Sunday 15 November 2009

Modern or post-modern times, Matrimonial Classifieds Rule

I always assumed that as times change, people also change. But the Sunday's classified matrimonial columns have a different story to tell. Reading the classified column especially the brides and grooms wanted is a treat on a lazy Sunday. One comes across several interesting advertisements that I cannot do without reading aloud to my entire family. There are some advertisements which tend to impress me like the the for a HIV+ man who wanted a HIV+ woman as his life partner. Now that is one singular case which impressed me. But this Sunday had an exceptionally well-written advertisement for a groom which went like this:

If your son is handsome,
tall, highly educated, having at least
one Degree from IVY League
or other renowned
University of USA
and is from a
educated family,
then our daughter-
27 years, 5' 7",
very beautiful,
highly educated,
Kshatriya family
could be the ideal
match for
your worthy son.

If these
short details find your
kind approval,
please contact:

This was the exact manner in which the advertisement was printed not one but twice in the same page. This left me wondering why such a highly educated girl would first, agree for an advertisement like the one above. Second, I always assumed that education liberates so why the mention of 'Kshatriya.' That might have been the parents' inclusion (again its an assumption). If the girl was so beautiful and highly educated, why didn't she choose to find someone (now this is not possible with everyone, but still I am thinking aloud). If the girl is indeed what is advertised and considering the fact that she allowed her parents to print this ad in a leading newspaper, then I am thinking whether the advertisement is itself some kind of a joke.

Above all this the final sentence of the ad says that, "If these short details find your kind approval . . .." By what means are these details short. And the kind of groom they require - "handsome,tall, highly educated, having at least one Degree from IVY League or other renowned University of USA and is from a respected, educated family . . . Now look out for the words that are in bold. Now that is a very sophisticated package - handsome, tall, IVY League. Whatever happened to qualities like honest, hard-working, open-minded. Leave that. What about our own Universities. Don't get into thinking about me being parochial. I am not but I am just thinking that if educated girls and parents would opt for IVY Leagues, where would that leave our well-bred Indian University educated men.

Unheard melodies are definitely sweeter than heard melodies.

May the Universe enable the parents of the girl who placed this advertisement find a handsome, tall and IVY League man as a groom for their highly educated and beautiful daughter.

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  1. We still like to imitate the west! Being in IIT, I can vouch for the fact that some of the research that goes on in here, is at par with the best in the world. But then, it is in India.

    And as you move up the social hierarchy caste, community, religion, etc. start mattering much more than you think.

    But then it's okay, I guess. Everybody is conditioned to his or her own choice of a life partner. Probably IVY League graduates are "better" humans than non-IVY league ones

  2. I sure hope this is a real joke. If this girl were smart, I wonder what are the non-smart ones like. eerie. Bless you dear.

  3. Vinay: Its not IIT alone but other premier institutions as well. I am wondering if they do manage to get someone from the IVY League and later find out that he is an addict (lets assume any addict) and suffers from schizophrenia, how would they respond??

    Gaia: This happens in India across the board. No jokes. they are for real!!!

  4. This is extremely if tall, handsome, Ivy League-educated men (even those with just one degree) wud be looking at sunday newspaper classifieds hunting for warrior-caste industrialist brides! Lol! The idea is preposterous..

    I mean they cudnt even get your average schizophrenic junkie Harvard guy that way :D

    i think they shud be trying only pity the poor pretty highly educated girl..such a waste..

    And even if she did find someone mommy and daddy wudnt approve unless he'd been to Yale or someplace..

  5. We had a whole assignment devoted to use of language n societal culture in matrimonial coloumns at for the Indian writing in English paper. A month long work-in-groups paper where we scanned matrimonial coloumns in newspapers n the net sites, laughed away at the requirements, style.

    Many wanted Homely girl ha!

    Funny how the letter constraint n the urgency for a marriage creates a whole lot of fun for the readers.

    Maybe she is too educated for the boys in India that they have import one from abroad!!

    Sweet dreams Sus!

  6. Susan, I wanted to stop in and return the visit. And wow! I'm hooked. Here's what caught me: "Unheard melodies are definitely sweeter than heard melodies." Aren't you right? I'm happy you came by my place, and that you led me here. I'll be stopping in for a visit and a good read every now and then...


  7. if it's true - I bet the girl has no idea her parents are doing this or if she knows, she's plotting to run away..... :)

  8. Is this for real? Hate to say.. but shallow and naive is what it comes across to me. You're right. What happens to qualities like loving, honesty, integrity, responsible, kind, mature, etc


  9. Ashes: IWE does have some interesting assignments. If she is so educated, I doubt she will allow an advertisement as this one.

    Nevine: I am so glad that you came by. Your visits shall be awaited and savoured :-)

    Sarah: These kinds of ads are very common for us in India.

    Silver: It is for real. Many marriages are arranged this way in India. There are so many cultural diversities across the world and this is one which is distinctly Indian.

  10. Come to think of it, a matrimonial ad is, after all, an advertisement. And it does what any ad is supposed to do - that is to glorify the product. Ever wondered why almost every matrimonial ad is for a beautiful/handsome, fair, well educated girl/boy? If someone advertised saying - bride wanted for average-looking, dark, IQ 45, hairy, school drop-out, then would anyone respond to it?
    On that point, I would like to know if anyone here knows ANYONE who has got married through matrimonial ads? i for one don't know anybody. But these ads must be working - that's why they continue to get printed by the thousands. So there are people out there who read these with interest and respond.
    On a lighter vein, Susan, why are you reading these ads so intently :-)

  11. Pushkaraj: After such a long time. Reading these ads is a lovely way of passing the time. Its hilarious and sometimes we read these ads aloud for all in the house to hear.

  12. HA.HA.HA.

  13. Yo pappu, I read the Ivy league Matrimonial. So vey funny, indeed!

  14. I read tour matrimonial it is very very funny and interesting.I really really liked it.

  15. It seems wonderful for me to revisit something I wrote last year through your comment. Thanks for coming by and welcome here.

    I am glad you liked this piece.

    Joy always :)



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