Saturday 4 September 2010

Love Love Love

The title is a bit mawkish, I admit but I sincerely hope the content is not! Sometimes one needs to say a word twice or thrice to bring out the REAL emphasis of the word. There are times when I feel overwhelming love for my mother, sister, grandfather or friend, so it is just not enough to say what one feels in a plain sentence. And so I go: "I feel love, love, love for you" coupled with a tight hug and big smile. It just captures the mood right.

Now using one word thrice can be quite contagious. The first time I heard this was in a place I cannot remember now. The girl was cooing to her beau: "I am in love, love, love with you." He smiled. The smile said it all. And at the end of it, all I could remember was "Love Love Love."

Using the same word twice or thrice does not make a great difference but it does describe the overwhelming state of the person's heart. And the best part part is many individuals use a word twice or thrice to place greater emphasis. Take, my dear friend Nevine who says: "I have Home Home and Other Homes. Home Home is Cairo, Egypt. Other Homes are every country and city I've ever lived in... and there are many." I found that rather cute (another cliched word in today's world). Instead of explaining what we want to say in four or five formal lines, we resort to using one word twice for the emphasis.

But this usage seldom works when we need to express anger or pain. It dilutes the essence of the emotion. So finally we have a usage which should be exclusively used for happy times.

While writing this post, I took off for a few seconds and imagined saying the same for lust: "I feel lust lust lust for you with a pinch of love." Now that seemed funny but not entirely. Try saying that in a husky tone!! (Winks and smiles)

After completing this post, I am happy happy. How about you? Are you feeling jumpy jumpy today? :)

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  1. You mean to say Bond, James Bond types!

    Repetition helps in putting more emphasis on right words, setting right tone and getting expected answer back...

    It gives the listner a feeling that what you uttered... you meant from deep within!

    (In husky voice) Your post are always refreshing, refreshing...yeah pure refreshing! ;)

  2. Your post is truly, truly uplifiting. Now I feel like telling my husband how much I truly, truly love him.

    After reading your post I do feel jumpy, jumpy.

    Thanks, really thanks for your sweet thoughts.

  3. Hi Susan

    I love the term Home Home.
    I am feeling the need to be Busy Busy
    to organise my life. Instead I am thinking Blog Blog
    when I should be thinking Work Work.

    I see what you mean...Home Home feels the most natural to me.

    As always, coming to your blog I feel Joy Joy!!

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne xx

  4. Now you have me laughing really laughing added with a smile and a smile!
    Have a great great day Susan

  5. Susan, I love the "lust lust lust with a pinch of lust", (husky voice and all!). Darling post!

  6. Its a funny funny posts that made me very very happy happy! ;)

  7. So true, Susan! Repetition often maximises emphasis, anyone who writes poetry surely knows this - anaphora has been around since the time of the Ancients.

    Your post, as Myrna rightly says, is deeply uplifting. We are emotional beings and need to embrace this fact. I love love love this post :D

  8. you have a way of lifting me up, up, up with your wonderfully positive posts! You are a Godsend!

  9. happy happy
    joy joy...smiles.

    i tried saying it in a husky tone but the guy in the overalls at the computer in the library next to me did not like it one bit...smiles.

    have a wonderful wonderful wonderful weekend!

  10. After Sam Liu visits I find it really hard to comment something really good good for you.

    I completely agree with everyone here..
    Now... for negative things (I am practising...) it works all the same > bad thing that... So we'd better always repeat nice words so as not to contaminate our minds and souls...

    One I usually find myself repeating is 'PLEASE'...

    Great post Susan!

    :) :) :)

  11. I find myself rather giggly giggly at the end of this post. He he he... Susan, honestly, you can take an everyday topic and turn it into something worthy of a great discussion. And your post reminded me of one of my favorite lines from a movie: "I love... love... love you." From "Pride and Prejudice", of course. If he had just said "I love you" then zzzzzzzzzz... on to better things. We've all heard that one before, right? But you're right, it's the repetition that makes the emotion, or rather the expression of it, cling to one's heart.

    Oh, how I loved being reminded so humbly of Home Home. ;-)

    Big hugs to you,

  12. I am happy.

    Thank you for this post.

    My mother's family has a way of saying someone is a "nice, nice" person. When they say that, you know the person is rock solid. Very cool. Good to know the code!

  13. Oh dearest Susan, this made me smile! I am reading this outside, on a sun drenched patio and all I want to scream is sun, sun, sun! Ok, it is not an verb, but a noun, but I wonder if it works in any case.;))
    Hope you are having a happy day full of love, love, love!

  14. Love your use and and playfulness of language! Just found your blog!

  15. I am smiling.
    And thinking about greeting my husband in a husky voice when he returns home home at the end of the day.

  16. I like like that. I am happy happy. And I love my home home.

    Hoping life is treating you kindly.

    Love and hugs to you!

  17. Emphasizing a single word more than twice to express happiness, love works very well !

  18. You have a way with words, Susan.
    I agree with Nevine here, it's true can take an everyday topic and turn it into something worthy of discussion.
    I really feel uplifted, my friend, after reading your post
    but does that repetition of words really work?
    I repeat it all day long.."email me, email me".. but it never happens! LOL!
    I think I need your help on this one.

    B xx

  19. Now this is a real good one! Awesome, Awesome, Super awesome ;)

  20. 'I feel lust lust...' but I have none to say that to ...sigh

    When Reading the post the first thing that came to my mind was Jesus starting the sentences with 'Verily Verily I say unto u!'

  21. Karan:

    Not exactly Bond . . . but the effect is the same, I reckon. Thanks for the refreshing refreshing smile you gave me, Karan :)


    I am so touched by your comment, dear Myrna. Wonder how your husband responded! Do tell me :)

  22. Jeanne:

    That was a lovely comment on the post. Now I feel jumpy jumpy!



    Laughing does the body and mind good good. Hope you are having a fab time out there.

  23. Linda:

    Lust, lust, lust is always nice provided the ambience and the person are good good. Thanks for coming by. Truly honoured and happy!


    I am glad you felt nice nice after reading this post. Joy and laughter always :)

  24. Sam:

    Repetition is indeed a good show of overwhelming emotions and who but the poet has said so! Your visits always bring out fruitful insights to my posts. Thanks Sam :)


    Truly thankful for the lovely comment. Hugs and much love :)

  25. Brian:

    Smiles Smiles.

    You chose the wrong person. Should have said that to T!!!


    Ah, Dulce, each of my reader is unique and lovely. Even if you just write your name and leave it blank, I shall be happy that you came by. Please please don't say that your comments are not that good good.

    Love you dear Dulce :)

  26. Nevine:

    Your insights always give me an instantaneous energy and joy. Thanks Nevine, for always being perceptive and lively with your words. Now I am getting love love love for ye. Big hugs back to you dear one :)


    Welcome and thanks for your visit. Much appreciated. Hmmmm, every family has one word which is repeated twice or thrice.

  27. Zuzana:

    "Sun Sun" sounds like India. My days are always under the heat (of the sun, I meant). Thanks for always enlivening me with your kind words dear Zuzana.


    Welcome here. We love people. Thanks for the following. Much appreciated. Play is always the best part of anything :) Shall look for you again :)

  28. Deidra:

    Waiting to hear how hubby dear responded. Winks. Hope you are doing well and happy.


    I am great, Angie. Thanks. Hope you are fine too.

    Hugs and love back to you dear Angie :)

  29. Vignesh:

    Oh yes, it definitely does.


    Thanks for the kind words. Email email might work if you add many kisses kisses.

  30. Yuvika:

    Hey, Yuvika, nice to see you. Hope you are doing swell. Thanks for the lovely words.


    Yes, Jesus did want to emphasise on something and so "Verily, verily . . ." That was a swell example. Never thought of that. Thanks for pointing that out. It would have been a great value addition to this post.

    As for the first line: Don't know what to say!!!

  31. Lol...I must say, I've never really heard this apart from in the cartoon 'Hey Arnold' where they talked about whether a person 'like liked' another... =D And then I would joke around with my sis that I like like you... =P

    Currently, I'm tired tired... =D

  32. I really really LOVED this post :D
    yay!! yayy!
    Lots and lots of love and
    big big hugs my dearest Susan!

  33. PB:


    Take good rest rest and ye shall be fine fine.


    This post has generated lot of joy joy all around. Just see the comments. I am enjoying this! This post is very special special to me.

  34. I use it when I get all riled up, it rarely comes when I am content with the universe. But get me all worked up and I repeat words... definitely gives more emphasis.

  35. Even though nauseating,repetitions
    always help one in registrations
    as trainers we'd say in all sessions
    as advise and the foremost of all lessons.

    When I read your post I was reminded of Alistair Maclean's 'Golden Rendezvous'. The story is as narrated by the hero John Carter. He says 'Armed Carreras, Armed. The repetition is not for emphasis but I didn't have anything to say.

    It is the same with me repetitions are mainly because I don't have anthing else to say.

  36. Ohh yes! Susan, it has spread joy joy all over.And that is stupendously lovely!! :)
    May you keep spreading smiles everywhere!!
    hugs and happy day!

  37. Karen:

    I really like the way you always are the opposite to what I write. You know it is wonderful to receive thoughts from the 'other side.'

    Joy always.


    The repeated word says it all. Happy Happy!



  38. repitition is not only meant as emphasis, but makes one feel very good!
    I even repeat lines, not just words!keep it up!

  39. Smita:

    How nice to see you after long! This post is all about feeling good, isn't it? Thanks for your kind words.

    Joy always :)

    Have a lovely remainder of the week.

  40. Sometimes the feelings are best understood when we say nothing at all(it depends on the person and the understanding we have with him) and sometimes we need to stress the word to show how much we mean it. I have seen the repeated usage of adjectives but this is something new to me. :) Let me try it once.
    I liked liked liked your post very very very very much. :)... Hehehe
    BTW I love the song “You say it the best when you say nothing at all” :)

    P.S. Everytime I click the "post comment" link, I get to see that people have already expressed whatever I wanted to express.
    That shows that I'm among the like minded people :) and its a good feeling to be here.

  41. Asif:

    Been long since you cam by. Glad to see your comment. Hope you have been well. Now that is another topic: "Saying nothing at all." Even I like that song (all versions).
    I am glad that there are many like-minded people around. They enable us to believe that we are not the only ones. The 'same-mindedness' creates a bond and makes the mind happy happy.

    Joy always :)

  42. This is Such a cute post Susan. And that is true how repetition brings more emphasis on usual things. Im happy i dint miss out on all these posts :)

    Always a joy to visit ur place Susan.


  43. Have you seen the movie "Annie Hall"?

    There's this part where Diane Keaton asks Woody Allen, "Do you love me?"
    And he says something like, "That word's not enough to say what I feel for you. I luuurve you, I luff you, with a double 'f'."

    Annie Hall is brilliant. And it illustrates your point, I think.




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