Wednesday 8 September 2010

Pockets of joy

This week has been a bit hectic. Many things going on in my mind scape, many forms to fill up plus the corrections in my drafts. The list is endless or so it seems. I have yearned to write a blog post since the past four days but it just did not happen. Though I am not yet on the verge of addiction, blogging does give me joy. Reading comments on my posts and writing comments on my favourite blogs is just wonderful and uplifting. This is what I call my 'pocket of joy.'

On a hot summer day, while I was waiting to cross the railway line, I noticed a few crows playing in a small pool of water. The rain had left its mark in the form of a wee pool and the merry crows were cooling their bodies in the water. Though I was sweating, it was interesting to watch those crows wetting their feathers and having a good time. A pocket of joy for the crows on a hot day!!

Coming back to blogging. Inspite of having a tiring day and being fatigued, the moment I log in and see my page, I am thrilled to bits. I cannot say that I can blog or visit blogs endlessly but doing so in the midst of many things makes it unique and joyful. That is why blogging is one of my 'pockets of joy.'

I think all of us have our own 'pockets of joy' that we indulge in to make us feel good. This cannot be a 'forever moment' that was written about a few posts earlier but it definitely makes our day nicer.

So my dear readers do you have 'pockets of joy' in your busy and gruelling schedule. If so, why not share it with us.

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  1. I shall say there's lots of things that make me feel good in my busy schedule.
    Watching movies, listening to my favourite music, reading e-mails from friends,...and now realizing I have the opportunity to send a virtual HUG to You!

    B xx

  2. Wow. I like that you always make the reader think. =)

    My pockets of joy:
    1.Listening to very soothing music at the end of tiring day
    2.Running towards any friend to share some ridiculous thought.
    3.Walking on the road and suddenly realizing it started to drizzle.
    Hmm.. so many Susan.. I don't know how to write all those.

  3. stopping by here to read your post is one the list...smiles. the moment of getting home to my family...the first cup of coffee...

  4. hehehe that was a wonderful observation you shared here. All the birds do love taking bath in the bright sunny afternoons.
    And it is so true about the pocket of joy :).
    My comments on others’ blog make the writers smile real wide and that gives me my pocket of joy. ;) hehehe
    I wish you get lots and lots of energy to have your pocket of joy.
    Take Care :)

  5. For me watching good movies and reading good books
    I am currently reading the world history on 20th century. I am surprised I hadn't known even half the facts

    Seeing people comment on my blogs. Going thru my picture blogs all makes me happy

  6. oh yes..all of us have our own pockets of's the law..something which annoys you might be a 'POJ' for someone else :)

    That's the way it is and that's how things are balanced in the universe :)

  7. Absuletly... or maybe not,, not always... but sooner or later that image, that feeling comes up... all of a sudden and joy, yes, that is what it brings...

    Now I see- why I've been missing you...

    Hugs and joy!
    Always-- my dear Susan!


  8. I am happy we are your pockets of joy, as you certainly are ours.;))
    My *pocket of joy* are so many; but one stand out as it is constant: any tranquil time I get to spend in or around my house, on my own.
    Have a lovely remains of the day dear Susan.:)

  9. Often, my pockets of joy are spontaneous - a bird, a flower, a rabbit thinking he is hiding in full view, the sunset, the rain.

    But, as a planned joy, I'm like you and blogging gives me much pleasure.

    Readng sweet blogs like yours makes my day.

  10. Betty:

    Lovely to see your comment, as always. Same here. Even I have several ones but blogging seems special these days :)

    Big hugs and much love to you.


    Your 'pockets of joy' are mine as well. But they are for different days. Blogging seems consistent :)
    I miss your blogs dear Sam.

  11. Love your idea of "pockets of joy." Today is Wednesday and so that means I stay late at work. My pocket of joy is to get a Subway sandwich and eat it in the solitude of my car. Yep! For some reason it's a moment I treasure!

  12. Brian:

    Thanks for those nice words. Smiles.


    The birds make me crave for water, you know. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes, Asif. They are much appreciated :)

  13. John:

    Ah, movies and reading books have become prized 'pockets of joy' for me now! Sigh!!

    Blogs are a real joy, no. Lovely.


    Not law but love!! Your gyaan made me think, now. Thanks NU. Why a change in name for your blog?

  14. Dulce:

    I missed you as well, my dear Dulce.

    Big big hugs and lots of love, dear one :)


    Batcat included, I guess. Thanks for your encouraging words here dear Zuzana. Big hugs to you across ether and oceans.

  15. Myrna:

    I like those spontaneous 'pockets of joy' as well. Spotting crows splashing water on a hot day was an example of spontaneity. Thanks dear Myrna for your lovely words. You brought light to my day! Big hugs.


    Sub-sandwich!!! Which one? Tuna? Spending 'me' time with a sub-sanwich is quite appealing as a 'pocket of joy!' Thanks for coming by dear BB. Visits from bloggers as you make the conversation alive and vibrant :)

  16. Though reading your blog is a pocket of joy
    written well to make your readers enjoy
    I cannot help but feel they are a decoy
    in making us reveal ourselves-a beautiful ploy.

    :) :):)

  17. Reading your comments
    makes me forget my laments

    Thanks for giving me 'pockets of joy' like this, dear Govind.


  18. When I roam around the streets or my insti with my camera ...

    Spending some time with myself in a very silent place

    Reading Novels

  19. Aside from your blog posts being my pocket of joy, I find myself smiling, my heart is singing, and my mind is trouble-free when baby-sitting. Yes, I said it. For most people baby-sitting is a chore, but for me it's my little haven of unbridled affection...when I can be a little girl again with the toddlers (my friends' kids). Just thinking about them brings a smile to my face.

  20. well, dear susan, in terms of blogging pockets of joy, your own little beautiful corner of the world here is one of my favorites - and your visits to my own blogs always bring such an overwhelming pocket of joy to my days for which i shall be eternally grateful - thank you so much for always adding to my own joy by sharing your beautifully radiant self! much love - j

  21. Yes, I think we all have pockets of joy, which is a beautiful expression and description of them. Little things that mean so much and make everything else worthwhile. For me, I share your love of blogging, but I also find joy in simply resting with a cup of Earl Gray and losing myself in a good book. Simple pleasures, but the best things always are :)

  22. Vignesh:

    How often you do that roaming, if I may ask? I meant to know how time cooperates with your photography and study-life? Spending time in a silent place is one of my favourites as well. these days the loo is that place!!!


    How nice to see you dear Mansi. Thanks for the kind words. I wonder how baby-sitting is a pocket of joy for ye. You must be very patient and creative to engage a child. Loved your pocket of joy! Lucky kiddos.

  23. Jenean:

    Lovely to have you here. How have you been? Blogging is a pocket of joy for many and that's something wonderful. Much love and big hugs to you dear Jenean. I treasure these visits from you. they are priceless.


    I loved that expression as well. Earl Gray is one of my favourites too. Their range of teas are just exclusive and nice. Losing myself in a book is something which I would like to do but time always has other plans. I earnestly wish to do that sometime soon. Thanks for your kind words and visits, dear Sam. They are much appreciated.

  24. you have got a interesting blog which makes people stopby and read ...nice meeting u here..lets connect as iam in chennai as well...

  25. My pocket of joy, dear Susan, is when I can sit down at the end of a long day and take one deep breath, and let it out slowly. When that happens, I feel free of my burdens, and everything is nice and smiley again. I have to admit that I enjoy blogging immensely, as well. Unfortunately, I only post once a week, but as long as I can post, then I'm happy. Going around to visit my blogging friends is a great joy, as well. It's so amazing how much we all learn from each others' different perspectives on everything. It really makes me feel like the proverbial "drop in the bucket". But that's fine, because it is truly enlightening.

    You know I enjoy coming around to your place immensely, dearest Susan, don't you? There's always something interesting to chat about... and all in a nice and comfy and laid back atmosphere.

    Warm hugs to you,

  26. My Dear Susan Deborah, it has been too many days since I visited your blog. My bad!

    I must comment on wonderful friend Nevine, who compares herself--or any single one of us?--as a drop in the bucket of whatever.

    Me too..except when i come to the blogs, and become aware of that 'lifting up' sensation, I DO realize that TOGETHER WE ARE ALL THE BUCKET FULL--not just that "drop in the bucket"...and for me, this is BECAUSE of blogs like Nevine's and yours, and (ahem) another, and SO many others.

    Maybe it is an attachment I should not flirt with, but blogging should be the last thing
    I give up before that last breath.

    ...and JOY ALWAYS, Susan D.

  27. OH! OMG, I forgot, the ONE thing is my "Pocket of Joy" each day, is that moment I climb on my scooter to ride wherever, be it around the block, or 4,000 mile trip!

  28. Deepa:

    Welcome and nice to meet you here. The connection is already made. Thanks for your nice words and the following. Much appreciated. Looking forward to having meaningful conversations. Sit back and enjoy the other posts as well :)


    A teacher's job can be quite demanding and I can totally relate to the "deep breath at the end of a long day." We all learn so much, quite true. And I enjoy reading your posts and comments. As I always say, your words are a value-addition to my posts. i just cannot get enough of them.

    Big hugs and much love back to you dearest Nevine :)

  29. Stevie:

    Happy to see you. Long time, eh? Hope you have been well. Blogs have definitely become an attachment for me, more like a human presence which is missed if not frequented. I love my blog!

    That you came to the point, is sweet. Your scooter is a great asset that completes you. I wonder what your scooter thinks of ye. Joyful companionship, I reckon. Joy to the scooter and you!

  30. You have such a great way with words. This was a nice and refreshing post. Good job!

  31. Like you Susan, seeing my blog(s) brings me joy, as does seeing the wonderful comments from my reader. When time permits, visiting my blogging buddies brings me joy, too. It's like going around the neighborhood and being able to say "hi" any time of the day or night.

  32. GQ:

    Thanks :)


    How lovely to see you here. Happy by your visit here. How attached we grow to our blogs and everything connected to it. That is why this is called virtual socialising. I think I am better at this than real socialising.

    Joy always :)

  33. Blogging is also one of my 'pockets of joy.' Others are my grandchildren and time alone with my wife. God has blessed me with many 'pockets of joy'

    Great Post ~Ron

  34. Ron:

    All of us are happy blogging. It is almost like kindred spirits, you know. I wish you lovely times with your "pockets of joy." Bless you :)

    Joy always.

  35. Pockets of Joy, let me see... when people at home suddenly decide to go out for lunch/dinner, less cooking and cleaning up. When you're listening to the radio and suddenly a fav song comes up and your whole mood changes. When you're having a headache and you cant find the amrutanjam so you go to lie down and then suddenly its there near your pillow. Man! I sound like an old lady no?

  36. Karen:

    Loved reading your "pockets of joy." And you don't sound like an old lady. Gone are the days when only old people got headaches. Today everyone gets it.

    Have a lovely weekend. Friday is a holiday so the weekend is long for many out there!

    Joy always :)

  37. Ah, is always my little pocket of joy when you come visit me. This was an inspired post. Thank you for forcing me to see the big picture this day.

  38. Dear Polly:

    Thanks for your kind words. They lighted me up. Sometimes we find life in these small pockets, you know. I try many things to make life seem positive and nice. Many times it is just not easy to motivate oneself. I am glad we could be of help to one another. Life goes on by grace and mercies :)

  39. First of all my dear SUSAN, a warm smile for you only, then another for our common friends ;-)
    I love to see them here commenting...

    I must tell you thank you so much for choosing me in that "blogger of substance" blog... you make me feel so honored and happy!
    You are such a great follower I hope I can do that thing back to you
    For I'll do, anyway ...

    Lots of love and joy and warm hugs :)


  40. Dear Dulce:

    You deserve the honour. Thanks for your kind words.

    Much love and big hugs back to you dear sweetest :)

  41. Yeah! we all have our own pockets of joy :)
    Coming to meanderings ( although mostly late!!) , reading your posts and the comments on them is definitly one of my 'preciuos' pockets of joy Susan.
    Reading my fav.books or listening to music snuggled in my bed , dinner time with family are a few of the numerous many!!
    Awesome post!! see this is why I LOVE coming here...I feel so at home!
    Thanks to you dearest Susan:)
    love and more love!
    Have a bright day, take care :)

  42. Dear Ruchi, thanks for your kind words, as always. Lots of love and hugs to you as well. Have a good weekend :)

  43. Susan,

    I have a blog post about things that make me happy. Do read it wen u have time :)


  44. Hey Sukanya:

    How nice to see you. Just read your post and commented too. Glad to have you back :)



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