Sunday 1 September 2013

Seven Posts in Seven Days: Day 1

I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September where nearly 82 bloggers are writing on the theme of Seven for Seven days - a post a day!

In the forthcoming seven days, I will be writing on the Sevens that make my life and meanderings.

The word Seven has been a fixation in my life as it was the number that was most favoured by my Sunday school teachers and the pastors whose sermons I have grown up listening to. As much as the number Seven is favoured, 6 is dreaded as the number of the Anti-christ. No numerology and all that mumbo-jumbo but Seven always got a special nod and glow. And strangely, I have gotten used to the number Seven and almost always end up favouring the number, of course not out of the fetish for numerology and all that mumbo-jumbo but because it’s a comfort zone for me and may I add, many Christians who have gone to Sunday school and heard diligent sermons also give special preference to this number. So, I must admit that I was excited a wee bit when the Write Tribe had chosen Seven to be the key word for its Writing Festival! Well, here goes my first post of the inaugural day of the festival.

I thought that my first Seven would be the Seven characteristics that are an integral part of me but I choose to conveniently forget or perhaps pretend that I don’t have them. 

~ A bad procrastinator

~ Not valuing time

~ Wills to change some existing patterns but never does as a comfort zone has been formed

~ Swears quite a lot while having internal conversations which is quite alarming

~ Takes for granted that I am the best, which is a delusional thought

~ An extrovert who likes being alone but never portrays that 

~ An individual whose inner thoughts and outward actions don’t often match

The above Seven traits are something that need to be broken from my personality and this first post will strive as a remainder towards that goal. 

Hope to share more of my Sevens in the days to come. So, what are the Seven traits in you that you wish to change?


  1. Nice Susan. An extrovert that likes being alone resonated with me. My numerology number is 7 so that is a special number for me too. Look forward to the rest of your posts. This is going to be a fun and interesting challenge.

  2. Listing the goals is step towards achieving them. I have listed a few goals for me too! And hope... no, I am determined to work on them. Good luck to both of us in making the much needed changes in our lives! :)

  3. Thank you for writing on this topic, after I read it I found out that I hardly have any of the traits mentioned in me..!!

  4. It needs strength to evaluate self and guts to put it in a public portal. Hats off to you :)

  5. Same Pinch :) Except that I am not even thinking of changing :)

  6. Interesting topic, Susan.

    Most of them matching with mine as well, especially the Procrastination and not valuing time :)

  7. I doubt that I could stop at 7 if I started listing :) But what you've done makes so much sense. It is that first step, isn't it? Listing it out and working towards it.

  8. takes courage to say that and knowing what u want to change is the first step towards that change....i will have to make one list for myself...

  9. Those 7 traits are quite normal I feel :)
    anyway the significance of 7 I read here is new to me !

    good day

  10. One, two, three and seven. I share these. I really want to change them. I hope you'll succeed in change them too. :) All the very best.

  11. Interesting list there Susan... pushes me to think of my such a list now... :)

  12. Nice one Susan! I think I'll have to start working on a list of my own now.
    Looking forward to the week ahead... :)

  13. My dear Susan... (seems like a long time since I addressed u that way)

    ...An extrovert who loves to be alone.. sits with me very well.. as much as I love people, there are days I just want to be by myself.. or there are times when I am surrounded by people and I feel lonely out there.. so to list the traits.. well I see a mirror image in many of the 7, and it does not stay at 7, could go on into an introspective mode.... I could add I am one stubborn creature as well, with tempers that flares to a rage.. but that is enough of showing my internal to the external..

    Love u girl

  14. Susan Deborah, my first seven coincide exactly with your own, although given time I could come up with 107...

    Suggestion for both of us. If you--we--wish to be rid of those seven, we will achieve better results, more permanence--if we work on only ONE at a time. Work on them all at once, nothing will change.

    Another thing. When a bad habit is removed, there is a hole there which needs filling. That to be done with a new habit, behavior, response, or whatever. That is called something like replacement technique, or some such.

    Look forward to the NEXT seven.....TOMORROW!

  15. Ah - as if I didn't know all this about you, Susan? :P Just kidding. I am the introvert who likes hanging around people! :)

  16. This is a nice challenge to take up! Hmm.. seven traits. Let me see if I can take this up too. :P

  17. 'Swears a lot'..nothing wrong with that! And, 'an extrovert who likes to be alone' pretty much sounds like an introvert! It's a mistake to think that introverts cannot or will not interact with people!

    I love the honesty in which you listed your traits! Hope you list your 7 best traits too!

  18. At least you agreed abt all those things...I am still to come to terms with myself on a lot of things !! So, you are way ahead !!! :)

  19. A great soul-searching post, we all have a lot of these traits. Nice one, Susan



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