Saturday 28 November 2009

There is a nip in the air . . .

After evoking memories of Jim Reeves in my last post, the season of Christmas is something that is constantly knocking in my mind's door. I realise that there is precisely 26 days left for Christmas. I am not a great Christmas aficionado nor Santas come and give me gifts, but there is something lovely about this whole season. Chennai is essentially a hot place and so the winter season is quite welcome with its chilly breeze and cool days. The air is heavy laden with a languorous spirit which is good as well as not so good.

While we were children, this was that time when there were exams followed by holidays which used to bring happiness and joy. Of course we would dread going to school after the holidays as our results would be given.

Our house is located in a very "prime" part of the city where on the right we have railway lines, on the left is the airport and in the middle we have the national highway. Come winter, we can hear all the sounds so clearly -- the siren of the trains, the taking-off and landing of planes, the buses, ambulances plying on the roads. Even though the sounds are not quite welcome, we have subsumed them into our life without any difficulty. This reminds us of the arrival of winter --the clear sounds.

Last evening I played 'Winter Wonderland' CD 2 where jazz singers croon Christmas numbers with their signature style and rendition. This season is also a great one which reminds one of romance and past loves. Winter romances are lovely as they turn out cosy and warm (Sigh Sigh). I don't know why but whenever I fantasize about romance, its the winter season with the chilly breeze.

This season also brings out the lovely scarves and stoles that have been tucked away for the entire year. Imagine wearing them in Chennai during a hot day!!!! There are carols conducted everywhere. Songs, holidays, good spirits are what make this season so very special. Ah! I forgot the gentle chilly breeze and the moisturizers which can used in abundance for the skin becomes sooo dry. And the icing on the cake: the early morning and early evening mist which gives a smoky effect to the whole place. I wish winter lasts forever.

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  1. Chennai has winters!! Just looking forward to Christmas... And I wish to celebrate a white christmas some time in my life... I admire ur ears n ur mind in living in so much noise...


  2. I want snow that would make a perfect christmas, then you get to wear those scarves you mentioned. Hiaz. Well if there's no snow I do mind a little cold weather.

    But it's great what you are doing... it's all in the mind.
    Mind over matter. hee hee.
    Have a great weekend, Susan.

  3. Ashes: Thanks for that first liner --"Chennai has winters!!!" I am quite happy with the winter here. It might be classified as Delhi summer but still . . . Even I am looking forward to a white Christmas sometime.

    Shashank: After a long time. Hope you are well. Hmmm. Winters are splendid. Every season is but then winter has many things to it.

    Gaia: Absolutely. Mind over matter. But I don't mind the matter too and I so wish I had a white Christmas. I am dreaming of a White Christmas . . .

  4. You know I love the whole Christmassy feel that I start getting here, tiny little plastic Christmas trees, Santa caps with red twinkling lights on them, the refrain of Christmas carols that come drifting out of people's homes..

    When we were in school, we used to sing Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and White Christmas (tho we'd never seen snow even), when we had Christmas parties before the holidays..


    but when I think of romance, I think of the rains.. :)

  5. and I think your display picture is very cute.. :)

  6. Blue: Yeah schools have all the programmes before they close for the year and even we had our share of all that.

    Hmm. The picture. Thanks for that. As for romance . . . every season I have a memory!!!! LOL.

  7. All my overseas customers will close shop for 15 days for Xmas, which means I get a default holidays. Winter in chennai is the only saving grace of habitating in this city.

  8. Govind: Good for you. Even in school, there are the half-yearly exam holidays and some Colleges have end of semester break for Christmas. Ah! you are in Chennai now. Namma Chennai! We are somewhere in the same region. Good to know that! Glad that you dropped by again.

  9. i don't care about winters. i just want romance!


  10. Dear Silver: Wish I had the power to sprinkle romance in your life and resurrect Ben to hold your hands again.

    Hugs and Joy always,

  11. hey susan - sorry i've been a bit behind in getting out and about with my visiting and commenting - just been really sidetracked and distracted etc - but love so much hearing from you - your notes are always such a bright spot in my days for which i am very grateful! so please come back and come often! oh, and love your new profile photo! very nice!

  12. Jenean: That fine. I appreciate your comments as much as you do. Hope thanksgiving was well.

    Love always.

    JBR: I welcome it too. Love always.



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