanning a weekly magazine, my eyes fell on a group of athletes who were celebrating their victory. They wore jubilant smiles and stood tall with their laurels. Everything was fine except for their hands: They did not have hands. I was amazed at the tenacity of those young athletes but also wondered about how we take certain things for granted. As a reflex action, I held my hands in front of my eyes. I saw them line by line, finger by finger as if I was a Quality-control Inspector.

I spoke to my hands and rendered a silent gratitude to them. When something is very close to us and made use of almost every second, we seldom realise its importance and worth. I mentally tried making a list of the things that I do with my hand. Ah, I don't think I should list the actions here. Let me give some time to you for making your own list. The list that I had mentally made was mind-boggling. I use my hands for everything.

I wondered about the possibility of showing love without hands. I had to discover new ways to touch. I cannot imagine touching without hands. However good I am with my words, sight or any other expression, I cannot touch someone physically without my hands.

When one loses a part of the body, nature always enables to substitute that particular organ with an intensified another organ. But that is a bit too complex for me to think. I cannot do that. Even for typing this post, I have to use my hands.

And anyone can identify people with their hands: Mothers by their coarse yet loving hands; fathers with their rough and callous hands; friends with their tender and caring hands. One just knows. Sometimes when I am sleeping and someone touches my cheeks, I can (in my sleepy state) recognise the hand by the touch. Marvellous, isn't it?

Why don't we stop to reflect on something that is US invariably? I refrain from saying 'part of me' because I see every part as wholesome which makes me. So every organ is at once a separate as well as a complete being in itself.

Speaking of hands, who can forget the lovely painting "Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer.

Hands!!! What do you think is the best use of your hands?

Do you actually give them the worth they deserve? Show them some love as you charge through the day.

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  1. They are made for the sole purpose of showing love
    And yet we do with them things that we ourselves disapprove
    This lovely post only just goes on to prove
    how we take for granted/misuse the blessings from the God above.

  2. Beautiful post once again, so right you are. We do not often contemplate that which we have, but rather focus on that which we do not have.
    Just the simple act of shaking hands with someone, smoothing our hair back, signing documents - we never think about how lucky we are to be able to do that.
    I use my hands for everything, they are absolutely crucial in my work, thus not having hands means my life would not be my life anymore.
    Thank you for reminding how lucky I really am, despite the sorrow I feel at times. I am still blessed with my good health - and all my limbs.;)
    Have a lovely day and I LOVE that famous image at the end of your post,

  3. Just a week ago, at a traffic signal, I saw a man walking on an artificial limb, and when I looked up, both his arms were only up to his elbows. My heart ached and I thought quite the same what you have reflected in your post. We take things for granted indeed!

    The way I wave my hands about even while talking, I can't think of anything without my hands being in the picture!

  4. a very true and heartfelt post...

    We never even think about the inevitablity of any good thing we have- organ or people
    And in turn inevitablity of any object is because we do not dare think w/o it

  5. Hands are so close to us, so close we can touch and feel them and we use them for everything, like those dear ones who stand by us silently in times thick n thin and we seldom give a thought for their gestures...

    I think I should give my hands a rest for just being there, for making me me to you to me to all around...

    Insightful Su

  6. What a lovely, tender and wise post. It's nice to focus on one thing to express gratitude.

    You helped me think about what and how I communicate with my hands and about what a useful tool they are to help me navigate my every day.

    Thank you Deborah. Your thoughts always lead to some inrospection.

  7. ...i use my hands to eat, to write a poem, to fix my hair, to touch my family and friends and everything... i use my hands in everything i do... just the same feelin'... yes, my hands are workin' yet deep inside it feels nothin'... except at times when my hands are together and me castin' a silent prayer for those in need and unhappy... our hands are for faith to hold on firm and not for pleasure and luxury... i enjoyed the read my friend... thank you!!!^^

    GOD BLESS!!!:)


  8. My very dear friend,
    This is again a great post... Oh now that you have me thinking about every single organ I have, what a blessing.... how I love myself and how grateful I am that I keep them all...I can't say 'especially' for everything is vital, but as we are with hands, it's wonderful I have them for they do so much for me and those around me...OMG...and they are SO beautiful... together with my eyes, my faves!

    Thank you, Susan
    Love you!

  9. Dear Susan, though I rarely think about my hands, I do realize... now that you've made me think... just how important they are. I think I treasure my hands the most because... even when our gaze is hard... or our body language is stiff... our hands can be tender. I remember... once... I was upset one morning while preparing to go to work... upset and not looking forward to it. I had my hands clenched without even realizing it. And as I sat at the breakfast table with my clenched hands, my husband came up behind me and touched my hands with both of his. And immediately, my entire body unwound.

    How easily your words have unwound me, dear Susan. How very warm and relaxed I feel, now.

    Hoping you are having a wonderful week, dear one.


  10. funny how we normally dont realize what we have in front of us

  11. Anything is valuable in 2 situations only
    1. Before getting it
    2. After loosing it

  12. Govind:

    Quite true, Govind.


    Sometimes one should contemplate and wonder at the most commonplace things without which we shall be lost completely. I am glad that you liked the post and the image, dear Zuzana :)

  13. RGB:

    Hands, nose, teeth: how we learn to completely be oblivious of their presence inspite of using them all the time.


    Thanks for your kind words, dear John. We cannot dare to think. It is so very scary.

  14. Ash:

    Hey Ash, nice to see you. Big hugs to you always :)


    Absolutely dear Myrna! Myrna, glad that you introspect. Introspection always lead us to that part of ourselves we seldom see during other times.

  15. Windowlad:

    Kelvin, how nicely you write about the hands. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.


    Your words always lights up my insides and I feel nice and happy. Yes, hands are indeed beautiful and what would we do without them!

    I love you back dear Dulce, my sweetest :)

  16. Nevine:

    You always make me feel good with your words. And how wonderfully you express your thoughts. Thoughts in the subconscious sometimes are shown in the hands and toes. I clench my toes when stressed and tired.

    Nevine, I am happy that you feel warm and relaxed after this post. What more does a blogger need? You made me smile with contentment.


    Absolutely :)

  17. Vignesh:

    Even without those two situations, if one is grateful and aware, one can know the worth of anything.

    Hope your day is rolling on well :)

  18. Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Susan.
    The reality is that we all tend to take everything for granted.
    Thanks for the reminder. :)

    Have a great day!

    B xx

  19. Betty:

    Let us stop to reflect what we would do without certain things we always take for granted. Your visits are a lovely whiff of breeze for me. Thanks for making me feel so.

  20. It is such things that makes me wonder about god and all that he has to offer. Thought proviking, yet again. Love it, Susan. It is nice to wake up and read your blog. :)

  21. Mridula:

    How nice when I read this :)
    Big hugs.

  22. Dear Susan,
    it's nt a mater pertaining only to our hands....
    We tend to forget all blessings the creator has given to us n often concentrate only on those He hasnt. Had it been the opposite, we wud be able to live much happier lives.... sadly it is not so....
    I can't say of the more sensible part these people have(as u mention) but it needs a lot of courage to move ahead forgetting the part.... I can't even imagine it......
    Still, luk at them, they are far more happy and enthusiastic than wat we are....... we must take lessons from them.......

    Hope u r fine Susan....


  23. Sunny:

    Thanks for your very insightful words. I chose hands because they are the most immediate. Hands can also extend to the whole being. Everyone has their own cup to fill and drink from at the end of the day.

    I am well, Sunny. Thanks. I wish you a lovely Sunday :)



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