Friday 20 August 2010

Paralysis and thoughts of love!

Machiavelli will rejoice and be glad.

This morning when I opened my yahoo page, a news item caught me eye: Love attack causes temporary paralysis in Oregon man

I wasn't sure whether I had read right. I reread the title and the news. I was speechless. Whenever Matt Frerking has loving thoughts, a temporary paralysis affects him. This is a rare malady known as narcolepsy with cataplexy, a rare cousin of the better-known disease that causes sudden sleep attacks. Matt says that he has to watch his thoughts otherwise he will have to suffer. I couldn't fathom anything like that.

Just imagine, one cannot think any loving and tender things for fear of getting paralysed. I wonder whether these conditions existed ten years ago. It is quite strange. My thoughts immediately flew to Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and the like. How would they take this bit of news. They who propagate love, peace and compassion will be zapped if this news reaches them. Can they stop loving thoughts?

My heart reached out to Matt and wanted to ask a thousand questions. Love makes the world go around but no one thought that it could cause temporary paralysis.

Well, I can only think of the opening lines from Macbeth: "Fair is foul and foul is fair."

If you would like to read the article, you can do so here.


  1. there really a condition like that!!!

  2. aww - now that qualifies as true love!

  3. John:

    Gives an excuse not to think LOVE.


    It actually shows. If one gets paralysed while thinking loving thoughts, he/she can literally SHOW love to the beloved.

  4. if the emotion of 'love'causes a easy / tough my life is going be ...

    we would have to do a self introspection of number of times a day we feel this emotion

  5. it is really of my blog friends "cinner" has it...if you want some interesting insights into it you can find her in my comments...i never knew about it until i met her...

  6. John:

    Thanks for coming again. It is quite sad. Why all these strange maladies affect life.


    I did visit her blog. Shall write to her soon. Thanks for mentioning her.

  7. How on earth?
    I thought it was hatred, wars and the like which paralised people...
    This is the time one does not know what is happening to the whole world!

    An attempt to make us less human, more like machines?

    Joy back, my dear friend
    And thank you so much for your always so lovely comments on my blog!

  8. That is astonishing, breathtaking and deeply unsettling. A condition that means one's own thoughts cause illness...and not just any thoughts, thoughts of love - the very thoughts the sustain human existence. It sounds too terrible. My heart goes out to poor Matt.

  9. Dulce:

    It sure is perplexing. I am quite dazed by the news of that. Metaphoric paralysis has become rel now.


    Sad, it is.

  10. Sam:

    It is quite unsettling but it sure gives a different perspective to life and live.

  11. I cannot imagine squashing thoughts of love, the very thoughts that allows connection with the self and others.
    Must be a very lonely place to be. Thank you for stopping by Susan.
    Love and Light

  12. Yikes! It's the only thing that leaves little hope in this world. Shuddering.

  13. How strange! And what kind of person will evolve from having to avoid love for fear of its consequences. Those who do because of emotional paralysis due to love's consequences could probably tell us.

  14. How weird, and its any kind of love... not just for people. I mean love for pizza, love for ice cream, a dog, your fav song, a sunny day.. think any loving thought and you'll have an attack, excruciating actually. Poor guy, heart goes out to him...

  15. YS:

    The cause for that is still unclear to doctors. You are always welcome dear YS :)


    It is indeed.

  16. PattiKen:

    Welcome to the meanderings. Joy to have you here. You make a good point here. Joy always :)


    Any strong emotion cause paralysis. When I read that article I was shocked. Very sad and disheartening.

  17. This formula of love thoughts = body paralysis - left me perplexed. Never heard of that before, and as Sam Liu said it's unsettling.

    It seems, the more we learn about the workings of the Brain, the less we know, and so we sometimes face 'surprises' like this unhappy Matt case.
    Thanks for bringing this incredible story to our attention.

  18. What a disorder that must be! I wonder about his history, Susan... I wonder what led him to this. What a trauma it must be, to live such a life. And I do find myself wondering, too, if such a disorder is curable. I will go and read that article! You always find such interesting things, Susan!!! And the human mind is such an interesting minefield... with endless objects for the finding!


  19. I wonder if this condition could happen to someone when they felt hatred? Good post. I enjoy your blog very much.

  20. Susan, That is a very interesting and sad story. I learned something new today. Thank you. ~Ron

  21. oh, yes, i heard about this man on tv this week, susan! what a sad story his is - and how might one cope - i mean, especially one such as me who thinks of little else! a life without thoughts of love - how is that possible???

    great post, as usual, dear susan! yours is always such a profoundly interesting place to browse!! ;)

  22. DUTA:

    I read up on this and it said that any strong emotional feeling causes temporary paralysis. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, I think. I am glad that I was able to share this with all of you.


    It is quite alarming and sad.

  23. Nevine:

    Many such questions crossed my mind while I was reading that article. It is a very rare disorder and not curable. Doctors are still wondering. The human mind and body is quite fascinating, I agree but sometimes all this knowledge does perplex and frighten me.


    Welcome to the meanderings. Glad to meet you. Thanks for your kind words and the following. I guess any strong emotion causes paralysis.

  24. Ron:

    It is wonderful to learn something new but that knowledge causes us pain. Sometimes knowledge and pain are bedfellows, I reckon.


    How nice to see you here, lady! I was quite shattered after reading that news bit. I guess all of us should send blessings and miracles his way. Bless you Matt :)

  25. LOL!!! I usually thought people get paralyzed when they wanna express their love. Not the other way round. I wish that condition be inflicted on my friend who is a serial-lover, if there is such a term. Frankly, I think that the only girls he has not fallen in love with are the ones unborn. :p

  26. How much ever I enjoyed your funny insights, I do wish your friend is spared. The condition is not quite funny as you see it to be.

  27. I could not have imagined it, Susan!
    It makes me wonder though.. if I would ever love someone it'd happen to me either!?
    But certainly not.. What a disorder that must be, Susan.

    Hope you're having an awesome Sunday, my friend!

    B xx

  28. How nice to have you back, dear Betty. It is definitely quite sad.

    Hope you are refreshed and rejuvenated :)


  29. That is completely unbelievable and what stigma such a belief can cause. Lovely post and you write well. Like your your blog and i dropped in via Nevine's :)

    Wild Rose~

  30. Dear Wild Rose:

    Have read all the comments you make at Nevine's. We were many a times neighbours in comments. What a joy to see you here. The news item is quite unbelievable and sad. Thanks for your kind words. Hope to see more of you.

    Joy always :)



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