Saturday 7 September 2013

Seven: Day 7 - 7 Offerings of Gratitude to Write Tribe

I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September where nearly 82 bloggers are writing on the theme of Seven for Seven days - a post a day! Today is Day 7 and the last day.  

 Since today is the finale of the Festival of Words, I thought I will offer my gratitude to everyone who made this festival a beautiful one to cherish and treasure. So, here goes my Seven offerings of Gratitude.

1. To Write Tribe for organising this lovely festival which enabled me to dust the cobwebs of my blog and mind and charge ahead with the Sevens.

2. To my dear blogger buddy Corinne on whose wall I first saw the announcement for this Festival. I know that she and Write Tribe are synonymous but WT is a community and Corinne is an individual who also happens to be a good friend.

3. For all the kind souls who took time out from their routine to stop by my blog and jot down a few words on all the Seven days.

4. I came across some lovely blogs in this Festival and I'm glad to have stumbled across them in the Blogosphere.

5. To everyone who put together this Festival and slaved their grey cells to come up with ideas, suggestions and prepared the general guidelines of the Festival.

6. To my blogger pals who were not part of this Festival but showered their appreciation and encouragement on me.

7. And the cherry on the cake goes to my mind which did not play tantrums and decide to withdraw from the seven-day challenge. 

And so thus ends the swan song of Seven! Big hugs and lots of love to all of you who stopped by and dropped a line or two. I shall meet you by and by in the Blogland . . . until then, adieu and wellness.

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  1. Ahem! Now why did I not think of this? :)

  2. It has been a beautiful journey indeed! Can't thank WT and Corinne enough!!
    And yes...a special mention to our minds too...all 7 days...focused on 7! ;)

  3. Your writing was a big inspiration...hope to see more of you in the blogland

  4. Your writing was a big inspiration for me...wud love to see more and more of it in the blogland

  5. Thank you Susan for dropping by my blog every day of this festival. I enjoyed your posts too. And this was a great way to finish up.

  6. It was fun taking part in the prompt and interacting with so many new bloggers :) Glad that I landed in your writing space. :)

  7. I loved reading all your post susan.Am glad my first ever blog challenge went without hiccups.look forward to the next mind boggling sessions.

  8. Beautiful journey. I swear:)

  9. Every one seems to get in love with this festival...:)
    enjoyed your lovely post

  10. Susan Deborah, I may have missed #6. Please forgive! I'll got to it now, and make amends...
    Your finale takes the cake, though. Well, that and your father.

    This was an exercise also in reading, and learning how to send to the world bits of information about ourselves, not telling too much, but giving enough to show that our lives are so intertwined as to be in many ways, like one another's.

    That is the longest sentence I've ever written.
    PEACE and LOVE this week of "Susan Deborah WRITES!"

  11. This was a great experience. Like you I found many interesting people and blogs to immerse myself into. It was so much fun and hope to keep connected with you in future. ♥

  12. I enjoyed reading your posts during this festival. This has been a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to reading more of your work in the blogosphere. Blessings to you!

  13. Glad that we were a part of this fest. Enjoyed this week thoroughly! :)

  14. Like wise Susan.

    Came across beautiful souls and memories are made :)

    Virtual hug!



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