Sunday 1 November 2009

1st November


Ten long months have gone by

and two remain.

The year has been wonderful

in spite of  being bitter-sweet. 

Met many people.

Wrote many posts.

To all the lovely people out there

A joyful, peaceful and content November.

Pleasure knowing you all through your posts and the soulful comments.

Anticipating lovelier moments  in blogging!


  1. wonderful poem and a nice look back on the year!

  2. :)

    This is certainly a warm way to herald a new month of the dying year..

  3. Vinay: Nice to see a comment after long. I don't think this qualifies as a poem but yes, the thought behind it was looking back and at the same time anticipating the future months/year. Thanks for the kind words.

    Bluey: Not dying year. Passing year sounds better. Whats in words - the context stands the same.

  4. I try to look at the year in a rather cyclical way. The calendar is somethink we humans invented - nature doesn't care about the passign of a year.
    Still - nicely written.

  5. Thanks Khulud. The eternal Nature versus Culture debate.

    Where do we come in? Nature or Culture?



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