Tuesday 3 September 2013

Seven: Day 3 - Seven Blogs that I like to Visit


I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September where nearly 82 bloggers are writing on the theme of Seven for Seven days - a post a day! Today is Day 3.

There are some blogs which resonate with us but either those bloggers write rarely or we seldom find time to visit their space and relish the posts. So, here are seven such blogs that I recommend.

1. Nevine Sultan - Dreams, Deliriums, and other Mind Talk
Nevine is a deep and soulful writer (I say writer because she is one!) who probes the inner crevices of the mindscape and brings out the visceral feelings beautifully. A wordsmith who strings beautiful words effortlessly and seamlessly is currently pursuing her Ph. D. in Psychology, a subject that befits her personality and writings.

2. Sylvian Patrick - Sylvianism
A marketing professional, Sylvian is passionate about films, social affairs and any controversial topic. Though he writes rarely, his posts have a fiery quality that leaves one thinking on various levels.

3. Karishma Kulkarni - Why is Everything Four
Karishma is a doctor-to be and she writes posts which are inquiring, fresh and so very tender. Through her posts, basic emotions are shared with syrupy nostalgia, tangerine memories and beautiful lines. I could stay on her blog forever!

4. Karen Xavier-Fernandez - Contemplations and Ruminations
Karen is a blogger like me. Her blog is a show-case of almost everything albeit with an intimate coating. A fan of country music and cooking, most of her posts discuss her current favourite artists and recipes that engage her.

5. Bhumika Anand - Boumika's Boudoir
Bhumika is a sensual, passionate and vibrant writer. Her posts border around love, lust, memories and unbridled passion in either succinct prose or neat verse. She empties her heart and soul in her posts. After reading her posts, I'm almost always overcome with strong emotion - happiness, sadness or both.

6. Ravi Kunjwal - Yet Another Horizon
A young research student, Ravi infuses his quest for life through questions, nostalgia and songs. I especially like his nostalgia posts - they leave me with a smile and mellow thoughts.

7. Ashwathy Nair - Dreaming in Metaphors
Ash is a keen photographer who exhibits her pictures with apt quotes. I started following her blog because she had a lovely name for her blog, "Dreaming in Metaphors." I wish I stopped by her blog regularly so that I could read fantastic quotes accompanied by equally wonderful pictures.

So these are seven out of the many fabulous blogs that I follow and try to be regular. There are more but I will save them for another post. Hope you get time to look up these blogs and savour their content.

What are some of your favourite blogs? 


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing about some wonderful writers and bloggers. Have never read them. Will hop over to their spaces soon! :)

  2. Will hop over to their spaces soon too. :) This was really sweet of you. :)

  3. This is a nice gesture :-)
    Will be pouring over these blogs soon...

  4. Thanks for sharing! Will visit these sometime soon.


  5. And more blogs to read :) out of which I read a few already :) Good morning Susan :)

  6. Bhumika Anand's blog is nice! I quickly read up a couple of posts. Impressive. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I'm having great fun courtesy this write tribe festival exploring new spaces and interacting with all you kind souls. And your post today again will send me on a trip to devour more words and enlighten my mind!! Thanks :)

  8. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing these blogs. Will be adding them to my reading list as well.

  9. A nice peek into the blogs which you love. I will soon visit these sites.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. Will drop by and have a look. btw I featured your day 2 post on my journey no 3.

  11. Good of you to point the way to interesting blogs, Susan

  12. Loved the seven blogs and their descriptions. Will visit them for sure, thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks for sharing from your treasure chest of blogs you read. I'm looking forward to reading these - bookmarking this, Sus.

  14. very cool...i will have to drop in on a few of these today and see what i see after your glowing recommendations...

  15. Thanks for sharing your favorite bloggers. A very nice gesture

  16. Such a sweet gesture....so many more blogs to visit! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  17. Thanks for sharing and it's nice on your part. Warm gesture and will check them out:)

  18. Gotta get over those blogs and read them.

    Thanks Susan for highlighting talented authors :)

  19. Susan deborah...you had me drop in on our Egyptian Queen Nevine. I'm thankful, b/c it has been a long time. Always loved her work, and very special to read her today--summer vacation.

    BTW, I Blog-posted on dVerse OLN (Tuesday) a comment I wrote on your blog about my deaf-blind father...and decided to give your blog credit

    Loving the work you're doing on blogs this week! Thank you.

  20. that is so kind and generous of you to have acknowledged this wonderful writers...keep it up

    you can check out my post here-
    Karan -

  21. Your write tribe posts are quite different and interesting Susan....thanks for introducing all those wonderful bloggers - should visit their blog sometime :)



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