Tuesday 17 November 2009

Everything is connected to everything else

Today's paper carried an article which had the headline "UK kids to be taught respect for bees and spiders." My initial response to that was, 'Good.' Now respect is something that is pretty outdated these days. When humans cannot respect another human, extending respect to non-humans is something laudable. I was quite happy with this progress by the UK government. Children should realise that every living being should be respected for its intrinsic self-worth. This is what the philosophy of Deep Ecology propagates. The founder of Deep Ecology, Arne Naess, stresses that the core principle of Deep Ecology is to treat every organism with equal importance. This treatment enables a joyful and peaceful co inhabitation with different members of the ecosystem.

Children as well as adults derive a delightful pleasure by stamping cockroaches and small insects. Stray dogs and cats are tormented mercilessly by children who love to hurl stones and empty cans at them. Furthermore fledglings are also displaced from the nests when curious kinds want to take them home. Now if the government passes this as a law, children will learn to take care and respect the space that these organisms have in the environment.

If only humans realised that one small change in the ecosystem caused by the extinction of one specie could affect the entire planet, then I guess they will be responsible citizens. I hope all the governments pass similar laws to reiterate the fact that everything is connected to everything else which is the first law of Ecology.

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  1. really thought-provoking post, susan - and so on point with today's children - and adults, too - and if i had but the courage [for lack of a better word] of my convictions i would become a vegetarian again - i regret my backsliding - in any event, thanks so much for so faithfully following along at my blogs, susan - it means a lot!

  2. Jenean: Vegetarianism is definitely not the way out. As humans, we need some nutrients which we can get from meat eating (of course herbs do fulfill that part).

    This respect for the intrinsic self of another organism is a virtue by itself.

  3. Good point u brought up today Susan. It escapes me how somebody can throw stones n injure animals -- If that is a sign of cruelty think abt their lives - something seriously wrong with their mental makeup!

    Having a pet and caring for it also makes a kid respect n love animals n plants.

  4. Dear Ashes: Very true. Children should be instilled with kindness for every organism irrespective of their size and importance.

    They say that the parent's life is the child's copybook, if parents show kindness, compassion and love, the kid will be the same. What say dear Ashes?

  5. Yes! the self-proclaimed intelligence of the animal species called humans is now in two groups. One which says the planet is mine and I will destroy for my comfort another says I will work to preserve/protect it. I think both are wrong...we just share the place with other species and part of the planet's evolution.

    Couple of my thoughts:
    Dog killing

    Global warming

  6. What an insightful post, Susan. I don't think that many of us stop and really think about some of the instances of human cruelty expressed toward other species and living beings. If we did, I think we would have a much more humane and just existence, even amongst ourselves as humans. It's about time we held ourselves accountable.

    Your post was very thought-provoking, Susan.


  7. Ganesh: Hello after a gap of few weeks. you are right when you say that. Hope you read up on Deep Ecology.

    Nevine:Thanks for the kind words Nevine. We are definitely accountable for all the cruelty and injustice. Just being on top of the food-chain does not grant us the audacity to do as we desire.

    Joy always.

  8. Children always imitate their parents. So it is all up to the parents, Like charity kindness to animals also begins at home.

    Agreed Sus



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