Saturday 3 July 2010

Injecting interjections. Wow!!!

Language is wonderful and I can never cease to be amazed by it's different forms. I've been thinking of the different words I frequently use and interjections seem to be a feature that constantly appears. And in case, you did not know what interjections were: They are words used to describe emotions. But that definition does not explain it all.

Words like 'Well!' 'Geez!' 'Voila!' and others are examples of interjections. Now, well, this is not a post on grammar. I just meant to say how by injecting interjections, we save uttering a number of words. Words like 'cool' and sexy' also can be called interjections.

Just a look at the many comments I write stand example to my heavy leaning on interjections. They all have 'well,' 'aww,' 'oh,' 'hmmm' and certain other words that express how I feel.

The words above can also be called my pet interjections. How incomplete our vocabulary will be without these lovely interjections. They of course don't receive as much importance like certain other words but how can we survive without them. I tried doing a simple exercise: Writing and speaking for two days without interjections and boy! it was not easy. Well, injecting interjections have become the norm for me. Oh! so wonderful.

Well, what are your pet interjections. Err . . .

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  1. Interjections are a vibrant part of the language that-from my opinion-expresses what regular words can't. I think it's all related to us when we were babies and only made sounds to express ourselves.
    I just love how you tackle stuff that never cross my mind!

  2. haha. your post was laced with them but...perhaps that was intentioanl, eh? hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  3. Maha:

    What would life be without interjections? A fascinating point on connecting babies and interjections. Wow! I never thought of that. And, thanks for your kind words.


    Ah! well. They were intentional after all I am talking about them so why not advertise them. Ha Ha. You have a glorious weekend as well.

  4. Uhm, it's hard to say, really...

    Besides, aren't they, like, uh, frowned upon in formal writing?

    Oh, and thanks for the comments over at my blog!

  5. I think I might have mentioned this one before, but "Yahoo!" is a favorite, though it might seem unpopular. I put "Yahoo!" into a lot of my speech... don't know why! And I also like "Hmmm..." especially when I'm speaking with someone... for a sneaky reason... it allows me a few seconds to think... He he he!

    And good for you for trying to survive a few days without those interjections. I don't think I could possibly do it. I think it's a habit that's ingrained... deeply. It would require therapy for its removal. ;-)


  6. wow! interjection is the word i was searching for a very long time! a simple yet effective post!

  7. I am just as in love with language, Susan :D It truly is a marvellous aspect of humanity, and I am forever deeply moved by its ability to unite nations. Interjections are, of course, an integral part of human conversation and I simple don't know where I'd be without them. I often use words like "Hmmm..." when I am thinking or "Oh!" when I am surprised. They are such a joy, and how wonderful of you to honour them here :)

  8. Well, dammmmm! If you haven't nailed down this problem I have with other bloggers...well, heck! (Whew, I'm glad to have read this blog this day...and the comments, my-oh-my! Tops of commenters here.

    Love it all, YESSSSS!

  9. I love ehem in written or WOW or simply OH
    As I speak Spanish and mostly communicate in that language I could not translate so that you have an idea.
    That's another amazing thing about interjections!
    But I so agree with you they are so important to make ourselves be understood.
    'he he'
    I could not live without that.


  10. Rohan:

    Your comment always proves lucky for me. Yay!! Formal writing frowns upon everything, ugh!

    You are welcome, Rohan. Have a great week ahead.


    Yahoo is not as popular but it's something like eureka for me!! Therapy!!!! Hmmmm.

  11. Justin:

    I'm glad that you found the word! Voila! Thanks for your kind words.


    A kindred soul, you are. Honoured indeed! They are a joy and we save so much energy by uttering one word instead of a whole sentence.

  12. Stevie:

    Have you come back from your convention, dear Steve? My commenters rock any day!!!


    Missed you dear sweetest. Spanish is one of the romance languages. How nice that you speak that! Even I could not live without that!

    A great week ahead!

  13. Is lol!! an interjection...then its me fav

    and so is hm...very useful in chats

    But we have to avoid them from conversations!! not tht good for language

  14. oh! my my, Me super likes this post:)
    My speech is literally incomplete unless I use generous doses of these interjections Susan!
    ( and i wonder if it is a good thing??)
    From 'Ohh' to 'hmmm',to 'awesome', 'cool',
    'ahaan'et all...whoa! what would I do without these, I wonder :-O

    Hope you have a fabulous week and numerous happy moments my dear friend.
    have a great day!
    love and hugs

  15. John:

    Maybe LOL can also be an injection but only in chat language. When someone says something very funny, one cannot say "LOL" except for laughing out loud.


    I am glad you enjoyed reading this. In speech and certain kinds of writing, one can of course use interjections. Oh! the wonders of language.

    Joy and peace always.

  16. Traces of being a caveman. Amazing how some sounds can mean so much! very refreshing insight. :)

  17. Indi:

    Great receiving a comment here as well :)

    Joy always.



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