Wednesday 28 July 2010

A winter grace

As one grows older, one should necessarily become wiser and true to the inner self, is the common belief. But sometimes this is a path which is harder to take. Being true to the inner self and having an authenticity between the expressed and the inner self is but a hard thing to do. But then it's never too hard to cultivate harmony.

Dogmas, cynicism, prejudices and other qualities as these should ideally be fading when one grows older but why does it become more prominent as age advances. When I was younger, my knowledge of certain things was limited and so I was not very judgmental as I am today. Even simple acts are tinged with sarcasm and cynicism as age adds on to the self.

Especially when I see politicians of today, I wonder what it is to age with grace. They seem to get murkier with age. I am no one to judge but these are the thoughts that keep ringing within me as I grow older. I always wanted my personality to be of a single shade coloured with joys and smiles. It does seem like that most of the time but when it does not, reality checks are shuddered.

When Jung remarked "A winter grace," he was referring to the grace and charm of the individual with the advancing years. I stand critical of myself and even want to add "A winter blight." I am not quite old but I am definitely older than say, ten years ago but I would say that the number of age has got nothing to do with the age of personality and inner character.

I find myself lacking each time I weigh the scales. I know I can try but procrastinate the goodness. And I am good at giving excuses to get on with everything.

Winter grace . . .

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  1. Thought provoking as ever.... :)

    Right now I have so many things related to your post that I think its better to post them in my blog.

    Thanks for the treat you gave to my heart and brain through this post :)

  2. Its good to have a slight 'winter blight' now and then, so that we know we are weak and susceptible to outside influences... its after all what makes us human, no one's that perfect to be just 'winter grace' all the time.

  3. i wonder if as we get older and see life slipping past if we try to cling to the way it was to give us a sense of security...

    as far as grace for yourself...i do struggle with that at times...

  4. Cynicism makes one wiser. Someone told me so recently and after thinking about it for a while, I actually agree. It's good, I guess :) How else will one get out of their illusion and see the reality?

  5. I think cynicism is simply inescapable in today's society. I mean, there's so much to be cynical about! Every time I hear a politician speak, I doubt the truth of their words, every time I watch an advert, I suspect that the offer they are displaying isn't quite as amazing as they would have me believe. And so on, ad infinitum. I am only 15, yet I have developed a cynical view of certain things, and I know a lot of people my age have as well. I hope that I age gracefully, I hope numbering years bring wisdom, reason and clarity. But then again, I do not *expect* it will happen. I merely hope it does. Hope, it seems, is all we have.

  6. I don't think we can ever be perfect, Susan. As the cliche goes, we are our own worst critics. Yet, there is truth in your observation that as we age, we seem to become more closed-minded. I don't know why this is true, but maybe we just stop caring at a certain point. Maybe, when we are young, we see the world through our rose-tinted shades and everything looks beautiful, and then when we age we rid ourselves of that defense/protective device? A complicated thing to consider... but interesting, too.

    I am trying to mellow as I get older, but I am thinking that as my mind becomes more imbued, my heart becomes more impatient. We will see how things unfold...

    A lovely post, Susan... as always.


  7. Growing old gracefully.
    I agree with we age we become close-minded and alas we seem to lack the joy of life.
    Sometimes I think I need to stay motivated and your post just gave me food for thought.
    Thanks for your great thoughts!

    Big hugs,

    B xx

  8. With age number of posts on ur blog will also increase. :)

  9. Dear Susan,
    believe me when I say the older you get the older you get, and that means the wiser, and the more you see that years help you see even further than you so well do now...

    But smiles gow bigger as well if you keep on them- no matter the irony around...


  10. Asif:

    Been away for two days. I am yet to check your blog to see whether you have posted something. And, yes, you are the first. Thanks for the continued interest and lovely comments. I am still to hear your thoughts on this process of aging.


    I know. It's better to be perfect and have some flaws. Reminds me of Francis Bacon!!!

  11. Brian:

    All of us struggle an that makes us more human, I guess. If we don't struggle, we get a bot too puffed up.


    Cynicism makes us wiser but sometimes I tend to overdo it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and better than cynicism :)

  12. Sam:

    I am glad that it is not only me. All of us succumb to it some time or the other but I think it is very human to be aware of our own blights. Helps us to understand others better.


    Absolutely yes, Nevine. We can hope to walk towards perfection and that makes the journey worthwhile rather than not trying at all. Life goes on, isn't it.

  13. Betty:

    Motivation to go on without being affected by anything is an art, I reckon :)


    Smiles :) Very true.

  14. Dulce:

    I believe you dear Dulce. Smiles definitely grow bigger. Loved your words of insight, as always.

    Hugs and more love,

  15. Aging with grace is my goal. I find it very difficult at times as aging and grace encompass so much; I feel it is when we find peace within ourselves that we can embrace life and death and accept that which we encounter. It is very hard to do, but I hope to get there one day.;)

  16. Well said Zuzana. Inner peace is something quite important but as you said it is very hard to do so. Nice to see you in the rounds again. Joy always dear Zuzana.



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