Monday 28 March 2011

Unawares and stealthy: Thy name is change.

Change is quite a strange creature. It attacks you but is careful enough not to let you know. No matter how much you try to understand yourself in terms of change, you realise that all that is only theory, which exists in the crevices of your mind. Sitting smug, you imagine that you know everything about change and how it is the only constant feature in life. Just the other day, I received a mail from an old friend. The person had replied to my mail after four long years! The mail also had the mail I had written. I was quite surprised to find that I had written something like that. Well, I had changed from what I was then but the realisation was like a chuckle which escapes unconsciously.

Take another instance like trying to wake up every morning for a walk. Everyday, I say to myself that I will get up the next day for a walk but the day breaks but I don't get up for a walk. Now what is so special about that, you wonder. Well, two years ago, I could get up without any effort and bang, go for a walk but now, it is no longer possible. I have become soft in my resolute. But just because I could do that two years ago, I think that even now I can effortlessly do it. Change has crept in. I pretend to be unaware. Laziness has taken hold of me. It is change, nevertheless.

I have seen that change is defined in many ways by different people: physical, mental, intellectual. Now, which one has more importance, I cannot say. But the saddest part is when does not know that she/he has changed. I felt quite sad for myself when I realised that I had changed from a person who was quite active to a person who is gradually becoming a bit slow. I know that this is something which can be changed but then, I don't worry about it as I still cheat myself into believing that "Well, so what . . ."

Sometimes, my ability to rant gets the better of me. Let me stop. How do you see change slowly spread its wings within your heart, mind and body? Do you see when it's coming or do you wonder whether it has really come?

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  1. Dont u think at times we need to take a step backward and reflect...the human mind has a tendency to degrade with years

    Talk to a old man. He will keep talking of his heroics of the past...however insignificant it may be
    So keep sharp, althugh it's quite tough to do so

  2. you know i just expect happens far to frequently to expect otherwise...

  3. I experience change in my life just about every day:) I have come to realize that it is better to have tentative plans than definite. Only because something will change throughout the day and my plans get rearranged. I have learned to be adaptable and accept the changes. Creates less stress for me:)

  4. Oh my goodness! I was just lazing around here thinking about how I should be on my morning walk instead! Your post came at just the right time. (Well, at least i am still thinking about that walk....)

  5. Yeah, talk about changes in the body... the 20 year old self was more active and full of zest. The 30 year old self is more laid back and ready to go with the flow. Its weird to see how time has wrought its change on us... but that is the only constant thing in this universe, change.

  6. What a coincidence Susan! I wrote a post on BB's blog about wondering and change itself. Change is unavoidable.... Everyday we are constantly wondering and our curious minds are in hullabaloo of questions often the reason why we wish to change things.... Other than that, change happen naturally as well...:) Thanks for this post....:) xo

  7. The law of impermanence...we can't escape change, as you point out, it's life's only constant. We can , with mindfulness, use it to our advantage though :)

  8. i dont even know when that will creep in. but it always does !

  9. I find that I rarely change at heart, but that I fool myself into believing I have. I'll feel resolute about my new "growth," only to find myself see-sawing back to where I once was. Since I'm someone who tends to view myself (rather narcissistically) as my life's main project, this reversion can also be frustrating. I think accepting the lack of change can be just as integral as accepting the real, inevitable changes in our lives.

    Wonderful post, Susan.

    And just so you know, I could never get up early to exercise. ;)

  10. Change is the only constant thing. We, who would write pages full of matter in school, now dread to write a few lines. We would rather type it out, or SMS it.

    So, change is happening and whether it is for the good or bad, no idea.

  11. Yet another wonderful post from you, dear Susan.;)
    Oh yes, I have been contemplating the sentiments and idea of a change or changes recently as well, as you might remember from my many contemplative posts in the last year.;)
    We do not see that we change, at times we might even think we do not, but we do. I believe though that the changes might be more subtle or pronounced depending on the lives we lead. If our lives are very monotonous filed with routines and very little new experiences, then we do not change much at all. If we however move, travel, learn, accomplish new goals, our lives are in a constant state of change, thus they form and alter us as humans as well.
    Some changes take a while to occur, some come out of the blue and are sudden. Some are scary, some are welcomed. But thank God they exist as I would hate knowing I never changed.;)
    On another note thank you for your great comment yesterday - yes indeed I recall that post as I remember how much I enjoyed it. It was fun to re-read my own comment though again as of course I could not recall what I wrote exactly.;)

  12. John:

    Reflection can be always done, John. The tendency to degrade lies with each individual. You can choose that but change is something that happens invariably without you even noticing.


    Brian, I know it will come and I'm ready but that darn thing mostly arrives when I am sleeping :)

  13. Mary:

    Tentative plans when you don't know whether something will come or not?


    Ha Ha. Even I'm thinking of that walk.

  14. Karen:

    Welcome after a hiatus. Ready to go with the flow, yes and yes.


    It is definitely unavoidable and unchangeable. Your insights are always welcome, Jorie.

  15. Jessica M:

    Mindfulness is something which sometimes comes very late in life. One has to just be still and calm.


    I hear you, Tara :) Thanks for coming by.

  16. Sarah:

    How nice to see you here. Joy. How succinctly you have described the process of change. And you are very true in saying that accepting the real is also an inevitable part of our lives.


    Change is happening but the part when it catches us unawares is slightly scary :(

  17. Zuzana:

    Zuzana, as usual you have described the process quite wonderfully. Like the researcher you are, you have carefully dissected the aspect of change and presented your insight.

    Even I liked to go back to my post on graveyards and trace your comment. It felt that I wrote that post long ago and being there once again felt good. You gave me that opportunity and I thank you for that dear Zuzana :)

  18. I am experiencing the beginning of the same unwanted change and trying to stop it in it's tracks! I am just so busy with other things and never find time to exercise. Ugh. Must change back...

  19. I sometimes say to myself that Darwin would have probably been pleased with me. I'm an evolutionary (or evolving, I don't know the right word) type of person, although I don't look like one. I look solid and stable, but am in constant change of some kind.

    A small example: I stopped reading fiction in adolescence and turned to non-fiction only. I also scarcely watch Tv shows. As an adult I'm interested mainly in facts not in fairy tales, not even as an escape from daily routine or entertainment. As an adult, I wish to face reality as it is and draw my own conclusions.

  20. I like the changes I've seen in myself in the last 15 years. My only regret is that they didn't come sooner. Can't have it all.
    Embrace change and when it leads to a path that it's not of your liking...change again.

  21. Rachel:

    Exercising is but one example that I chose. But I'm glad that many relate to this simple example. I went against change today and got out of the bed and home.


    You are quite true. All humans experience change in one way or the other which enable us to evolve into richer personalities. About books and Telly, I guess I have the same experience :)

  22. Myriam:

    Words of wisdom, here. I guess you're right. One should embrace the changes and try to change them later. Well, . . .

    Joy always :)

  23. I completely agree with you ma'am. 'Change' is good. The problem comes only when you don't like that 'change' in you. And it bugs me when I realise that this 'change' changed me in such a way that what was really very easy and simple to you suddenly become so hard. But, sometimes we cannot do anything about some 'changes' I feel. We need to accept them and move on with them...

  24. In this world change is inevitable! Only divine consciousness is changeless and immutable! Once we are able to differentiate between this real and the unreal world, then we begin to live!

  25. Nikhila:

    I somehow don't like many of the changes that have come but over time, the change becomes me inevitably, so I don't complain much.


    Welcome here. thanks for taking the time to comment. Divine consciousness also can vary from time to time. But it falls within the purview of evolving from one state to another. You are right when you say that everything is changing in this world. Your words are much appreciated.

  26. Change is like time, it overtakes us for better or for worse. I think those of us who write a lot can really map the changes in our lives. I cannot tell you how many times I look back and say, 'Wow, I really wrote that?" Which is of course to say, "I really thought that!"

    Snapshots of specific times, places, and attitudes weave together to create our lives. We may not see each step, but we can always pause and see the beginning and the end result...

    Great post as always!

  27. Paul:

    Quite true. Even when I look back at my posts, I wonder whether it was me. But change is so very stealthy that many time only when we pause and look, we know that it has come. if we rush about madly wondering that all will be the same, we don't see that we've already changed.

    Joy always and thanks for coming by, Paul :)

  28. Well dear Susan, they say, "change is the only thing that is permanent."

    As to the change for yourself - it's pretty normal. The screw is loosening you know. The bread will never stay fresh. It stales, it gets mouldy. Some food turns rancid. The house creaks of old age. The roof leaks. The sky turns gray from blue. Summer into Winter.... Everything undergoes Change. So are we.

    We change - for better or for worse. From quick thinker into slow thinker, worst if we cannot think at all especially if contracted with dementia or alzheimer.

    We change in status especially from poor to rich and back to rugs again. Our mood changes. So many Susan...

    Oh yes, even in our names we change.

    Here in Australia, people are changeable. They change money, wife/husband and government to name a few. And quick too!

    Good night dear Susan. ^_^

  29. my late teens i've undergone the most rapid changes mentally, emotionally and physically. I was not aware of this when it was happening but as i look back its just happened!

    but i've to say, i'm a much better and mature person than what i was 3 years ago when i was a 15yr old!

  30. Sohini:

    Glad to see your comment. Teens are the times when one undergoes lots of changes. But every age has its own sets of changes.

    Life is beautiful whether a teenager or a 30 year old.

    Joy always :)



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