Wednesday 14 July 2010


She wanted this for a long time and finally it was coming. Quite excited and anxious, she prepared for the event.

The day came. She was allowed fifteen minutes. She was angry that she was not allotted the sixty minutes that she had asked for. They said: "First sit through for fifteen."

She was advised to sit in a wee corner and observe the entire process. She was thrilled. She pulled a chair and made herself cozy in a "nice" corner. The process was going on. It did not have an exact starting time. She was told that since there was no beginning and no end, it did not follow any plot. She was happy that she will not miss anything by not being there for the beginning.

She started listening, observing and . . .

She noticed restlessness, uneasiness, sudden happiness, blankness.

She stopped. She cursed herself for not bringing a book. She had asked for sixty minutes and got only fifteen minutes but it seemed like eternity.

Distracted, she tried to "think." She could not. The "process" was quite loud almost hijacking every other thing. "How could this be?" She tried to remove herself mentally from the scene and think of water and small boats but the "process" was almost suffocating her senses. She wanted to go. But it was only seven minutes. She had eight more left. She figured in the "process" many times. She wasn't interested. "Let me go." "Please let me leave this place."

Silence. This was her own asking. There was no escaping it now.

Finally but slowly the fifteen minutes were over.

She ran outside. She was wrapped in sweat. Life wouldn't be the same again.

The dream-stealer woke up. Many times she had imagined being inside the mind of someone and observe the processes of the mind sitting in a wee corner. She always wondered if that would be a romantic affair. But after the dream, she revised her thoughts. The dream-stealer finally dreamt and was glad she had seen a dream but unhappy that being inside the mind of someone was so terrifying.


  1. oh wow. nicely interesting to be in the mind of someone...i ould definitely think it to be chaotic...or maybe that is just my mind. smiles.

  2. Susan, how lovely to see you playing with words these days! I'm really enjoying this creative muse that has come over you lately... not that you haven't always been creative... I mean in the creative writing sense. Well, you know what I mean.

    And the dream-stealer visits again.

    I have to tell you some of the things I enjoyed most about this... from a technical point of view: I loved the repetition of the word "She" in almost every sentence. It lent a dream-like quality to the dream. The "sh" sound lulls gently... I also like the way you structured your sentences... most of them short... choppy... giving a realistic spin to the dream... making it more nightmarish. Finally, the main premise is, of course, a favorite theme for me... dreams... When writing about dreams and from dreams and with dreams, the wonders never cease.

    Please keep writing, Susan. Your writing has a bit of a haunting quality to it... and I say "bit" because I feel you haven't dug as deep as you can... maybe out of hesitation. I know the feeling. Dig... and mine... those thoughts... and words... And may the beauty of your mind continue to flow.


  3. I agree with the above post, and I love to read out-loud. It was both scary and thrilling at the same time.
    I had to read on just to see what happened next....then the Dream Stealer!
    Oh, you have to write more, I just love your style!
    Big hugs!

  4. Being inside minds of someone...reminds me of the movie 'Being John Molkovich'

  5. My goodness, you are as great with fiction as with factual writing.;) You set the atmosphere so well, one feel the emotions through the lines, enveloping my mind and soul... eerie...

    On another note, the best of luck with your thesis.;)) But I am so sure it will go well.;)
    Have a lovely day dear Susan,

  6. Hey you... thanks for such a lovely message my sweetie. I hope you are well and yes, keep that smoldering hot smile on.. you are an awesome gal.

    fel (Silver)

  7. Wow I like very much, I have a book I wrote, where one of the main character is a dream walker, how cool, I like this it reminded me of something important :)

  8. Brian:

    Out of chaos a calm is born. What say, Brian? She was in the mind at the time of Chaos. if she had been there for some more time maybe she would have experienced the calm. Sometimes life is like that. We never wait enough :) Thanks for the comment. I'm happy happy.


    Nice and long and I can't thank you enough for the expert advice. Honoured indeed! Sometimes one restrains the feelings as there is a teeny-weeny fear of going on and on. Or maybe the words seem too restricting and so the surface alone is touched. Many thanks Nevine for your time and patience. Big hugs and lovely butterflies to you!

  9. Heather:

    Your appreciation has made me glow with happiness. For a fledgling like me comments as these are like fuel which ignites my soul. Thanks.


    I should look out for that movie. Thanks.

  10. Zuzana:

    Zuzana, your comment always brightens my day (and nights as well). Thanks so much for your wishes dear one. It will definitely help me in these days of dryness :)

    Dear dear Silver:

    Missed you so wrote. Hope you are well and so are your boys. Take care.

    Joy always :)

  11. Lorraine:

    You wrote a book!! That's so good to know. What is the title? A penny for your thoughts dear one.

  12. What I love about your posts Susan is that they make me stop and think. I often wish I could slow down enough to think like let the words flow the way you do because when you do they are beautiful...just like the swing, gently whispering back and forth. Keep thinking and have a gift!


  13. Dear Jeanne:

    How nice to read what you have commented here. Glowing with joy and smiling away. Thanks for the kind words. Wish you peace and adventures always :)

  14. How interesting ..!!! I heard the recent Christopher Nolan's movie Inception is based on similar lines. Its a little spooky when applied to real life right :D

  15. Well whst else could I add here. I am so astounded by what you get to capture here, and your style so great!
    Keep on writing like this or however pleases you my dear Susan

  16. Hi Susan,

    What a captivating story. As much as I wanted to skip down to the end, I didn't, but instead took in each and every word.

    You write beautifully. I'll be back.

  17. LW:

    Long time. I checked out INCEPTION. Scary, it seems. Sometimes I marvel how many people think of the same thing. I am sure being inside someone's head is a secret fantasy for many people. It sure is spooky :)


    Your presence here says it all dear one. Thanks Dulce, I will listen to you!

  18. Barbara:

    Delighted to see your comment. Your words definitely egg me on. Joy always :)

  19. Dream Stealer? I love it! I have a fascination with dreams and would pity the poor soul who would try to invade mine.

  20. 5thsister:

    Why pity? I think it would be a kick-ass experience!!!

    Have a glorious weekend :)

    And thanks for coming by.

  21. Thanks Chandrika. Nice to see a comment from you. Have a lovely weekend :)

  22. Thrilling!!!! :)
    You have narrated the story so well that I could actually 'feel' every emotion that the dream stealer was experiencing... especially the excruciating ones towards the end of the story!
    You rock Susan :)
    loads of love and hugs
    take care

  23. Dear Ruchi:

    Your comment always makes me smile with joy. Thanks for the kind words, always at my place.

    A swimming weekend to you :)

  24. Well I wrote several, two I have in full, I only 40 pages, because in changing computers it erased half...another half-full disappeared when my first computer sucks...sometimes, I haven't been really working n anything so what I've done is since the only thing I love writing in is blogger, I decided to open a blog, and paragraph by paragraph analyze my book. I'mon my second I crazy or waht..anyhoo, I've already been made aware of a mistake I made, how cool is that...I stopped working on it 'cause I got bored..If yo want to check it out it's called...My Book, you can find it on my profile ;)

  25. Thank you dear Susan :) Wishing you a sweet and joyous weekend and a stupendously happy week ahead, as well :)
    take care
    love and best regards

  26. Dear Lorraine:

    I will be happy to read it and enjoy the thoughts. Maybe you should get an external hard disc and store everything in it.

    Hope the weekend is happy happy :)


    You are so kind with your words. Have a glorious weekend yourself :)

  27. After watching Inception and reading your post, I am bit inspired to write smthng complex on similar yet parallel lines!

  28. Karan:

    I am yet to watch the film. Another person also mentioned it a few comments ahead of you. Funny, how similar the minds word.

    Shall look out for that post of yours.

    Joy always :)



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