Tuesday 20 July 2010

I know it is new . . .

Today I bought myself a silver bangle. I love silver accessories and it gladdens my heart when I buy something in silver. But the buying is not the point of this post. The feelings that accompany when something new is bought is the point of focus.

When anything new is acquired, however small it is it gives the buyer special joy. No one knew about my silver bangle except for me but that changes my mood, lifts my spirits and in a way empowers me. The article need not be something big, it can be something as insignificant as a pen or an eraser but then it is new and that adds to the joy.

Today after buying the bangle, I wore it and lo! behold my hands were instantaneously not my hands anymore. It was the instrument that had newness in it. I used that hand for almost everything: talking over the phone, itching, opening my bag, waving . . . Well, I knew that I was sporting something new and it gave me a thrill to observe that when I indulged in some action.

This feature particularly holds good when sporting new lingerie. Ah! that feeling. In a way, it gives an extra special feeling as no one but you knows that it is new. Well . . .

But this feeling exists mainly for tactile and materialistic objects. The newness of a day, sunrise et al are not given so much importance. It is because it is not worn by us or felt by us. It is of a higher point of appreciation, right.

Whatever said and done, the power of 'new' captivates and holds us till the 'new' gradually becomes old. But silver, you know, grows nice as it becomes old. So for now, I won't think of old.


  1. Dearest Susan, I can so relate to this; I feel the same if I wear new jewelry, piece of clothing or a new fragrance. Particularly if I buy the last one on sale, I can not wait to come home and spray it all over me.;) There is nothing like the euphoria of a purchase indeed. However small and insignificant it is. (Loved your take on wearing new lingerie.;))
    What a lovely post, but then again, I love the way you write.
    Have a wonderful evening dearest friend,

  2. I much prefer silver to gold, maybe that is I'm a Cancerian, and I'm ruled by the moon!
    But I love getting something new that only you know about. I loved your take on under-wear, something only you know about and also something so secret!!!

  3. Somehow, I side with the 'old' most of the time. Heard of anybody not using a classy mobile phone (gifted of course) for months until it seemed almost foolish not to! Well, I belong to that tribe, still caught up with the hangover of yester years. Incidentally, I still wear my dad's watch he had received on retirement day.

  4. Zuzana:

    It's a special feeling that lasts for a while and makes you happy. Some posts are the 'expressive ones' and I so wish people can sense that small joy when they read the posts :)


    Wow! we are kindred beings then. I also prefer silver to gold. It seems classy. Under-wear. Smiles.

  5. very nice flow of thoughts Sus :)

    You're right newness captures our attention and lifts our mood...

    But I do believe in taking every day as a new day and I feel charged by that moment when I get up and smile at myself for one more day to live and be happy about :)

  6. oh and congratulations on your new silver bangle :)

    Can we not see the pic please :)

  7. Shashi:

    Welcome. How nice that you finally chose to comment. Hmmm. Old has its own charm as well but that 'old' would have been 'new' once.
    But I enjoyed reading your 'mobile phone' story. Truly hilarious.
    Keep coming now and then, Shashi.

    Joy always :)

  8. Nupur:

    Thanks for the kind words and the wishes on the bangle.
    The joy and gratefulness for a new dawn is equally nice and welcome :)

  9. Somehow, I become apprehensive after I've bought something new for myself. Could I have got a better deal? This question nags me a lot.

    But, I like gifting stuff. That makes me more happy.

  10. Vinay:

    The apprehensive part is a very 'man' thing, if I may say. No sexiest remark but still I have seen this in uncles and cousins.

    Oh! yes, even I like giving gifts and watching the person's eyes light up. Priceless :)

  11. i'm a silver girl myself - and love love love my bangles [as my photos show] - i so know what you mean about the "newness" of things - material and otherwise - and their special significance to us and to our mind at that moment - and to our hearts - neat post, lady!

  12. Jenean:

    Whenever I see that picture, I gaze lovingly at those bangles. You said it right: their special significance to us and our mind at that moment.

    Glad to see you dear one :)

  13. I love how you connected things together in here. I once read this article talking about how when things happen a lot, they lost their magic. Like the rising sun, or giving birth. If you think of it in another way, the rarer the thing the higher its value becomes

  14. absolutely agree - the "new" brings so much unparalleled joy to the heart!

  15. in my childhood....things were not easy to come by. there were three growing kids and revenues were less...so new things were rare and often came as gifts from well off relatives...

    So for us the new things were a treasue...and rarely used them...to preserve the newness

    today I can buy if i neeed something...the 'feeling' has gone down a bit
    But still the 'gifts' are precious

  16. Oh I can relate...I love everything, now if only I could afford it...but it does a spirit good :)

  17. Silver is one of few metals that becomes more beautiful as it tarnishes. I am a huge silver fan, but I do also love my gold. ;-)

    I liked your description of your thrill at observing your new bracelet as you went about doing your daily activities. It's so true that when we are sporting something new, we have a feeling that, somehow, we have been sprinkled with magic dust and that dust is sprinkling everything in our paths.

    Congratulations on your new bracelet, Susan. I am a huge fan of buying little gifts for ourselves, every once in a while, just to remind ourselves of how special we are... and how lucky we are to be around.

    A lovely and infectious post, Susan! I shall go out and celebrate myself, today. :-)


  18. Eep! I love that feeling! Very exciting.

  19. Ahhh finally I’ve seen some girl who is crazy about white ornaments. I always used to think why people go crazy for the gold when they can buy such beautiful white metals like silver, platinum and Rhodium.
    First of all congrats for buying the bangle which you love so much.(Otherwise this post would not have been possible ;))
    You are so true about acquiring an object and the joy will be doubled when you acquire an object of desire. Yes you can easily know the difference when you are a shopoholic.
    Ha ha ha yes it’s a special feeling which you get when no one but you know that a particular thing is new(Yes! Yeh andar ki baat hai :D). Susan I don’t know how you tend to point out such minute details as well. Really a great way of observing while living the moments. And at last I have a slightly different opinion about the newness of a day or sunrise etc. As you have mentioned, its not because we don’t wear it. Sometimes we tend to overlook such new things because they are regular and if sunrise will occur once in a month or year then we would have celebrated it. If snow falls in south India, how will we enjoy it unlike the people living on the coolest places of earth?
    I wish you get a high in the pleasure of the new bangle :)

  20. Oh Susan
    You capture these things in life so silverly!
    Not joking , right?
    I used to like gold when I was young... now I just hate it. Silver has that magic, yes it does!
    I wear all the time. It's great to go and find a piece you had forgotten about, it makes it as if new again too...

    Great post my dear, yet I'd like to see it, (the bracelet) please!!?


  21. It's a well-known fact that a buy of some new item lifts our spirits, makes our day. By us, I mean - women.

    Once I bought myself a piece of jewelery, and the old jeweler wished me the following: that I never have to part with it, never have to sell it for some reason, keep it for beauty only, until I grow old .

  22. New lingerie is what does it for me. Even if no one but me is going to see it, I like to wear something pretty.

  23. Reading this blog gives me a special feeling. :)

  24. Maha:

    When the connections are made consistently in the mind, I guess it flows rather easily when it becomes a post. I value your comments for they point out to things which I sometimes fail to notice. Thanks Maha.


    You and I seem to agree on many things. Now, isn't that nice :)

  25. John:

    I know when you talk of "things that were not easily accessible." It was the same with us. Nevertheless anything new is still cherished by me, if I have wanted it for long and finally got it :)


    Nothing lasts forever. You will be able to listen to your newness, very soon. Just keep the good faith dear one.

  26. Nevine:

    Yes, yes, magic dust. Apt words to describe the 'new.' The things we buy for ourselves always holds a special niche in the heart. Would love to know what the 'celebration' was :) Smiles.


    Absolutely and glad that you feel the same as well :)

  27. Dulce:

    Wow! You wear silver as well. I knew we were kindred spirits. So far yet similar in many ways more than one. I guess that's the beauty of the human spirit.

    Joy in abundance to you dear Dulce :)


    How wise the old jeweler was. I liked the way he wished you. Must be a very very kind and thoughtful man. I sincerely hope that the piece is intact and as lovely :)

  28. Asif:

    How often we yield to stereotyping. 'Girls like gold' has almost become redundant now. Thanks for the wishes and oh! boy all of them are congratulating my purchase. How I love this!
    The sunrise, new day are things we take for granted and maybe that is why the sheen goes off. I liked your example of snow.
    Thanks for always taking time for your comments, Asif. I value and treasure them.


    Welcome to the meanderings and nice of you to share your thoughts with us. The inside stuff always has a charm, albeit a naughty one. Smiles.

  29. Chandrika:

    I am glad that this place gives you a special feeling. You are a special person and hope this place never makes you feel otherwise. Joy to have you here.

  30. I don't really know how it feels, not much of a jewelery person. I go crazy over books and furniture and house decoration stuff like candles and curtains. I know the feeling I get when I see them adorn my home, a sense of that's how things should be. But yeah, I get what you mean when these materialistic things overshadow celestial beauty... it would do us good to live like the Na'vi from time to time, in tune with nature.

  31. Ohh! new pinch!!! my dear Susan ;)
    Ahhh!! I absolutely love the feeling which comes with the 'new!!'
    cute post :)
    love n hugs...

  32. Moonlight:

    Anything new lifts the spirit be it jewelery or any other thing.

    Thanks for coming by dear one :)


    Ah! new pinch!!! Ha ha. Thanks Ruchi. Isn't it lovely to get something new :)



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