Wednesday 4 November 2009

Difficult to imagine a world without Claude Levi-Strauss

He is 100. He died. A period to that magnficient work done by him.

I don't know how many of you even know him. His name Claude Levi-Strauss often reminds me of the Levi's jeans but then he was not remotely connected to that. He was an anthropologist and ethnologist who did commendable work on myths, tribal communities, identity, patterns of thought and other fascinating ideas.

The study of literature was incomplete without his books. When we read about myths and the human identity through myths, his theories came in quite handy. Strauss' anthropological theories are quite fascinating and interesting.

I don't want to write everything about him in this post but I would definitely like you to go and read up more on him and his insightful work.

Strauss, may you live on!


  1. one can never get away without reading his works during a course in Anthro or Lit

  2. Hey Ashes: Missed your comments. Hope you are well. I am glad that you have read his works! Not many have.

  3. How could I have missed him, after all I too have a degree in English and there was a paper called lit crit, where he has a major role to play...

    Sweet Dreams Susan



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