Thursday 19 November 2009

The first step

Some of my ruminations this afternoon while traveling in a public transport service prompted me to translate it into a post. The reflections were on first steps. How many first steps does life have for us. Its just amazing to think of all those first steps. Some are here. Maybe you can share your first steps too after reading this one.

The baby's first steps are the literal first steps which make parents so very excited and thrilled. Imagining no steps for the baby paves way for a fear that it might be unable to walk at all. The first step in this context is walking.

The first step towards realising a career is the chosen area of study but now many of them do not do what they studied. In fact their careers and qualifications are in dire contrast. Nevertheless there is a first step!

Now for something that is close to the heart. Literally! The first step in love . . . The first glance and then you know it all. Now for the career part, one knows what the first step should be but for love, it is unexpected. You do not know when (maybe arranged marriages are different) it shall come and if it comes, how should the first step be.

There is a first step in blogging too. Deciding the template, the first post, the excitement . . .

The first step after a death, loss of trust, accident (any loss for that matter) is something which demands a lot of emotional strength and comfort from people closest to us. The first step in this case needs a lot of reflection and introspection.

There are first steps in almost every aspect of our lives. I cherish all the first steps. The first step is indeed vital for "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

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  1. Stepping into a new day daily, our first steps....

  2. Getting up and starting a new day. Absolutely, dear Ashes!

  3. wow! a whole new thought about things - you've put into perspective a very important aspect of our daily lives that we don't often think of - great post, susan!

  4. A thoughtful post... I might steal you idea.. for my blog too! :P

    Really it is amazing how you thought about it in this creative way...!

    Classic post!

  5. Jenean: Thanks for the kind words dear one.

    Happy weekend.

    Sameera: Thanks for the kind words and you are welcome to take the ideas.

    Joy always.

  6. Sometimes we are so afraid to even take the first step out of fear, and you need to be pushed to do it. I often encounter this ... being pushed. But thank GOD I could still fly and not fall off the cliff. Blessings.

  7. Gaia: You just said it. It is indeed difficult to take the first step and that was why I precisely wrote this post. The first step becomes so vital and integral to our lives.



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