Saturday 28 August 2010

Branded for life

Mithila. Madhubani painting on hand-made paper

It is about to rain and the signs loom large: dark clouds pregnant with water, dragon-flies flying closer to the ground and gentle breeze which carries a faint smell of the earth. But you know that there are clothes which are out in the terrace for drying and it so happens that only you remember that. Off you scoot to the terrace and collect the clothes and just as you are taking the clothes-peg off the last bit of semi-dried underwear, it starts raining. Sigh. You are happy that you were able to get the clothes intact otherwise hours of laborious washing will be rendered useless. Everyone is happy. And there is a smile like a jubilant war-hero on my face. 
That was a week ago.
It so happens that today is also another such day. Read the first three lines of the first paragraph. Almost by reflex, every pair of eyes starts to look at me. No!! Not again. Okay, it is just fine and off I scoot again. But no, it happens all the time. I am branded to be the runner to get the clothes every time clouds threaten. And I know this happens in many houses.
If a person does something one time, then it so happens that for that particular work, everyone expect the same person to do it all the time. Every time, I tell myself: You are the best for the job! Come on, be a sport but I do get stifled at times.
But I do have an inspiration: My mother. I often wonder how she manages to cook and cook and cook. She makes the breakfast, lunch and dinner and for how many years. Of course, now and then we do help her but that is nothing compared to the selfless service she does without any grudge. How many times I have taken that for granted. Well, she is branded as a life-long cook! Then I wonder, just imagine how many times she would have felt bored to go into that kitchen and start the process. She loves to cook and feed but still that is not an excuse for me.
Being branded is not bad after all. What say dear readers. I am glad it is sunny today!
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  1. hahaha! such a cute post Susan!
    yeah being branded, has its advantages and disadvantages ;)

    I for instance I have been branded as the 'parantha' maker in my home!! As in everyone in the family ( my mother included)would always want me to make them.LOL!
    Our mothers truly are amazing...doing everything from cooking to looking after the family etc;When praised or reminded of it, they so selflessly pass it of as 'ohh! it is a labour of love :)'Wow! God bless them :)
    Anyway here is wishing you a bright and happy day and many more to come!
    take care and keep smiling

  2. Oh my God! I love you for doing this.. making life look so simple and beautiful!!
    Normally one would sit and crib about the same thing but.. you.. you described an entire scene of rain, joy, urgency to save the clothes wet from getting yet the joy of getting drenched in the end. :)

    coming to the branded thingy.. ya. I agree. Like I am the branded table setter. I arrange plates, dishes and water for dinner at home. Very strange when I go back home for vacation I still do that people still expect that... like nobody took my place while I wasn't around.

  3. Dear Susan I am back and what a joy it is to visit your lovely place again.;)) Thank you for your lovely mails and messages in my absence.;)
    And oh yes, this kind of branding is particularly common in a workplace; let me tell you.;))
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  4. i guess it all depends just how you are branded...not all are bad if you can find the simple satisfaction in them. enjoy the sun today...

  5. that's a nice observation and good analogy..

    Branded for some work is true..either people think that you do that piece of work very well or they're so bored that they expect you to do it every time..or both :)

    but talking about mothers who cook all their life just for their families is credible...we owe a lot to them in so many ways..

  6. How sweet you are. You begin by mildly observing that there is an unfair expectation on you - to get the laundry when it rains. Then you end up by paying tribute to your lovely mother, who gives daily without asking for anything in return. You are insightful and a good daughter.

  7. I am a terrace runner too, but at my home its more a case of the others being lazy... so I dash off. I don't mind it actually, I think of it as exercise... console myself that I'll only be shedding a few pounds.

  8. Simple things, simple life, always give such a great satisfaction to our life. And that isn't such simple.
    Thanks, Susan for your inspiring post,
    it was just a delight to read.

    Happy weekend!

    B xx

  9. Ruchi:

    You ooze warmth and I take my fill happily. Thanks dear. You lighten up my time! Now I can't wait to taste some paranthas made by you. The time will soon come :) Until then, love always.


    Thanks for the nice words :) You made me smile from ear to ear. Oh, yes! I am a table-setter too :)

  10. Zuzana:

    Quite true. This 'branding' exists everywhere and I am a willing victim :)


    Branded for doing a certain work well. I love doing everything well so . . . Enjoying the sun is not a great idea in South India!

  11. Nu:

    Why, thanks :)They don't think anything but just pass on the work to me. It all works on the equation of assumptions.


    You make me smile :) Thanks. Speechless actually.

  12. Karen:

    Kindreds in this as well. Nice. Exercise, yeah right :(


    Simple things contribute to the larger picture. Reading your comment is a delight to me. Thanks for coming by dear Betty.

    A great Sunday to you.

  13. It happens and it happens a lot of time with me... when the laundry man comes to collect clothes...all the eyes shift on me and I do my job... but I would confess... there are stuff which I am branded for not doing... I would never open a ringing door, no matter how close I might be sitting to the door!

    Electricity Bill, water bill and other common house bills... my roommates know... I am not very great at it! I guess they know I am made for bigger things in life! lol... Somehow I am not able to remember what all I do... lol...but I am a good roommate and a friend...I live and let others live the way they want! :)

  14. with this heat I must wait for the night to hang my clothes...
    And the rain so sacrcce here... so many times rewashes them

    And my mother is the same type... and I also wonder not only now...yes we are branded to so many things...

  15. UGH! It looks like Autumn has already started here...typical, it's a Holiday Week-end too!
    Getting washing dried must be one of my biggest curses and I hate having to dry it indoors too.
    Big Hugs!

  16. Hey this happens everywhere office ,churches...
    we tend to sit back and relax and applaud...haha

    In our house dad has been branded for clothe picking!!

  17. Karan:

    Ha Ha. All of us are indeed branded. In the case of mothers, they are eternally branded. Bigger things, yes but many smaller things make the BIGGER.
    I know for sure that you will be a good friend and roomie! Hope the Sunday is rolling well :)


    Ah, Dulce both things are seen everywhere: being branded to do something and cooking mothers in the kitchen. Life goes on. Hope you are resting well and getting ready for the week to unfurl :)

  18. That's nice...saviour of clothes from the rain! At work, I'm the computer with a lot of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s on the counselling team and I'm hte only one apparently who understand excel with I'm the computer saviour! =) I like your take on it...

  19. Heather:

    Seasons do change forcing us to say goodbye to what we don't want to leave. Every season has its own charm. Drying indoors is something I loathe but still we do it!

    Big hugs back to you dear Heather. xoxox


    You dad must have good taste then. What about you? Aren't you branded for anything? Sure, you must be. Maybe people brand you as a story-teller and always flock around you for stories!

    Joy always!

  20. PB:

    Excel is something I detest! I have tried it but lose patience. Now if are good with it, YOU ARE INDEED A SAVIOUR. My sister is good with Excel, though. If you were here, you would be my Excel saviour for sure :)

    Thanks for the visit dear PB. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead minus the Excel visits.

    Joy always.

  21. Interesting post! Be it branded or playing different roles. To me it has the same meaning. It is how we associate others by branding them so we identify with that person.
    It is how we have been trained since birth. It would be nice if we could just be seen as 'Susan/Savira' no names, category or label attached to the person.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

  22. Savira:

    Glad to hear from you from London. Branding in a nice way, dear Savira. Nothing serious.
    You have a lovely time there and enjoy your visit.

    Joy always,

  23. And I am so happy it is sunny for you, dear Susan. Yes, I know that feeling of being stuck doing a job because you did it once. Somehow, it clings to you. I remember that all too well. But, now that I have my own home, I am doing everything. My husband graciously helps, yes, but still, I feel guilty when he is so nice because he works much longer hours than I do. And so, it is all right.

    One thing: one day you will appreciate that your mother cooks every meal for you even more. When you are the cook of your home, though you might love to do it, yes, you will wonder even more how mother did it all. But those will be lovely memories, too.

    Always memories in the making, no?

    Wishing you a lovely week, Susan.

    Big hugs,

  24. No...not as a story teller..

    I kind of look like a geek with glasses and bulging eyes..but in reality I am very average in academics

    So in a discussion suddenly people stop and look to me to carry forward with a wise idea...when in reality I am in a black hole

  25. Nevine:

    I guess things change when one has a own home. You are so sweet Nevine. You understand people quite well. People as you are a joy! Hmmm. I guess so. That will a different phase in life when I come home to relish my mother's cooking and love.

    I know, so many memories tucked away!

    I wish you a great week, dear Nevine.

    Joy and hugs back to you.


    A geek!? Now that sounds nice to hear from you. Black hole, now you are being quite humble I reckon :)

  26. Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for your loving words :)
    Ohh sure!!! I would be absolutely delighted to make paranthas for you my friend :)
    And yes I pray that the time comes soon! Please do let me know if you have any plans to visit Himachal sometime...I would love to have you at my place!!
    Take care
    loads of love and big hugs

  27. hehehe nice read...actually your post was like a googly for me :). When I first saw that picture of the madhubani paintings, I was expecting something else in this post. ;)

    Yes you are so true about being branded for life in our homes :).
    What if others tell you that you are the best for any job and ask you further to be a sport and complete all the chores at home. :D :D
    About mother, the more we say the less it is. Remember my last post “Mother of all” ? :)

    @RP: Paranthas? I never knew that such a thing existed till now. When I looked up, I found that they are something like parathas. As you are good at making Paranthas, I would like to know the exact difference between parathas and paranthas.
    Looks like you have a knack of preparing them. :)
    BTW Are you from Himachal? WoW that is a wonderful place. I love the climate and scenic beauty of that place.

  28. DB:



    There you are. Where did you disappear? What do you mean by googly? Not only at home, everywhere branding happens be it the workplace, college, school or church. There's no escaping here!

    Joy always :)

  29. Hi Asif!!
    Paranthas are the same as parathas! Actually I spelt it the way I speak this word, hence the difference.
    And if I have a knack or not I certainly cannot say :) but yes it does put me on the radar of my family members' branding spree, as Susan has cutely brought about in this post!!! :D
    Yes I am from Himachal and I agree with you that it is a lovely place. Good to know you have been there as well!!
    I certainly miss it a lot :)
    Hope you have a great weekend Asif! take care...
    warm regards

  30. @RP...
    Thanks a lot for the explanation and kind words.:)

    Coming to visit your space to feed the cute pingoo ;)
    Take Care...



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