Friday 13 November 2009

Friday the 13th!!!!

Sometimes superstitions colour the minds of people but in our case, the events led us to think of the day. It is little surprise that today is the 13th and also a Friday. We, as a family believe that all the days are good and so are the dates. But then, today is Friday the 13th. Lets see what made me think of the day and date:

1. A few things which were on the terrace for drying got lost. Not that the lost articles were priceless. Nevertheless . . .

2. The door of our house which has an internal lock system got jammed with all of us outside. We had to break open the lock to open the door.

3. My sister mixed two varieties of rice which were meant for different purposes. She could not decipher that they were two different types.

These are some random things. Maybe they would have happened anyway. The date and the day is a coincidence. But still  . . . today is Friday the 13th!!!!


  1. very neat post!!! and funny! :) to those of us who were not locked outside, i guess - sorry! :)

    but just remember, there is no such thing as coincidence!!!

    happy friday 13th!

  2. Think abt the weirdness of being born on Friday, the 13!!!

    Between 13 is my lucky number...

    Good morning

  3. Haha!! My elder brother's birthday is 13th December and it was a Friday the year he was born..

    so we always have fun calling him the devil's spawn! LOL!! this was fun to read..

    and yeah, some days, you cant help thinking that superstitions are freakily real sometimes..

  4. Ashes: All numbers are lucky with me.

    Bluey: :-)



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