Tuesday 28 September 2010

Behind the scenes . . . literally!

Many of us have been in that place. If we observe enough, we shall never fail to be amused and entertained. Oh! I am talking about sitting behind tinted glasses and watching the world pass by. I call this a specialised form of people-watching!

I don't know how many have actually done this. Have you been seated in a room or a vehicle where people outside cannot see you but you can see everything that is going on outside. A hilarious experience, by Jove! Well, there are many sorts of people who pass by, giving you ample laugh bytes. Some narcissists take pleasure is admiring them in the glass (behind which you are sitting and grinning); some check their nostril hairs! Phew! There are some who check whether their make-up is fine while some just wink.

There is voyeuristic pleasure in this act as the person outside the glass (doors/car-windows) is most of the times oblivious that someone is actually inside. Even though common sense knows that since the glass is raised, there ought to be a person inside, is never thought by any individual. Sometimes life is like that!

We are quite oblivious of what is actually happening. Probably the term 'rose-tinted' came from that. But the only difference is that as a pass-time, we are inside and having fun while in the real sense, the individual covers the mind and imagines fun!

And sometimes the reverse can happen. We imagine that since the glasses are tinted, people outside cannot see us and therefore we can have our time. Not always! If the person outside looks carefully, (s)he can look through!

Rose-tinted glasses, anyone?!?!?

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  1. Beautifully entertaining post.;)
    I have never watched people from behind a tinted glass, but I have observed people at airports and train stations, for lack of better things to do.
    I always find it intriguing to ponder where they are going who they are with, are they happy, upset...
    Although I never hide behind any tinted glasses myself, I think I do put up a bit of a front to hide behind every morning when I put on my make up.;)
    Have a lovely day - behind that rosy tint.;)

  2. Oh yeah, know what you mean! In my previous office, we were seated adjacent to the front office which had dark tinted glasses. You could see outside from inside and not inside from the outside. New recruits or prospective candidates used the glass to usually comb their hair one last time, to make that first impression! And we had the laugh of our lifetime at their expense :D

  3. of course i like people watch...the allusion to rose tinted glasses though...i try...better to see the good if you can...but always be aware of the other...we can not ignore that...

  4. We have seen this situation in many movies.

    Some times we gets caught up in an embarassing situation...and hope that no one seen it...but there wl be someone u know hanging around

    same is the case with illicit affairs...you might be the only person in the world unaware that rest of the world knows it!

  5. Haha, I love this post! People-watching is funnn! When my grandfather was alive, he'd often sit in this old wicker bamboo chair in the verandah of our house in Goa and just stare at the people walking down the road, and vehicles passing by. He cud spend hours that way, when my brother and I wud ask him why he did that, he'd say he loved to imagine stories about people by just looking at them! :D Cool na?

    and wow, you're teaching M.A. students already? That is awesome! Hope they're not troubling you too much! ;)

  6. Very cute post. I've never been behind a glass, but I do love people watching. It's like a glimpse at my own humanity.

  7. hmm......
    never experienced it both from in and out :( . But it reminds of me a comedy from a movie, where the guy will comb his mustache and tuck in his shirts in front of a car glass !!

  8. That's exactly what I was recommending to a friend. I think it's a good exercise to get into when you need to get outside your self.
    There's a whole world out there.

  9. We use to have a TV show in the USA called 'Candid Camera' They would hide a camera and catch people in the act of being themselves. It was very funny! :-)

  10. Zuzana:

    Just sit in a place where there are tinted glasses and watch people! You will absolutely love it. Thanks for your ever loving and kind words, always. It means a lot to me.


    I'm glad you have experienced it. It is absolute fun, as you know :)

  11. Brian:

    Good, yes! But funny things: great!


    Oh yes, movies. You have away with affairs, sex and connections! Grinnn.

  12. Karishma:

    Grandfathers are fun, na!Even I can jut sit for hours and do that.
    I just hope I don't trouble my students too much with work and instructions :)


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Glimpse at humanity: Quite true.

  13. Vignesh:

    Ah! You should experience that. It is great fun and lots of lessons learnt at the end of the day.


    Quite true. We learn more about us when we do that. Keeps us humble and true to ourselves.

  14. Ron:

    Somehow I don't like candid camera. Seems a bit of unwarranted intrusion into privacy. I just hope my 'glass' experience is not viewed that way! Have a lovely remainder of the week, dear Ron :)

  15. Great post and topic, Susan. We all have done this, I think.
    Looking at that cute image, I wonder if we really used to look at life through a pink pair of glasses..sometimes helps I think.

    B xx

  16. Dear Betty:

    We all have done it and it is fun! I was trying to read into the deeper aspect of tinted glasses here. Yes, sometimes we do need to put on those rose-tinted glasses and have fun. Life seems wonderful in those teeny-weeny moments.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with love, joy and peace.

  17. I have to keep that in mind whenever I pass by a tinted glass...
    I have been "accused" of seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses. I think it's a better choice, don't you?

  18. Rose-tinted glasses is a conscious choice we make. We love to see the positive and the nicer things. Makes life more pleasant and livable, I reckon.



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