Friday 6 September 2013

Seven: Day 6 - Seven dreams for India that I would like to see fulfilled in my life-time

Like any thinking citizen, there are some dreams that I have for India and I keep my fingers crossed hoping that the dreams will see fruition in my life-time. Hopefully. But then, it's a tall order. So here are seven, comprising of the base and sublime. 

1. A day when a woman can walk without fear in any part of the country and in any time of the day/night.

2. Cleanliness being followed by every single individual.

3. People who don't jump queues as if it was their birth-right.

4. The word 'corruption' to be completely wiped out of the dictionary of Government officials.

5. There should no discrimination based on caste, colour, creed or conditioning.

6. The local should get precedence over the global (read Mac, Starbucks, Cola, burger, clothes' brands and so on).

7. Academic selection should be based on merit and merit alone.

I bet you have many such dreams for your country. Do your dreams match with mine or do you have some more vital ones that can be added to the list?

I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September where nearly 82 bloggers are writing on the theme of Seven for Seven days - a post a day! Today is Day 6.

PostScript: I am already beginning to miss the interaction by way of Write Tribe because today is the sixth day and tomorrow the lovely festival ends :(


  1. These are 7 great dreams for India. I would like to see them become a reality too. I would also like to see the eradication of poverty and decent education for all children.

  2. What is beyond your control is within you influence and it can start with self. Keep at it!

  3. With all my heart, I pray and wish that may all your dreams come true.

  4. Which alternative universe do you intend shifting to, Susan? :)

  5. Lets all pray that all the dreams come true.

  6. A wish on every enlightened citizen's list...I too hope we make these come true!!

    And on another note, we will definitely miss write tribe but let's keep the ball rolling... :)

  7. I wish these 7 become a reality.

  8. Some of these dreams seem too dreamy to come true...that being said, there's nothing wrong in being optimistic in life...

  9. Susan, I too would love a clean clean India...its been my dream for sooo long :)
    And the college admissions - A big YES !!!

  10. Even I wish to see these dreams fulfill as soon as possible...Dare to Dream...they'll come true...
    All the best!

  11. Great dreams for our country and I hope all of them come true. 1, 2 & 4 are the vital ones for me. Good post Susan !

  12. hope these dreams will come true someday

  13. Exactly my thoughts and in particular number ONE followed by TWO, THREE, FOUR, Five and Six. Of course, Seven:)

  14. Amen to the above, Susan.

    I wish all the above come true, my friend. We all need this for our future generation and to make this planet liveable!

    Awesome post!

  15. United States has IMO a LOAD of #4, some of #5 here and there, but really gone in lot of places.

    #7...but not what you'd think. TOO frequently, our desire to be SO equal, brings many of minorities into Unis, fully "tax-paid". Result is that testing, and course requirements are lessened to accommodate those who wish for a 4-year vacation with pay. My opinion. But colleges all over the US are admitting students who JUST CANNOT READ.

    Thanks, SD. I don't think about this situation often, b/c I might become angered at our SO liberal government. Frustrating. We give away so much money (which country is in $17 TRILLION debt to China)
    so people say to themselves, "Why work? My government care for me."

  16. Amen!

    I whole heartedly agree with all these!
    Wish in some years we could proudly be safe in our homeland!



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