Thursday 26 September 2013

Some ingenious ways to practice mindful eating

You have seen it splashed all over Facebook, Twitter and many interactive social media sites - That one has to be aware and practice mindfulness. Let's first dissect mindful eating in a few easy steps. I can completely relate with you when you have the urgent impulse to check your Facebook status or that beep in your mobile phone when you are enjoying rather involuntarily eating a meal. You can enjoy only when you are aware! So, here are some ways you can be conscious of what you're eating and savour every morsel of what goes inside.

1. Seek assistance from your sibling/child/ spouse or parent to box you on either your left or right cheek so that it is painful for you to eat fast.

2. If you're upto it, you can slap yourself hard in such a manner that you cannot open your mouth to the fullest possible thereby taking smaller shares of food and chewing them consciously such that you don't pain the jaw further.

3. If by any chance, you got a toothache and you are unable to multitask for the fear of upsetting your sore tooth, there are chances that you will learn the fine art of savouring each morsel that goes inside.

Jokes apart, I am a conscious practitioner of mindful eating since meal-times are a lovely fellowship time with family and also a fine way of nourishing the body and mind. But even without any urgent impulses like checking mobiles and Facebook, I tend to eat fast and thus finish my meal rather quickly. For the past two days, I'm having a severe toothache which has given me no choice but to eat very slowly and take in smaller shares of food. I find this exercise very useful and inspite of the pain, I'm learning some vital lessons in mindful slow eating and enjoying every single mouthful.

Do you eat mindfully?  Do you need any assistance with the hammer and boxing your cheek, you can count on me!

For a meaningful post on mindful eating, see Corinne's post titled, The 7 Practices of Mindful Eating or else you can choose to hammer your cheek!

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  1. i also eat very fast - and ever since M was born - my speed has doubled - now even if i don't have to attend to her i feel i am wasting time if my food is not over in 2 minutes :(

  2. Like Yuvika said, I eat fast.... as if I have to catch a train. I know its a bad habit .... trying to get out of it.
    Cutting the cake with a hacksaw. Love that cartoon.

  3. Right now, Susan Deborah, I am in the mid-part of my anual fasting (self-imposed) and so I'll read this again when I'm eating--which BTW, is why I am fasting!

    So obviously I NEED to READ what you and your toothache have to say. If I had toothache, I cannot enjoy ANY eating, sleeping, doing, whatever--gotta get it fixed.

    Thanks for another insightful read on "How to Live...and ENJOY it.
    Bye, for now, from

  4. I do need help. But your post serves as a good reminder to slow down and chew. Hope your toothache stops.

  5. i think we do need to savor our food more...people eat so fast these days...and we have lost the relational aspect of eating as well in many ways not eating together due to our distractions...

  6. i like the humor...ha..yeah that might slow us down a bit...smiles...

  7. LOL! Love your sense of humor, Susan!
    Seriously, though, I do eat mindfully and slowly. Love to savor the tastes!

  8. ahahahhah!!! Truly, Susan, you have a wacky sense of humor! I do tend to eat fast...I know I should slow down, but I guess I just can't slow down to mindful levels! :P



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