Sunday 8 November 2009

Vignettes of a rainy day

I realise that I am dwelling a tad too much on rain. This time its a few pictures that my mobile managed to click on a very heavy rainy day.

This is my favourite. The father and son duo looked very cute and so I asked their permission to take a picture. They were quite pleased, so I assume.


This is taken from the inside of a train. The water droplets are the most loveliest part when it rains.


People rushing to and fro the station Tambaram in Chennai.


This is when the train is nearing my destination. This place is something that I don't even give a glance at other times. But I could not do so this time as this place transformed itself into the garb of an old English countryside in the rain. Ah! the wonders of rain.


Prosopis juliflora basking in the glory of the rain. This plant is quite dusty and unappealing during the summer but here she is all lovely and clean after the spell of showers. The local name of Prosopis is vellikathan (guard of the fence).


  1. beautiful images - and i, too, love the rain - love its smell, its feel - yummmm -

  2. oh, and the one of the father/son was just so sweet!

  3. Thanks Jeanan for the visit. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  4. I loved the dewy train window, and the smiling daddy-o! The kid looked a little stunned tho. ;)

    Dont you just love the rains?? :)

  5. Hi Susan, Love the rain, but not too much that it causes havoc. Hey thanks for coming by and following. Have a great week ahead. Will see u soon.

  6. Rains are nice if one is indoors. I can't imagine going out in Chennai during the rains. But whatever I like rains just as I like the sun!

  7. It's raining here too.... and every thing is wet, all the dust of leaves washed off, and all of them look so glittering green......


  8. loved de first snap very much...cheers to the photographer

  9. Hey Shahid:

    Thanks for coming by. Acceptance of the cheers guaranteed.

    Come by more often.

    Joy always,



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