Friday 9 July 2010

Laced with degrees of comparison

Ever wondered how most of our conversation  has the mode of comparison laced at the subconscious level. Every time I remark: I like coffee, I am subconsciously saying that I like coffee better than tea or colas or better still vodka! The same applies for clothes, people and situations.

Now I start meandering into thought whether this is a social and cultural conditioning. Do we always look at people, objects and emotions in the comparison mode? When does an individual learn this: as a child or as an early adolescent who has some experience in life?

When babies cry while being fed with milk instead of orange juice, do they react to the taste because they don't find it as appealing or simply because it does not taste good. It's a wonder to observe all these nitty-gritties of life.

Just pause through your thoughts in a given time and observe yourself and think how many times your thoughts are based on comparison. When you decide to read instead of watching television, you compare; when you exclaim, "I love kissing!" you are comparing it with something else, say caressing; when you remark "I love this place," you are doing a fast mental comparison of different places and arriving at a conclusion.

Of course, along with all this, memory plays a pivotal role which aids in comparison and decisions.

And so what are the tales of comparison in your experiences . . .


  1. Oh, Susan. I wouldn't know where to start with my tales of comparison. But it's just like you said... we do compare though we might not realize it. And I am someone who always thinks about her every behavior, but even then I don't think I register that I'm making a comparison with almost every emotion I feel unless I think about it consciously.

    I think our minds are put together in such a way as to relieve us of the conscious awareness of making a comparison, while at the same time the comparison, though it is hidden, is a relief because it allows us to place what we are thinking about into those wonderful things called schemas. Without schematic thinking, I think like would be too complicated for us.

    A real thinking one... this post.

    I wish you a blooming weekend, Susan! :-)


  2. You're right. The comparison is there, all the time, at the subconscious level. We look at things in a comparison mode without being aware of it.

  3. come one now...kissing and caressing are like strawberries and need to compare they go together...smiles.

    i guess you are right...but i think sometimes it is situation or even seasonal prefernces...

  4. not only are comparisons inherent to human nature but also biases!

  5. I think it's pretty normal to compare or else how would we put a finger on what we feel is better or worse...

    That helps you define what is good,bad or ugly !

  6. Dear Susan,

    As much as I loved reading your post this evening, so I also enjoyed reading that of those who replied; especially that of Brian.

    I guess it all comes down to education and what we are routinely exposed to . . .

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  7. OMG! I actually compare.. almost 95% of the times.

    Like yesterday: While buying apples I explained by choice- I like the more juice ones than the more fruit ones.

  8. Yes, comparison is there at the subconscious level, but only, I believe, for certain things. Or maybe not. I need to think about this a little more.

  9. Hey you my dear friend... this is something I hate to admit about myself I am so aware that I spend half my life comparing this with that and the other. It's a crucial time for me right now, cause I must make up my mind in working matters.. and the answers that come up have so much to do with that putting on the balance... Always two options or three. But the ONE and only...?

    And as for myself, I keep comparing my nose my eyes my body and wrinkles not only with those of the big stars and models, but also with my very neighbour, friend and so on...
    Wise post- as always

    O. Paul has got into Spain's box I think ... I really hope he's right and we get that Cup for the first time in history... but maybe the Dutch are better?- Grin


  10. you see, all life is based on a state of comparison. the truth is, there's nothing absolute; you look at yourself and say I'm happy only because you've had worse times and if all your life was happy, that won't be at all special. we say there's nothing brighter than white, only because all colours are darker, and maybe somewhere in this wide universe, there is a lighter color.
    I know i said that before to you, but I can't help mentioning it again, I love how you keep on uncovering things we never think of while doing. Great post as always...

  11. These remarks from your reader-Peeps are EXCELENTE, as is your post, Susan. The whole package is why I blog, to read what you premised, and then read ideas, opinions, and thoughts related by Peeps who are kind, helpful, loving. (Because we Reeeely do not know one another?--grin!)

    This topic I was commenting about here, and it became so lengthy, I decided to blog it tomorrow--or tonight? Whatever, I will link to this blog post, if you do not mind

    Ever enjoying your writings--and YOU!!

  12. Very thought provoking...It never passed my mind till date..

    Yea I guess choices r relative. We only take the best don't we!

  13. Nevine:

    Yes dear Nevine. We all do that all the time. The few times we are impulsive, we swing between the possibilities with nothing to compare with.


    You know it better with places dear DUTA. We always compare whenever we see something new.

  14. Brian:

    Your take on kisses and caresses made me smile. True but strawberries are natural and healthier than chocolates. Smiles again. Experiences always put us on auto mode for comparison.


    Rather say they are parts of the same coin :)

  15. Nupur:

    Yes, I think but still sometimes I wonder.


    How nice to see a comment from you. Thanks for the words of appreciation. Brian is a star in his own way :)

  16. Sameera:

    Hmmm. A very human trait.


    Come back and tell me :)

  17. Dulce:

    Dulce, Dulce, how I love your truthfulness. You are an angel. I wish you make the right decision on your work front.

    IT IS SPAIN. Viva la rasa, Dulce :)


    Maha, your comments always leave me thinking and wondering. Your insights to life are quite a spectrum. Thanks for embellishing this place along with the others :)

  18. Steve:

    My peeps are lovely!! Please do link. I would be honoured indeed! And thanks for your words, Steve. They mean a lot to me.


    Thanks. Just take time and wonder about it.

    Joy always :)

  19. Dear Susan,
    I thought about this and was amazed to notice that however much I might base my choices on some practical reasoning, they do stem from a subconscious comparing process!be as simple as the flavour of ice-cream I would prefer, to more serious ones like the kind of guy I would like to spend the rest of my life with...comparisons form an integral part of one's decision making process...
    how profound is this post :) love you for posting it!
    hope you are having a beautiful day my dear friend...
    love and hugs

  20. Oh, I have missed your insightful posts! yes indeed, I feel I ALWAYS compare everything I experience and see. Whether impressions or experiences. I love the way you take something so mundane and make it into something so poignant.;)

  21. Ruchi:

    I am glad you chose to observe this from your life and see it for yourself. Life is lovely if one observes it and manages it wisely.


    And I missed you as well :) Zuzana, your comments always light me up as a glow worm!!! Smiles and hugs.

  22. Wow. This is something I've pondered about. Exhaustive. Love it!

  23. Thanks for coming by Indi. Your appreciation has definitely warmed me.

    Joy always. Keep visiting :)



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