Thursday 23 September 2010

Just for laughs and thoughts :)

 If I see something that I think my readers will enjoy, I cannot but post it here. This funny poem had me in splits and I thought why not share it with you. Hope you enjoy Michelene Wandor's poem.

~ Michelene Wandor

Medusa. Sit down. Take
the weight off your snakes. We have
a lot in common. Snakes, I mean.

Tell me, can you really turn men stone with a look? Do you
think, if i had a perm -
maybe not.

Don't you think
Perseus was
a bit of a coward? not even
to look you in the face

you were beautiful when you
were a moon goddess, before
Athene changed your looks
through jealousy

I can't see what's wrong
with making love
in a temple, even
if it was her temple

it's a good mask; you must
feel safe and loving
behind it

you must feel very powerful

tell me, what conditioner do you use?

I would love to hear what you have to say on this.


  1. Lol! That's funny! Made me laugh. Is it supposed to have some deeper meaning? I hope not...coz I took it as it is and it's funny...

  2. LOL! Heck...I want to know what conditioner she uses as well!

  3. this is really funny! guess she is still seeing the person in spite of the snakes but it is funny

  4. Very cute. I like it. It's quite original.

  5. "tell me what conditioner do you use?"

    LOL! I loved it! :D fabulously funny poem, Susan! :)

  6. Thanks for my morning laugh. :-)

  7. dear susan! just loved this little dittie!!! fabulous and fun! of course, my favorite line was what conditioner do you use! very neat!!!:)

    and while i am here, just as an aside, i'm afraid i missed a few of my dear blogfriends here recently in letting you know of some of my personal distractions taking me away from visiting - but my only living sibling was taken very critically ill several weeks ago - hospitalized for emergency surgery and then in icu before having been now moved to a rehab facility - in the midst of this, i was dealing with a bit of some sort of a bug that just refuses to leave and i am also planning a relocation half way cross country in two weeks - and in the meantime, i have two little ones several days/nights a week while my daughters are in class - so - my visiting has been more than limited - i tell you this just so you will know that it has not been by my own hand that i have been taken away at times ;) i know you will understand - as always, your visits do always bring such a breath of fresh air for which i am so so grateful!


  8. That about the conditioner cracked me up!
    Thanks for sharing it, Susan. Most definitely what I needed to read today. hehe..
    Greek mythology in a funny way.

    B xx

  9. About Medusa... what would I say? I've always been fascinated by this creature who could turn people to stone in a blink. She's one of my faves from Greek mythology, though she is a bit on the mean side. But this poem gives her a modern spin... and I like that. Very cool! ;-)


  10. A very good one...never thought abt the perspective of eve and medusa having soemthing in common

  11. Oh, this made me laugh.;) I love the very humorous take on something so dramatic.;))
    Thank you for brightening my mood today, I so needed a laugh.;)
    Have a lovely Friday dear Susan,

  12. Hi Susan - So glad to have chanced upon your blog. I enjoyed reading the posts on this page and look forward to reading more - as I'm following you.

  13. Sage would love this, he is into the Percy Jackson Paper Back series. They even turned it into a movie. Not bad, at least now he knows of Zeus, Athena and the rest of the gang. Have a great weekend dear

  14. hahahahahahaaha!! wow!
    Thanks for sharing Susan!

    Hope you have a happy happy weekend
    p.s.loads and loads of besties for your thesis again!
    Lots of love

  15. PB:

    Who cares whether there is a deep meaning! I laughed and enjoyed the piece. Hope you're weekend is coming along well :)


    What a question, na? Joy always!

  16. Brian:



    Everyone is a person: gods, goddesses or any one! Nice perspective.

  17. Ron:

    You're welcome.


    I love when you visit but when you don't I do understand that like is engaging you. I hope your sibling is gradually recovering with your love and care. Relocation is change and I'm happy that life is taking you to places. In the midst of all this, please take care of yourself and be rested.

    Big hugs and much love :)

  18. Betty:



    I read about Medusa in school and though not fascinated, like you, I was amazed at the head carrying snakes! And a poem based on her: I absolutely liked it. Quite original.

  19. John:

    Happy that it amused your senses.


    Happy for your laughs, dear Zuzana.


    Welcome here and glad that you liked the piece.

  20. Corinne:

    I am guilty of following you but not commenting as your comments section is quite complicated.

    But I am happy to welcome you here. What a joy to have more people join in the meanderings! Thanks for following. It is much appreciated.

  21. Gaia:

    Hope you sowed this to Sage. Waiting to hear what he thinks of this. You have a wonderful weekend dear Gaia.


    Glad that you found this funny and nice. Long time dearest. How have you been? Thanks for your best wishes. I need them fervently.

    You have a lovely weekend and be happy!

  22. I am doing fine Susan, thank you :)
    last two weeks however have not been that great though!



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