Saturday 21 November 2009


Have you heard this word before? Well I haven't. I was reading an interesting blog today and found this word. How many words are there in this world and a life-time seems quite short to know all of them.

Coming to feral: Well, its from the Latin 'fera' and it refers to an animal which has escaped domestication and returned to the wild.

I guess this word can also exemplify me at times. I always feel wild at certain times when I am away from home and on my own. I can't identify myself as being domesticated too. Am I feral?? Strange questions like this pop at times when I am least prepared for an answer. Life is like that after all.



  1. The word - Feral - has always brought an image of a wolf to me. Have you read "Women who run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pincola Estes? Its all about the primordial calling for being Feral that all human beings have.
    Be that as it may - I am glad about one thing. I knew one English word that you didn't .... :-)

  2. :-) A comment after a hiatus. I haven't read the book but the title is captivating enough.

    What I know is but a drop in the vast ocean, Pushkaraj!

  3. And if we didn't have those strange questions popping into our heads, wouldn't life be like a blank sheet? Immobile and impenetrable. An active mind is the biggest blessing, don't you think, Susan? Good for you that you have one!


  4. One thing about new words is... the more you add to your vocabulary the better you can express yourself!

    Blogger wasn't notifying me with any din't know about your new posts.. anyway fixed it now! :)

  5. Nevine: I so like pronouncing your name. Sounds nice :-)Thanks for the nice words, Nevine.

    Great weekend ahead.

    Sameera: Nice to see a comment from you after a gap of time.Yeah, a value added word to my vocabulary!

  6. hi susan - you know, while i did happen to know this word and its meaning, it's also so true that we can and often do learn something new and different every day - how wonderful is that! and never ever too late to learn more!!!

    have a wonderful day!

  7. Feral...I have heard it in reference to cats...Never associated it with a state of mind! You got me thinking...:)

    PS: Thanks for visiting my space in the cyber world. Much appreciated. :)

  8. Don't recall coming across this word before. But got me thinking too!

  9. Now where have u vanished into? Feral as in Mowgli was a feral child..

    sociology has a term under socialization - feral children, they have umteen examples also.

  10. Jenean: Some words are like that. they are there and sometimes not.

    Ashley: Thanks for the visit. Cats! Now thats something interesting. Pushkaraj referred to wolves and now cats. Humans too are included.

    Gaia: Congrats on a new addition to your vocabulary.

    Ashes: You always provide interesting trivia. Now I should check up on the sociology part. Just came back from a three-day visit to MAdurai.
    Hope you are well and happy!

  11. When I was a kid, I had a diary in which I wrote down words I liked..

    words like zenith, zephyr, know, like fancy-sounding words..

    My fascination for words never ended..I love the sound of some words and the meaning of some others..

    feral..wudnt have put it down as a particularly attractive word..but there's something primal about :)

  12. Blue: I used to cut the 'Know your English' columns from the Hindu and preserve them.

    Feral does have that primal and wild feel to it. All of us are feral in a way, aren't we?



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