Saturday 19 March 2011

Great moments come quietly

Well, this post is the aftermath of a long awaited event. For four years, I had been working on my dissertation and finally on Thursay, I submitted it. It was a calm feeling. Numb. Still. Calm. Neither was I ecstatic nor jumping. I, of course, updated my status on Facebook. But it was more like an intimation to people that I had finally handed it in. There were many who wished me well and stood by me through the gruelling process of writing my thesis. Instead of writing to every single person, I let them know that I had handed it in.

The path wasn't an easy one. Many times in the process of writing, I thought of quitting but there were many who egged me on and gave me the strength to hold on. I had even written an angst-ridden post, "Anxieties of a research scholar," exactly a year ago.

This post reflects how great things don't always come with a bang or create butterflies all around. It arrives and leaves. This post is also a rendering of thanks to all the dear ones who were constantly encouraging, inquiring and wishing me positive energy. You mean a lot to me.

Life goes on . . .

Are your big moments also quiet and still? I know it is not always.

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  1. Oh my dear Susan, how proud I am of you! And how happy and joyful, too!!! What an accomplishment, what a task! So, do we call you "Dr.", now? What a beautiful moment in your life. And how glad I am to be here, celebrating it with you.

    And I agree that the great moments in one's life are quiet. It's the anticipation of the moment that is the storm. And when the moment itself comes, it just sprinkles us with bits of stars.

    Congratulations to you!

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. congrats susan! that is awesome...what a great accomplishment...whimper or otherwise...

  3. Congratulations, the time has come to write about something else.

  4. Oh Susan, I am so happy for you. What an amazing journey you have been on! You must feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. You did it! I hope you will share your conclusions with us...I would love to know:)

    Best wishes Susan...postcard on it's way!

    Jeanne xx

  5. This is positively MAGNIFICENT news. More later--I'm out of here for several hours!!! I'm SO happy for you, SD!

    PEACE! (Finally?)

    You must feel like members of the cast of a play which has been doing 6 shows a week on Broadway...and after two years, it is closing down...and WHAT a let-down.......

  6. Congratulations Deborah. This is wonderful news. You are a scholar with insight, sensitivity and wisdom. I am so very happy for you. I hope the numbness wears off and you take some time to celebrate. Enjoy!

  7. Dr. Susan Deborah Congratulations on this major accomplishment. So much energy has gone into this that the after creates numbness as your time is now yours truly!


  9. A BIG congratulations dear Susan on an endeavor finished.

    I can so recognize the feeling when something that has cost us blood, sweat and tears comes to an end - there is a brief sense of anticlimax - like we suddenly do not know what to do with ourselves, as that task, which has occupied our every second of the very recent past, has been accomplished.

    Enjoy reaching the finish line. And I know what you mean, it often feels like we couldn't have done it without all the help and support of those we hold dear.

    In my experience, one never knows - what starts full of trouble and setbacks and feels bad, can turn into the most profound and incredible experience. And vice versa. That is the incredible appeal of life.;)


  10. You have the ability to do anything if you put your mind to it. Congratulations.

  11. Congrats Susan. So finally finally you've done it!! Proud of ya!! :)

    Here's to the four years of struggle, hard work and commitment.


  12. congrats! Susan!
    the best to you always!

  13. Congratulations Susan! What a great accomplishment you have achieved and should be very proud of yourself. How it arrives doesn't really matter, it's what you put into it and the end result that makes the difference in one's life:)

  14. I believe you are researching on 'transgenders', right?

    I am eagerly waiting to read ur research!

    Over hear if u know ppl in syndicate it becomes all the more easy!

  15. Maybe sometimes those great moments come quietly to keep us humble? Anyway, congrats and hope that this will only spur you to greater stuff!!

  16. First congratulations!!!
    And yes, sometimes something we have waited for and worked so hard for comes's over. So anticipated, so desired...and finally here. It is a short of catharsis. After successfully taken a very difficult test, I would feel the next day so drained that even if my grade was the highest in class, the draining feeling didn't allow me to really appreciate my accomplishment.
    Well, we do appreciate yours!

  17. Yippeee!!! Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS! Susan :)
    This is indeed a great and an awesome achievement! I am so very proud of you. Way to go my dear friend!
    Three Cheers!!
    Big moments are surprisingly quiet and still...maybe because they take some time to sink in...
    Wishing you the bestest!
    have a lovely day ahead!

  18. Nevine:

    Thanks for that very warm wishes. You are also one among the ones who wished me well and kept me going. Thanks.

    Big hugs and kisses back to you, dearest Nevine.


    Thanks for the kind wishes.

  19. Elizabeth:

    I guess so.


    I am awaiting that postcard. And, yes, I do feel great but still keeping my fingers crossed for the evaluation process.

  20. Steve:

    Thanks, Steve. Peace on one end but on the other, it is a bit tense. Hope all ends well.


    Many thanks for your warm and kind words, dear Myrna. I am smiling from ear to ear.

  21. Savira:

    Energy, sleep and time. Whoa! Great relief. What do I do now?


    Thanks dear xoxoxo

  22. Alan:

    Any assignment hand in is like that. In fact, the PhD department in my Uni is also quite lifeless and sour. They do the whole thing so very mechanically and impersonally that I felt like slapping each of them. thanks for the wishes, Alan.


    Thanks dearest, Zuzana. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next phase.

    Warm hugs to you :)

  23. Sameera:

    Thanks very much.


    :) The words ring quite true. I should not get very lazy, now that I have submitted my dissert.

  24. Sukanya:

    Thanks (bows down)


    I appreciate your warm wishes, dear Hope.

  25. Mary:

    Well said, Mary. Your words make me proud.


    I shall send it to you after the evaluation. Ah, don't even talk about the system. It stinks.

  26. Mary:

    Well said, Mary. Your words make me proud.


    I shall send it to you after the evaluation. Ah, don't even talk about the system. It stinks.

  27. OtienoHongo:

    I just hope so.


    Thanks Myriam. And I appreciate your warm words :)

  28. Ruchi:

    Ruchi, you have been there for quite some time and know the anxieties I've been experiencing. The wishes from you mean a lot to me. Thanks Ruchi, for being there and always supporting and encouraging me through my path. I'm happy that I stumbled on you in this blogosphere. Your warmth and love is quite infectious and lights me up.

    Joy always :)

  29. Susan:

    The 'peace' and 'calm' is a wonderful testament to the inner woman that you are. You have accomplished something wonderful, with long hard work - but it is the inner peace and confidence that shines from the inside out that reflects to the outer world.


  30. Joanny:

    Thanks. Your words made/make me glow. I am happy to read this today.

    Joy always :)

  31. What a great accomplishment dear Susan!

    CONGRATS! I'm so glad for you!!
    I'm soo excited!

    Hugs and kisses!!


  32. Congratulations, I am so proud of you!

    I understand the point you make here. When we were waiting for our referral call for our adoption, when it finally came, I was so calm. Not bouncing off the walls or going crazy just "Ok,l we have a son? Lovely!"


  33. Betty:

    Thanks for your very lovely wishes. Big hugs and kisses back to you.


    Your words make me happy. The encouragement makes me dance with joy and love.

    A lovely remainder of the week to you, dear Colleen.

  34. Congratulations Susan. I am late in coming but it doesn't mean I am not thinking of you. It is my habit to be the last. ^_^.

  35. Susan, this calls for a huge celebration! Congratulations! I hope you at least treated yourself to some luxurious indulgence.

  36. Inday:

    Thanks for your kind wishes. The last is savoured more :) Have a good weekend ahead.


    Nothing at all, Angie. Just sleeping it off. Hope you have been swimming. Joy always :)

  37. Man, I cant believe I didnt read this before! Congratulations, Susan! We're required to write a dissertation for our post-graduations also..I'll definitely ask you for tips once I get to that stage. :) I'm so proud of you! :)

  38. Thank you so much Susan! I feel blessed to have you as my friend as well!
    lots and lots and lots of love!
    Happy day

  39. Congrats on your HUGE accomplishment! :)

  40. Rachel:

    Thanks a bunch. Your wishes are much appreciated :)



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