Saturday 30 October 2010

i wish i was somewhere else . . .

Certain times a strange feeling envelops our being. Now this is a bit difficult to explain in words. One just wishes that he/she is somewhere else but here. Sometimes when I am in the middle of my usual day doing the usual chores and duties, I feel that I should be somewhere else. Mind you, this feeling is not caused because I dread the day or the chores. It is just a surreal feeling that encompasses me. It lasts for more than a few minutes, say for about eight minutes or so. At that time, I just stop whatever I am engaged in and suddenly wish that I was in a different place and an unknown time-zone.

This feeling seizes me unawares. After that gush, I wonder what accosted me. I am left with a lovely tingly feeling. It seems quite real and also surreal. During those few minutes, I am not where I am. I am there and not there. I imagine but that imagination is real for those minutes.

The realm of imagination for those eight minutes is always something happy. I am either singing or smelling roses or eating a lovely meal in a quaint wee place. I wish that I am transported. I am not me but still I maintain my identity. Slightly confusing? Well, those minutes leave me so.

I wonder whether those moments have some purpose to occur in my busy day. I don't know. That feeling does not come often. It comes when I least expect it. And it is not a fanciful forced imagination which is fantasised by me. The feeling holds the reins rather than the other way round.

Some things are lovely when it happens. But they do leave us a bit confused.

Strange fits of passion have I known 
And I will dare to tell 
But in the lover's ear alone, 
What once to me befell.

~ From William Wordsworth's "Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known"

What say? Do you experience these strange transportations?


  1. Susan those feelings sometimes feel like.... standing under a strong waterfall. Refreshing, energizing and just so yummy!
    These sensations are not too many but when it is there one actually can touch it... Enjoy them my dear friend

  2. Maybe it is the subconscious way to remind us... what we always wanted or desired knowingly or unknowingly.

    Good have some stolen moments from the day.

    PS: Do read my first attempt at 55fiction

  3. Lovely!! Yeah, such feelings do come and go.. leaving a slightly euphoric feel. I get that sometimes when the weather is pleasant, rainy or cloudy and I wish I was just a bird that could reach the skies.

  4. Oh, that is daydreaming dear Susan! I do this constantly, I daydream for a few minutes each day.
    I too am transported into places of beauty that transcends anything I recognize. I relish in these moments of escape as they keep my reality alive.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  5. oh yeah...i agree with zu...i day dream...alot...its like breathing a deep breath of mountain air...

  6. 2 of my colleagues once told me of similar experiences. And I looked at them with an expression "???" Looks like they have company, you.

    But glad you have such moments, that give you joy, for whatever duration it lasts :)

  7. Dearest Susan, I think these feelings are... maybe... fits of the imagination that help/allow us to cope with the mundanity of our daily lives. We all have our routines and such, and after a while, though we may not realize it, we become bogged down in these routines. Because we are creative and imaginative beings, I really, truly believe that our imaginations run away with us. And this is a good thing. I do experience such transportations, unbidden by any effort on my part. And they are always welcome... and delicious... and I am always sad when they end.

    I traveled inside the dream-like realm of this piece, Susan. Not only was it transporting in its own way... it was also relaxing. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

    Warm hugs,

  8. I like to believe that that is our true self. A place where we came from and where we are going. A small reminder that we are all that goodness.

    Happy days to you!

  9. I like what Hope said. I guess these are times when we transcend our limitations, and imagination soars to places of joy. I hope you have more of these "dreams".

  10. I love when I get these feelings. It makes my ordinary, mundane existence so much more exciting. Just the thought of all the possibilities out there is exciting. And our life is, to a great extent, what we make it. Right?

  11. YEs THE FEELING :) mmmmm i do understand it when you say I guess its gods or natures way of telling us there is a LOT more to do and see still :)
    I get this feeling sometimes but i put it to me being a emotional idiot ...

    At least in this feeling ar at that time we can do it all as adn when and how :)

    Bikram's Blog

  12. Savira:

    You are so right in describing the feeling. I can be there eternally :)


    Maybe you are right. Let me think now . . .

  13. Punam:

    Those feelings are so delicious. I do not even know what to name them.


    Is it daydreaming? Daydreaming is consciously done but I don't do this consciously. The feeling overwhelms me rather the other way round.

  14. Brian:

    It is lovely but is it daydreaming? I am not sure.


    You should and will experience that some day. It is a wonderful transportation.

  15. Nevine:

    Nevine, I think you have quite succinctly explained the feeling. The transportation is quite refreshing. Those few minutes leave me rejenuvated but sometimes I want to experience it all over again but it dissuades me.


    What a lovely way to describe the feeling! Happy days filled with warmth and smiles to you as well.

  16. Myrna:

    What lovely words by Hope. I agree with you on this. Thanks for your kind words and I wish the same to you as well :)


    Right said, dear Angie.


    Welcome to the Meanderings. Glad to have you here. All of us are emotional idiots at different times. The degree may wary but the content is the same :)

    Do come be more often.

  17. I have these moments all the time for the past two decades. They would spontaneously happen for me as well. Trying to bring them on would not work. They usually happened when I am cleaning or busy doing something and suddenly wham!...a shift would occur in my mind and body just as you described.

    I finally started to realize what was happening for me at least is I was shifting into our conscious stream of awareness. Some may dismiss it as imagination but it is not. The shift happens like a wave sweeping you away into a blissful, even whimsical state.

    What I started to do when this happened frequently was to think of questions...feel a question in this state, something that I have pondered for ever like what am I here for? Things like that. I was very surprised one day when it this state I started to have the most profound thoughts. I would be in such states of clarity after asking that it almost startled me what was coming to the surface upon asking. (when i say asking for me i feel it rather than speak it)

    You may want to try this as you are slipping into awareness. That is why it is difficult to explain. I have many posts on my blog on this subject and often say your exact words that it is difficult to share these experiences.

    One thing I can say for myself is after having them for decades now I have come to know that once you learn to use this time wisely you will find that what we perceive as our reality is the illusion and your moments you mentioned will become more real than reality.

    Love and Light,

  18. hmmmm that left me confused too. I often want to be somewhere else but I dont feel I am there, just that I would like to be in a different place

  19. Deanne:

    Welcome to the meanderings. Nice to have you here. Thanks for that long and insightful comment. I love that you have taken the time to say so many things. I think I will have to try what you have mentioned here: to be aware. I will come by your blog and check out the wonderful things you have to say.

    Thanks again Deanne.

    Joy always :)


    Exactly the same here :)

  20. Dear Susan,

    I am a day dreamer, I have to admit it. It makes feel really good.
    Love mind travelling. It's kind of escaping from my daily routine life.
    And your post just transported me to a beautiful place of my imagination and thanks so much for this.

    Great and thought-provoking post!
    I really enjoyed. :)

    Have a blessed day!


    B xx

  21. Dear Betty:

    I don't know whether this can be classified as daydreaming. Whatever it is, it left me feeling wonderful and lovely. Thanks, as always for the very kind words. It is much appreciated.

    Big hugs to you and have a great remainder of the week.

  22. ....o yes my friend... i do feel the same thing most of the time... especially at times when i don't understand what my accounting professors are talkin' '!!!;D

    Have a nice day!!!:)


  23. In class, it is daydreaming, Kelvin. Thanks for coming by and dropping a line :)

    Joy always :)



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