Monday 14 March 2011

Flirting with intelligence or Intelligent flirting?

I have always believed that flirting is an art which can be mastered only by a few. Though there are many kinds of flirting, one that I subscribe to is the flirting of the intellect which invariably connects to the individual. Talking about music, art, literature and culture is something that I immensely savour and enjoy. Flirting, which involves the above mentioned factors has always attracted and fascinated me. While attraction which involves other means like excessive flattery and unnecessary gibberish which passes off as subtle tools of flirting, flirting of the mind is something which involves intelligent conversation sprinkled with a liberal dosage of names such as Kant, Aristotle, Bach, Monet, Gogh, Shakespeare and the like.

Now don't get me wrong and think that name dropping is intelligent flirting. No. One has to truly know atleast something about the personalities who make up the creme de la creme of intelligentsia. This kind of flirting, I must say, is the playground of only a certain section. Now, I am not berating flirting of other forms. I can only talk about something which I like and believe in.

Flirting via the mind is quite beneficial to both parties. One gains knowledge,has stimulating conversation and of course impresses the equally integellient listener. I guess this kind of flirting comes with age and experience. But one must be wary of imposters who pretend to make intelligent conversations but are actually hollow on the inside.

Sometimes many of us do flirt even without knowing that we do. Maybe intelligent flirting is so.

All said and done, I conclude by saying that flirting (of the intellect), to me, is an art which cannot be mastered by many.

Well, life goes on. What say ye?

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  1. Sexy post, Sus! :)

    I say, intelligent flirting straddles the thin line between brainy-sexy and the sound of passing wind. If it's contrived, it would sound more like the latter. :)) So yeah, I agree that this kind of flirting usually happens "without knowing that we do."

  2. Age:

    So very true. Academics excel in this kind of flirting but they usually never agree that they do. Well, . . . call it whatever, it sure is stimulating (to body and mind ;).

  3. I sense someone has been very intelligently flirting but with an added dash of sexiness!
    A great combination ..... I want to know more Susan

  4. Susan Deborah!
    Did I ever tell you that "talking about music, art, literature and culture is something that I immensely savor and enjoy."?

    And I love interesting names like Kant, Aristotle, Bach, Monet, Gogh, Shakespeare and the like.


    Actually--when I look into that scary morning mirror I see lots of fake, phoniness, utter stupidity. But NO hangover, EVER!

    And after a coffee, I uncover my violin and play a little Vivald, some Bach Partitas (they have gotten more difficult with age--MY age--grin!), some Mozart (from the Piano Trios, SO beautiful, lyrical, his Trios!) and whatever else scraps of music I find left out from yesterday...

    And Susan, sweet Susan, I KNOW you can tekk I don't know WTF I'm talking about! LOL!!!

    Another thing I love--is chattering (flirting?) with YOOOOO, Babeeee!

  5. in the shadow of Steve E i feel rather hollow...i can spell my name though...most days...smiles.

  6. Sorry, but I feel that any type of flirting is healthy for our soul as long as it stays within it's safe boundaries:)

  7. Let's have a flirt with Intellect shall we? As always...XOXOXO

  8. My five cents of today is my definition of flirting. Listening with mind and soul while talking with the voice that lives within our body.

  9. As you like it ... Susan... so I must like it
    No sooner met but they looked;
    No sooner looked but they loved;
    No sooner loved but they sighed;
    No sooner signed but they asked one another the reason;
    No sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy;
    And in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage...
    Now i must depart, but know i shall be thinking of you

  10. I hope I know something about flirting (intelligent or not) but I don't think I belong to the category of those flirting with intelligence ( maybe in my younger days when I wanted to impress and get impressed).

  11. Intellingent flirting!! Interesting Susan. Hearing this classification of flirting for the first time. As always, you have something new for me whenever I step by!!


  12. I equate this to making love with the mind! Very sexy stuff, IMHO.

  13. Haven't thought about flirting in a long time. I think its one of those innocent human games of interaction that test the possibilities of something deeper in a relationship. I think I flirt with my husband sometimes, intellectually or just playfully - depends on the mood.

  14. Oh flirting, I am not so sure I can ever master that art, whether of the intellectual or sensual kind.;)
    As a young woman I used to flirt and engage in those plays that men and women play, but I was not that good at it, as I was insecure, not fast enought, not witty enough. And very shy.
    As I get older, I find those games to be a waste of time, as all I long for is to be honest and straight forward and I hate covert games. Intellectual conversations I do crave however and as long as the flirting comes naturally, I can still find it to be amusing, at least in the initial phase of the courtship.
    But the way my relationships all seem to be running down the drain, I start to believe I simply can not master the art of love - or flirting for that matter - thus I am giving up on both.;)
    Lovey thought provoking post as always my dear friend - and thank you for your very candid comment yesterday.;)

  15. Oh well I am just a stupid flirt I love to flirt with my mind and body and with my It's like Mary says as long as it stays in its boundaries it is healthy and normal however you wanna do it.. : ) It's ok to do it to Kant, Aristotle, Bach, Monet, Gogh, Shakespeare and the like... : )

  16. I come to you from Zuzana and must say...what an interesting blog you have! I can't say that I have ever thought about intelligent flirting but... thinking about it... that's what it is. Maybe it could also fall under the category of "games people play?"
    Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you!

  17. Ya know, Susan, the more I read/think on this topic, even more I realize this just might(!) be instinctive.

    Raised on an all-purpose farm--almost a zoo--grin!, I've observed many species of animal do the same types of flirting, whether intellectual or not (they DO play 'head games' with one another) is an innate characteristic of everyone I have ever known: Donald Duck, Lassie, Trigger, Tweety Bird, Kermit, et alii.

    A REALLY fun topic. Agree with Chandrika, you ought to do this again in about a month.

  18. I think flirting is a natural skill.
    Flirting is much more than just a bit of fun; it's an essential aspect of human interaction.
    Let's be honest. Nearly everyone loves flirting.

    Now I'm wondering if that cute guy from my office has even noticed that I exist. LOL!

    Big hugs!

    B xx

  19. There is nothing I find more attractive than intelligent conversation.:)

  20. There is nothing I enjoy more than an intelligent and open-minded conversation with someone. A great post. I agree intelligent flirting isn't mastered by many but when one does come across it, it's the most attractive kind of flirting I've experienced ;)

  21. Savira:

    Well, it happens on and off . . .


    Wooooo, Steve. You turn meeeeeee on. Grinnnn :)

  22. Brian:

    We all have our own ways, don't we?


    Why sorry?!?!? Boundaries, I have to agree. Now that is fodder for another post.

  23. Bonnie:

    Oh, yes. Anytime.


    What an apt one, Liz. But these days no one does flirting so well. Sigh.

  24. Larry:

    Ahem. Well . . .Thanks for your thoughts. Hope they are nice ones ;)


    Duta, you are so very straight forward. Now, that is what I like about your comments: Honest and true.

  25. Sukanya:

    We do it all the time. I have just given a name to it :)


    Lovely to see you here after a hiatus. Hope you've been well. I love what you've said. Some do it pretty well.

  26. Myrna:

    Your husband is a lucky man.


    What truthful and candid confession, Zuzana. I agree that for some, flirting is not their cuppa tea. Perhaps you have other charms. Please do let me know them ;)

  27. Lisa:

    Stupid flirt?!! I don't agree to that, now. Tongue!?!? Now my mind is racing ;)


    Welcome and glad to have you here. Thanks for stopping by Ann and taking the time to follow and comment. Shall swing by your blog rightaway after I finish my comment replying :)

  28. CS:

    :) :)


    You are too sweet to be true. Are you real or just kind spam?

  29. Betty:

    It can also be acquired, Betty. What say? Cute guy?!!! Well, . . . strike a conversation on Quantum Physics and bowl him :)


    Can't agree more.

  30. Jessica M:

    Very cerebral and attractive. I just can't resist that one. But when there are too many like that, one has to choose :) Fun topic :)

  31. An Unintelligent, Unintelligible COMMENT from Steve E.

    Susan, thank you (I think?) for the nice words. However, I never thought of my postings as 'spam'. It interests me that you mention the possibility. IF I am spam, I shall detach, sever, go away shamefully, in utter disgrace...
    and repent in the desert.

    You may not know I am an "ultra-sensitive" (Oh! GAWD!) musician, recovering alcoholic...and old. WYSIWYG...NOT a poet, writer, or artist of any

    Before you block comments, and deny access, ask our mutual friend if Sweeter Steve is 'real'. But in reality, that matters not, either--grin!

    A Few of My Favorite Things":




    (I try--grin!!!!!)

    PEACE! (I think you're the "greatest"...)

  32. WARNING...The previous posted comment was S P A M ...

  33. Yes, life does go on... and on... and on. I have to admit, though, I do love to flirt with names... but... only those names of which I have a knowledge. I mean, nobody can know it all... or can they? No! I really think not. I think it would be very easy for one to embarrass herself by pretending knowledge about a certain someone only to find herself stumped for something to say when the conversation becomes more lively. No no! I will not go there!

    I'll ramble until the next century about Eliot (that's T.S., by the way), but I'll allow someone else to ramble to me about Kant. And I'll listen gladly... because... maybe one day... I will become that more knowledgeable about Kant.

    And there we go!

    Thank you for the little ditty you left at my place. La la la la la... is lovely! ;-)


  34. I used to follow anyone with a skirt
    need I say there were times I got hurt
    and now I have hit pay dirt
    for now I do intelligent flirt.

  35. Steve:

    Please don't mistake me. I will never ever block your comments, dear Steve.

    Don't EVER stop commenting on my posts, dear Steve :)

  36. Nevine:

    Wise thoughts here, dear Nevine. I hear you. Eliot, yes.

    Big warm hugs back to you.


    Only skirts? No saris or chudidhars? Wow! whatte verse, sir!

    Joy always :)

  37. As an awkward and shy person, I was never comfortable doing the flirting thing with women. Sensual or intellectual.

  38. Hmmm another great thing to ponder. Did I come in the right time? This is mind blowing visit to you Susan. Delicious stuff on your Intellectual Plate here.

    I am awed by the term "intellectual flirting". Probably I am without knowing it since I have been told that my "unassuming "intelligence" and unpretentious "wisdom" is appealing. Intelligence and Wisdom, heavy stuff! haha

    Now, who's flirting? Me or the other party? Inasfar as I am concerned I only follow the flow of a particular conversation. But for someone highly intellectual to tell me that, wow! How shall I take it?

    Good and constructive compliments seldom come by... so I took it with genuine appreciation than for anything else.

    You are one great blogger worth following Susan.


  39. Is there a difference between "he or she is flirting intelligently" and "intelligent flirting"? Just asking...;) But I hope I'm not flirting stupidly though Susan or maybe I always do, that's why it always ends me up in a dilemma... hehe xoxo Love your post!

  40. Matty:

    Welcome here. Glad to have you join the meanderings.

    Maybe you do it unconsciously :)

    Thanks for the follow, Matty. It is much appreciated :)


    I enjoyed reading your comment. The compliment is wonderful, Inday. Sometime compliments enable us to know more about ourselves, isn't it?

    You are very kind with your Inday and now I'm smiling with happiness. It is readers as you who inspire me greatly with your comments.

    Joy always :)

  41. Jorie:

    Ha Ha. Maybe your stupid is actually intelligent.

    Your words always warm me, dear Jorie :)

  42. Dear Susan,

    I come back to copy my own comments to post in My Blog Comments blog. Will send you a link later once I'm done.

    Just didn't want to miss what I have contributed and something interesting I spared is always treasured in my personal trove.

    Hope you don't mind.

    Thank you and for Facebook Add. ^_^


  43. Inday:

    Even I was thinking of something like that. Recording comments. You don't have to thank me for the FB add.

    Be blessed and please do post some nice songs :)

  44. My intelligence--nothing on which to brag at any time--is at lowest point when flirting. Yesss. I flirt--so THERE! but now with much thought of who it might hurt, where it might lead, how foolish it definitely IS.

    Only justification is: I LIKE IT!

    (Thought SURE i commented this other day, but see it not on here. Sorry)

    Can I flirt with YOU, Susan Deborah? (Just a little? I am VERY handsome, age 32, dance like a dream, dark in skin tone, VERY healthy, a good bit wealthy.

    Let's see, what else? OH! I am a poet of great renown, a writer of several books, and I am maestro of a major European symphony orchestra. Girls fall all over for me, but I have "saved myself" for you, only YOU! Now I shall ruin all this with a big
    G R I N!!

  45. I am VERY handsome, age 32, dance like a dream, dark in skin tone, VERY healthy, a good bit wealthy.

    But Steve, instead of all the above mentioned things, you could have just said "Can play the fiddle and rides a scooter." I would have fallen face down :)

    But if girls fall all over you, that will leave no place for me. I am quite possessive, you see.

    Dear Steve, you are such a pet.

    Joy always :)



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