Wednesday 7 July 2010

An aside called 'Octopus Paul'

After yesterday's comment blooper in Blogger, the next best thing is Octopus Paul, the psychic predicting the winner of the different matches. Well, the sports page cannot get more interesting as different papers devote a section to a news article with the picture of Paul. World Cup 2010 has all the right ingredients to cater to different mediums!!! Literally.

Telegraph just reported: "Psychic octopus Paul unfazed by death threats." I am enjoying this side-kick. After the prediction that Spain will win against Germany, people have started taking Paul more seriously.

I wonder at the state of mind of the players tonight. Will Spain be encouraged because Paul predicted their win or will Germany try to be more strategic and alert after the prediction. Along with many others, I am also interested and anxious to herald the verdict delivered by Paul.

But this kind of psychic predictions have existed for many hundreds of years now. Kings and generals have always consulted mediums and psychics for advice and wisdom. The World Cup is also not short of being a battle field with equally strong emotions and passion.

Octopus Paul is certainly a star in its own way with celebrity status and extensive press coverage. It is time the world gave importance to mollusks of the sea like octopuses along with marine mammals like whales, dolphins and the like.

Finally I choose to end with few lines posted by a friend on Facebook:

XX is going Dutch for the remainder of the World Cup - Kom op Oranje!
Non-Dutch readers will note that the language looks quite familiar. This is because English is a debased form of Dutch (Low German). And since the Dutch takeover of England in 1688 we are really a province of the Netherlands. Ergo when 'they' win we can share the glory-esp when they beat ancestral enemies Germany OR Spain!

Paul, we shall wait.

Image courtesy: I saw it all over the net but I chose this anyway


  1. okay I also saw this new clipping on some news channel...what to say ! I don't football so the news was any ways not useful to me..otherwise as channels have nothing much to do these days rather reporting where somebody got married and whose who is getting engaged or something :|

  2. First, yes and It's great to first see your first comment. Hope you have been well. Long time. What's keeping you busy dear Nupur?

    You should read up on octopus Paul. Interesting!!! There are some of us who like tid-bits rather than the main story. Paul is offering many tasty trifles.

  3. um can the octopus signal me the lotto numbers for tomorrow...smiles. i need to check this out...

  4. Well, Paul missed the prediction by some amount in the Argentina-Germany match. His predeiction was a tough match with German win, but while Germany did win, the match wasn't tough and Argentina were destroyed by Germany.

    I sincerely want Germany to win, but Spain are playing good football.

  5. the octopus was right once again!!!
    its amazing!!! :) :) :)
    :O :O :O
    waiting to see what it'll say for the 3rd place match!!! :O

  6. Brian:

    Not bad to try. It was right and Spain won. Now people are waiting to see the prediction of the finals.


    Spain won!! Hope you are not too sad :)

  7. Karishma:

    My god, is that you! How nice to see a comment from you. Today's paper had a large space for Paul. The Spain government want to give protection to Paul ad Germans want to barbecue Paul.

    Have a lovely day!

  8. An octapus psychic that's a new one. But why not I am sure one type is as good as another. Pretty fun post.
    Let me know how that all works out for you :)

  9. GQ:

    I am nowhere near Paul. He is afar off and given that how can I tell you if that works out for me.

    Have a great weekend :)

  10. I hope Germany wins today when it plays against Uruguay...;)
    and since Paul has predicted the winning luck in Germany's favour! I am happy...So Cheers Paul eh!?! ;)
    sweet post Susan:)

  11. Ruchi:

    Hope your wishes come true.

    Tomorrow is the final. Let's see if Paul's magic works.

    Have a lovely Sunday Ruchi :)

    Joy always.



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