Wednesday 6 October 2010

do you think you have your landscape in you?

all of us come from a specific region. but sadly even though our roots belong to one place, we are far removed from our roots physically. but inspite of that, one inherently possesses some traits that belong to the place of our roots. for example, whenever i eat, my mom points out that i closely demonstrate the eating patterns of the place from where my father came. sometimes her comment quite irritates me but it is something that i cannot change. the same can be said about the way i argue: another trait of people from a specific place!

it is quite interesting as to how we possess traits of our ancestors even without us consciously realising it. it can be called 'genes' but i prefer to see those traits as the cultural habit of my landscape: the place where my roots lie. what makes it more interesting is the fact that inspite of having no much connection with the place of my roots, i have traits that are common to that place!

i have heard some people saying, "the sea in me makes me crave for fish and crab." probably that person might just use the above line as an expression but digging into that person's roots might point out to the fact that that person is indeed from the coastal region. when one pins down oneself to one place, one ceases to be a citizen of the world. while the term 'citizen of the world' sounds quite grand and cool, it seems quite generic and all-encompassing. and this is too grand for me to think!

long ago, i read a novel and something from that struck within my mind. the protagonist says something like this: Long ago we could identify people by the shoes they wore. But now everything is uniform. Everyone wears the same Nike shoes and trainers.

so, what landscape do you belong to and what trait reaffirms that? your grandma would have told you something about that trait!

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  1. I am stubborn as the mountains, deep as the sea, lighthearted as the fluffy clouds above me.

    I'm easy like the breeze, rugged like the rocks, and joyous like the blooming trees.

    I run free like a gushing stream, and flit about like a desert dream.

    I crave knowledge like the parched earth, and breathe warmth like a fiery hearth.

    No one landscape defines me, for I am a compilation of all of these :-)

    Ooh! I should write this down somewhere. Oh, wait I just did :-)

  2. Well I could probably give you a few examples but I am pretty tired and that would require effort and thinking, both of which I prefer to do maybe tomorrow or the next day. Hmmm...maybe this tired, thing. putting off, is a landscape trait -- ya think?

  3. This is interesting but I have been so far removed I don't recall my folks ever pointing out some trait from my origins.

  4. You've made an interesting point. Though I'm not too sure about what trait really links me to the place I belong. For that matter, I do not know where I belong! I was born in a place, brought up in many other places, and now settled in quite another place.

  5. Interesting granddad used to say this, too..that we carry the soil and the air of our birth in our blood..then that wud mean for me, that soil is the black soil of Mapusa and the air is the salty coastal air..and yes, I do crave for fish! :D

    That apart, my grandparents did believe that people cud be characterised by the regions they hailed the people of the plateaus were solid, dependable but unimaginative; people from the coasts were easygoing pleasure seekers, people from the mountains were mysterious and taciturn while people from the fertile river-plains were cultured and creative.

    I really didnt think I'd remember all that! :D But I guess the you can take the girl out of her geography but not the geography out of the girl! ;)

  6. SUSAN DEBORAH! For several generations my ancestors were bakers. I can tell you I love those Sticky-Buns!

    They're in my 'JEANS--grin!

    (Sorry 'bout that, SD!)
    Are we still blogger-friends?

  7. You always come up with the most interesting subjects, which shows off how deep your insights into your existence are.;)
    Honestly, I do not know if I can answer your question.;) I am shaped by so many cultures, and they all hold a special place in my heart. I feel drawn to landscape, a culture, a town, a tradition. It is only very few times that a feeling of *belonging* envelops me and those moments I cherish forever, as they are very rare.
    Have a lovely day dear Susan,

  8. i came from the mountains...built on a firm foundation a small spring of water trickling down...sometimes blasted by miners, leaving a gaping mawl once what was good has been torn out...ok that sounds a bit macabre...there is still good there...tough night, sorry.

  9. My maternal grandmother was a Christian. I'm sure she prayed for me when I was a child. What a great heritage. :-)

  10. Susan, I know some traits that you inherently own are a deep kindness and sincerity - that's what I sense when I read your posts and especially when you comment on mine. You come from a very good place!

    As for myself I see many traits that stem from my place of origin. My love of rythmic and stimulating music, love of food etc. In Puerto Rico, there is an overused word: Bendito. It means blessed but the connotation is one of pity for someone, of feeling sorry for them. I'm trying to overcome that inclination and not use the word.

  11. Interesting, your post, Susan because, quite honestly, I do consider myself to be that citizen of the world. And this is not true because I think I'm cool or anything like that. I just think it's true because I've lived in so many places and I carry traits from each of those places inside me. It is inevitable that we are touched and changed by wherever we live.

    And yet, I am an Egyptian at heart. Egypt is home... no matter where in the world I am. And this is the trait I carry: the eyes. I have always prided myself on recognizing Egyptian eyes no matter where I happen to be. And I have the Egyptian eyes, too. It's not so much how the eyes look, but the expression they carry. There is a certain Egyptian Eye look that only an Egyptian can recognize. It's hard to explain... but not hard to detect... if you are an Egyptian. ;-)

    Love these posts about culture and home and all that interesting stuff!

    Warmest hugs, Susan.


  12. Mansi:

    Lovely instant compilation! Your personality sure looks quite appealing!


    I am still waiting to know of your landscape and traits.

  13. BM:

    Sadly this is the state of most of us urban crowd!


    As I mentioned to BM, this modern scenario has left us in quite a bundle of an assortment of things :)

  14. Karishma:

    Your grandfather is one wise man. he would have been a great company for sure. I'm glad that you got to spend time with him. And what he has said about landscapes is so very true. One just has to know their landscape but the modern society has left everything fragmented and alien. we belong everywhere and nowhere.


    Smell of buns!! Heavenly. Have you ever baked a cake? We will always be blogger friends. Hugs.

  15. Zuzana:

    You are a sweet amalgamation dear Zuzana. I perfectly understand what you are saying here. Joy always.


    Mountains! Wow! I love the mountains too.

  16. Ron:



    Your words always bring a big smile to me. I feel happy to have known you. Your kind words of encouragement are always welcome and appreciated dear Myrna. You come from a lovely place in the world. And the word: Bendito, though has a slightly negative meaning sounds lovely to pronounce.

  17. Nevine:

    When I think of Egypt, my thoughts always flow to Cleopatra. But now Egypt is Nevine and Cleopatra. And there are uncanny semblances between these two women. But Cleopatra is unknown and far away whereas you are known to me and I feel good about that.
    And you have lovely eyes, dear Nevine. Just your eyes can convey the paeans running within your mind.
    Culture and home is always fascinating to delve into. And how much ever we talk about it, it does not seem enough :)
    Big hugs and much love, dearest Nevine.

  18. I guess.... I belong to the middle age landscaes- i can see that in my reincarnation dreams--- too much misery, though... ALso the European cities ...not overcrowded... but with trains please-those of the 20s and 30s A. Christie's remember?
    My nearest ancestors lived- and i feel identified with- in a valley with farms, animals ... and lots of mountains treess and water streams... which have disappeared thank civilization... so right now i only feel ok by the sea...

  19. My traits are all cataloged in my blog - at least the ones I am willing to admit. :)

  20. Dulce:

    All ancestral landscapes are fast disappearing. But they remain within us and I'm glad for that.


    Oh yes!!!

  21. Susan D...

    You make us ponder and think and remember from whence we came ...

    I am from the 'Red Man's' soil, but I am not Native American origin, but this land I was born, fed, nurtured, loved, hated, grieved for.. right or wrong, and yet all of which you say is true, for our ancestors also played a role in our DNA, our characteristics, Idiosyncrasy like language behavior food choices, religion? all these factors shaped my life, and yet I am whom I am -- making my own choices and destiny and as such my children will take all of linkage and go forth and blend with the rest of our one earth,
    some day I hope we will learn to be a race of one on this earth, with acceptance of our differences.


  22. Joanny:

    Welcome here and glad to hear your insights on this post. I loved the way you have said: ". . . blend with the rest of our one earth."

    Inspite of blending we carry our stories, peculiarities and landscape within us.

    Joy always :)

  23. Very thought-provoking post!

    I believe we definitely carry the traits of the place of our ancestral origin.

    We will return (be reborn) to this place when the world is reset, recreated. It could take years or decades but it will inevitably happen.
    Collapse of economies and the use of nuclear power will act as accelerators.

  24. Back from where we come from, everyone is loud and fast when they speak.

    And the women from my paternal side have those beautiful eyes!

    Knowingly or unknowingly, you've very simply explained evolutionary changes. Love it, Susan! Love it. :)

  25. Dear DUTA:

    Welcome back. Hope you had a nice break. How lovely to see your comment again. I am glad that your belief is strong and rigid. It might take a long time before that but everything will eventually come full-circle.


    Lovely eyes!!!

    Thanks for your very kind words, dear Mridula. It is quite warming and energising.

    Joy always :)

  26. This post made me think. And like Satie? I was introduced to him a couple of weeks back. Such simple music, and yet so beautiful.

  27. Ruth:

    Glad to see a comment from you. Hope you are doing well. Oh, yes! I like Satie. I have introduced him to a couple of my friends and they have loved his music too. Glad you came across Satie and bless the soul who connected you to him!

    Joy always :)

  28. Loved this post, Suzan.
    I couldn't agree more with that phrase..."now everything is uniform".
    How very true.
    I do consider myself to be that citizen of the world. But no, it is not true. I'm a Greek at heart no matter where in the world I would be.

    B xx

  29. I need both the mountains and the sea. Too much time in one place makes me gasp for breath.

    I don't know how you manage to come up with such interesting discussions, Susan

    Hugs and love to you!

  30. Dear Angie:

    But what is the landscape that you are from. Quite eager to know. And many thanks for your kind words in my place. I welcome your visits and insights, always.

    Joy always :)

  31. You know what Su, I actually googled for characteristics of my state people found none mentioned anywhere!!

    One quality I bring forth is being secular...otherwise, I have my granmom's tongue as you know... long like that of an anaconda.., loud speaker voice which can be heard in the junction ....

  32. Your tongue!!! But that is common to every community: Women talking a lot. I reckon that is a universal factor. Loud-speaker!!! Ha ha.

    Lovable loud-speaker, my dear Ash is!



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