Thursday 5 August 2010

What do you think of this

When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability... To be alive is to be vulnerable.  
--Madeleine L'Engle


  1. i agree, though somtimes it is hard in we grow older we learn to put up our defenses to protect ourselves where as children we depend on others...but in those moments of vulnerability there is the greatest joy...we forget that...

  2. True, to its fullest. There is a saying,

    Ships are safe in docks, than in the ocean, but then that's not what ships were meant to be.

  3. As we grow older we tend to build a wall to keep out stuff that shouldn't affect us, the stuff that should matter to us is inside the wall and whatever we feel within that wall is okay, cause its only family and friends inside the wall, and being vulnerable among them is good.

  4. Oh wow, what an amazing quote. That really got me, it's sort of quote that makes one's heart skip a beat. I think Madeleine L'Engle is so right. No one is beyond vulnerability - for humans are flawed, even those that seem the most perfect. But what is life if not everyday waking up, being aware of so many risks, of all the danger and heartache that one, as human, is susceptible to, of existence and yet living on, irrespective of all these obstacles.

    Thank you for sharing this, Susan :)

  5. Totally agreed... I would love to see someone who doesnt feel insecure/vulnerable.
    As the world is growing more unpredicatble and decadent the vulnerablity factor seems to go on an increase...Let's hope in the ultimate goodness

  6. I love the quote dear Susan, mostly as I have become more vulnerable with age. As a child I could brush off and endure so much more, today everything touches and effects me and leaves traces behind.
    Have a lovely day,

  7. I agree. Perhaps it's because we know more, having lost some of that innocence.

  8. This is such a wise quote Susan... Its just that, at times, accepting that one is vulnerable can lead to a conflict within oneself...and perhaps that is what leads to pretentions and facades, another common aspect of grown-up'ness' which we all have to some extent...perhaps!

    Loved this one.Thank you for sharing!
    Take care and hope you have a sweet weekend ahead

  9. i think i don't quite agree with it.

    You see, as kids, the concept of "growing up" means to us overcoming every imperfection we ever had. Vulnerability maybe one of these flaws, but, I don't think that anyone who is vulnerable wouldn't like to change that about himself, or even try to hide it.

  10. I've always thought I am the most vulnerable person on earth. I get hurt so easily, by what others do to me, by what to others suffer, by what it's done to animals, by what happens in the world and is so unfair, and nothing can explain why such things happen...

    I guess -right now-the older one gets the more aware one is that vulnerability has to do with how the self esteem goes...which eyes you use to look inside and outside... It's all on the scales of relativity.

  11. I don't think that as children we had nothing better to do than to think that - as grown-ups we would not longer be vulnerable.

    I can only agree to the last part of Madeleine L'angie's quote; "To be alive is to be vulnerable" , and this applies both to children and to adults.

  12. "To be alive is to be vulnerable" sums it all... I agree... as long as we are alive we are in pursuit of achieving something and at the same time thought of vulnerability flickers about everything... everything we have, we do, we want... Because dots can not be connected looking forward! :)

  13. :)
    When you grow up you just understand the things you were vulnerable to as a kid were nothing in comparison to the things you will be vulnerable to as a grown-up.

  14. Brian:

    All the nice things are hard in practice. Joy has so many strings attached but they are worth it!


    Oh yes, I have heard that one about ships. True indeed :)

  15. Karen:

    Growing older brings a lot of things in addition to age and old bones.


    There is no perfection that is there without a flaw (not the exact quote but yes, exact in spirit), said Francis Bacon and I guess that is quite true.

  16. John:

    You will perhaps not meet anyone like that. Only in imperfections can we shine and strive for near-perfection.


    All of us are vulnerable in some way or the other dear Zuzana. But we always strive forward and therein lies the beauty of the human race.

  17. Ruchi:

    True, Ruchi. The conflicts always create awareness within a self. You have a wonderful week ahead yourself :)


    Long time! Good to see you :) I can see your point.

  18. Dulce:

    Ah! Dulce, all of us are. But I am glad that you are bold to say that about you. Self-esteem is sure connected to being vulnerable. But children are indeed so lucky. they have comfort walls like grown-ups. But there are some children who don't have them and they are exposed to the brutal force of vulnerability at an early age.


    It is just a common passing feeling that crosses our minds once in a while. On second thoughts, all age-groups are vulnerable. The degrees may vary but nevertheless it happens.

  19. Karan:

    An interesting angle to it.


    That is very true. We are vulnerable: children or grown-up. We need to use different strategies to overcome them :) Life is beautiful.

  20. Angie:

    Been long Angie. Hope you are doing great :) Innocence coupled with the changing pace of the world!

  21. Ohhhhhhhh! I am the "vulnerable victim"...

    Really, do I have to write "just kidding" here???

    I'm loving commenting on these little treasures of yours, Susan!!!

  22. All of us are dear Steve.

    And I am so loving reading the diverse comments, Stevie :)

    Joy always :)



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