Wednesday 17 March 2010

Being courteous in Blogland

Courtesy whether in the real or virtual world is quite welcome and appreciated. In the blogland, especially, since one does not have the opportunity to see the reader face-to-face, courtesy becomes the signature of our personality in addition to the posts we write.

Personally I like it when the comments that I make in other blogs are acknowledged. A simple 'Thank-You' or a few lines in reply to my comment is well appreciated. Having the habit of returning to the blog once I make a comment, I get very disappointed when my comment is not acknowledged. Now I can understand when there are a multitude of comments; the blogger cannot acknowledge each and every single individual and so a common 'Thank-You' note which includes the names of the individuals who wrote comments is a noteworthy sign.

I quite like visiting people who take time to reply to my comments and thus an effective dialogue is carried on between the two parties. I remember instances when I decided that I will never visit blogs which do not write a return comment to my comment. And trust me, I have not visited those places again.

If a reader has visited your blog for the first time and left a comment, courtesy demands that I welcome the reader and appreciate the time taken to visit my blog. This creates a personal rapport with the fellow-blogger. Better still it would be nice to visit the blog of that individual and write a few lines of appreciation.

I must proudly admit that the readers that visit my blog are quite courteous and liberal with their comments and insights. I have learnt many valuable lessons from a few of them who take time, care and thought to write down their honest insights on the post. I do not want to name them one by one, but I definitely appreciate their presence here.

The virtual world is a faceless remote land and when one's presence is acknowledged it makes a great difference. Connecting with readers through comments is the only mode of communication and dialogue so why not strive for it.

Finally blog awards are something which make the blogger's day. Even though I don't much enjoy the tagging and other extended aspects, I do like the blogger who spends time and gives away awards (though I seldom do it).

My readers are welcome to add to this list of courtesies and I know that you would have a lot to say . . .

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  1. Hehehe...Yeah definitely being curteous in the blogland is absolutely a must and for that matter it’s a must in the real world as well.
    Just for a moment your line “virtual world is a faceless remote land” made me think whether you wrote it or me :D (for that matter many of your posts made me think like that :))
    On a different note, I have a point to make here... Courtesy is different thing and not agreeing to the content of the post is different. I have noticed that some people for the sake of courtesy, make it a point to say only good things about the post when in fact they don’t agree with it or when they don’t like the post as well.Atleast I dont want to do like that and I believe-- Leaving a comment in disagreement is also a courtesy.
    Even I don’t like to see just one line comments especially when they come from the readers who are also writers themselves(who have lots to say). I personally feel comments section is built not just to develop a relationship between the writer and the reader but also to add or enhance the content of the post either by agreeing or disagreeing with it. Then again there is a time factor too. But it all depends on the passion.
    Well Susan you have given a nice tasty food for the thought :), hopefully I’ll be writing something related to this in my coming posts.

  2. BTW are you looking for an award now ??? :P :D

  3. I definitely agree with you. I also agree with the commenter Asif that there should be a flow of various ideas that add interest to the content of the post.

  4. I feel the same way about readers not leaving their comments... the disappointment part is mutual...
    By the way... Long time since you wrote something..... where have you been.....???

    Cheers Always

  5. Well put Susan, you find over time that little things crop up that are disappointing. You make a good point, and it helpful to be reminded. I have just started responding back to comments only because someone did that on my comment and I thought it was a nice touch. At time you can just be oblivious to it all. I think that is what comes with managing three blogs. I came across another post a few months back. I will try and locate it. It was very helpful as well. Susan, I hope I have been a good blogger!
    Jeanne :)

  6. Well... My way of thanking people for coming to my blog is by going back to theirs... and I try to be honest... If I like them I keep them at my sidebar , which means you are a fave of mine...unfortunately I do not have time to thank one by one, each of their comment... THAT IS IMPLICIT...!!!
    I've tried a couple of times and I find it exhausting. I wish I had the time to do it, but I don't. And I admire those who do...
    Which does not mean I do not appreciate the comments... quite the opposite... Comments make my blog go on...otherwise, I would just close them, as so many do.

    Now I take this chance to THANK you, Sausan, for all your sweet comments on my blog, which I hope you'll keep visiting.

    Peace and hugs and smiles!

  7. Susan, you know I agree with every word you wrote here. When we blog across the ether, we are missing that very elemental aspect of non-verbal communication that exists when we are face-to-face with the person we're trying to communicate with. Non-verbal communication, as non-verbal as it may be, accounts for a very large part of understanding. We have been programmed to read body language from an early age, and when we are unable to do this, we must depend on words on a screen, and an imaginary voice that we have created for the writer of those words.

    There is no doubt that when we leave a comment for someone and there is no response, we feel let down. I mean, I'm trying to have a conversation with you, here, and you are entirely ignoring me. Was it only your desire to hear me sing your praises? I'm sheepish, like you, about returning to blogs where the blogger does not respond to comments.

    As for other courtesies, I think it is important, before beginning to leave comments for others, to first try and study what the "atmosphere" of that person's blog is, and to try and figure out what words are appropriate and what words are not. And when commenting, there is certain crude language that should never be used. For example, I do use profanity in some of my writing... where it is needed for effect. But I would never use profanity on a comment I leave for someone on their blog. What gives me the right to soil their turf?

    A most interesting post, Susan! And very interesting comments generated, already.


  8. They say a good turn deserves another
    yet there are people who do not bother
    to appreciate,to contradict,to thank fellow bloggers
    wouldn't it be nice to be supporting each other?

  9. Asif:

    First: I was indeed anticipating somebody to make the comment about fishing for an award. Happy to say that my judgment was right indeed! I am not fishing but I would definitely be happy if someone thinks me worthy of an award!

    Now for the comment on your comment: Disagreeing or agreeing is also commenting so anything is perfectly welcome. And yes, passion is the key (if I may add: to anything). Thrilled to see a looong comment, Asif. I definitely appreciate it.


    I look forward to comments that are a value addition to the post as well as a dialogue.

    Thanks for taking the time DUTA.

  10. Seema:

    Hmmmm. If I read a post, I comment otherwise in most cases, I don't. Sometimes I don't know what to write so I just return without commenting. Been quite busy so did not read your posts. Accept my apologies. Shall soon read your posts :)


    Thanks Jeanne for your lovely words. You are definitely a lovely and thoughtful blogger who brightens my blog posts. I value your visits here Jeanne, always.

  11. Dulce:

    Dulce my sweetest. You don't have to justify your claims. I know I am a favourite blogger of yours and that makes me happy :)

    You're welcome dear Dulce AND I value your visits here. How can I not visit your blog? My share of the exotic will be lost if I stop visiting your place.


    My wordsmith. Its from you I learnt the art of effective commenting and I owe a lot to you in this aspect. I look forward to your comments always and similarly when I comment in your place, I eagerly wait for your comment on my comment.

    Your words always inspire me to write well and effectively :)

  12. Govind:

    Your way of commenting in verse absolutely bowls me over. I wish I could do that. Yes, Govind it would definitely be good if bloggers support each other by being courteous and polite.

    Have a lovely remainder of the week Govind.

  13. dear susan - i do agree with your words here - which is why i always make it a point to leave individual responses to those kind enough to favor me with comments about my posts - however, i must add that for me, with five separate blogs, i have found when my own personal life is overrun with distractions, i am unable to visit other blogs and leave comments as i would like - there are certain blogs that i visit no matter what - yours, nevine's and dulce's for example - and even if i am unable to leave a comment at the reading, i do read them with each new post - so i am especially more cognizant of making sure i've responded individually to comments at my places - but i know what you mean and, for example, just last week, i went through and cleaned house on blogs where i was following along for months and never had i had a comment from that other blogger - so i removed them from those i follow even though i might have enjoyed their blogs - another thought-provoking issue here, lady susan! thanks for the dialogue - most of all, thanks for being such a wonderful blogging friend! have a glorious day -

  14. Thanks back, dear friend {{{{♥}}}}}

  15. Oh, Susan, you do make me smile. But I have to admit I see Dulce's point, and Jenean's. Sometimes it's difficult to find the time... I understand that completely. I mean, Dulce gets a lot of comments, and she also posts frequently, so I can entirely see her reasoning. And Dulce is also an addiction of mine, so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, either. The thing I don't understand is when people who are brand new to the blogging thing don't even make the effort to establish a rapport. that's what really gets my mind spinning. Are they really interested in making a connection, or are they just in it for a treat? I wonder!


  16. “Grayquill say something meaningful.”
    “I’m trying! Be quiet so I can think.”
    “Your sure are cranky!”
    “It’s the blog etiquette pressure, we want Susan to like us!”
    “Oh…I understand now. So, my first comment saying just 'Thanks' didn't cut it?”
    "No! I really wonder about you sometimes."

    Hi Susan: Nice post! And, yes I agree. Getting no comments is like spending hours fixing a dinner that no one shows up for.
    You always leave me great comments, and if you do not know it, I appreciate you and your comments very much - Thank You!

  17. Dear Jenean:

    I know that you are very thoughtful dear Jenean but then time is not at our behest often. I do completely agree when you say that certain blogs always call out to us and no matter what we hark their call.

    I guess its time I also indulged in some house-cleaning. I must thank you in return for writing lovely insights every time you visit. Honoured and happy.

    Joy always.

    Dulce and Nevine:

    The dialogue goes on. Both of you sparkle the blogging experience.

  18. Grayquill:

    The first thank-you was quite emphatic, if I may say.

    The second comment I am taking with a pinch of salt (winks). I liked your analogy of dinner.

    And to return the cliche back to you - Thanks Grayquill.

    Joy always.

  19. I agree with you Susan. Although I don't always respond through the blog. Sometimes I do it through an email. I guess it all depends on my day. Running a hospice home for cancer patients takes a lot of time, physically and drains emotionaly. And there are also times when all I can manage are visits to the blogs of my readers and reading and commenting on what they have to say.

  20. An excellent post on blogging etiquette...enjoyed reading it...thank you:)

    Have a great weekend, friend!


  21. Susan,

    Thank you for coming to my site. I appreciate so much your comments regarding politeness. They gave me pause, to express gratitude; and I will, from now on. Best wishes.....old pajamas

  22. Dear Angie:

    I can perfectly understand the time factor. My grouse is that certain people do not respond EVER and that puts me off. I have been following some blogs and regularly writing comments but then I haven't received a line till date. Connecting with the reader even once makes a great difference.

    You run a hospice home? How nice to know that. God bless you for that Angie.


    Hope you are well. Thanks for coming by. You have a great weekend as well. Hope you have recovered from the passing away of Mushy.

    JOy always.

  23. Old Pajamas:

    Thanks for your kind words, OP. I would be glad to call you by your name rather than 'Old Pajamas.'
    I am glad that the post prompted you to pause and express gratitude.

    Joy and peace always.

  24. Great post Susan!
    Especially for new joinees like me who are attemting their hand at blogging and exploring the vast expanse of Blogland ;)
    Though I do not get to maintain and write on my blog frequently, yet I will always try and keep this very important aspect of blogging etiquette in mind :)
    Thank you!
    Hope you have a beautiful day!
    Love and best regards,

    Ruchi :)

  25. Dear Ruchi:

    I am glad that you have picked up the nuances of blogging from this post. Trust me Ruchi, being courteous and polite ensures your consistent stay in blogland. For that matter even in the real world, being courteous is appreciated.

    I wish you luck and joy in your blog journeys.

    Looking forward to some nice and invigorating interactions with you in the days to come.

    Joy always.

  26. mmm.. yes comments is the best way to show our appreciation for the fellow reader who has taken the time to read n comment...I agree, and I try to do this most often, except when it is a picture post....

    I hate hollow comments, those ones who superficially read and just make their presence felt by jotting down, well written and all that crap! the anger that rises within me has no bounds!

    And I'm so happy when some readers notice what I want them to... the nuances in writing, the picture, the method, style, the thought, and what that is not written. It's a pleasure to comment to those readers of the blog...

    Rapport increases with comments, and with more comments the rapport, and then there are some who totally stop coming to the blog, I wonder what put them off, the no comments, or the comments or the post or the pictures

    Never get to know, because many people are not open enough or free to say it out loud!

    Yes, I'm advised to stay away from the compy for a week or so, n rest, which means sleep, which I get only during the night time... so u know the cycle I'm in, when I'm forced to rest.. don't ask what I'm doing behind the curtains:)


  27. Dear Ash:

    There you come by at last! You are someone who I knew through the comments and I am so glad that I found you here.

    You can find out when shallow comments are made. But on second thoughts, I appreciate them for taking the time to write in comparison with many who do not do so. I also forgive them on the basis that they have many blogs to visit and so the one-liners. Now does that make sense.

    You take good care and be well-rested.

    Looking forward to reading a healthier Ash's posts.

    Love and joy always.

  28. Now that u say that way, that makes me think about those one liners... I'll look at them that way from now on, and remember what u said the next time, between a picture is waiting for u at PNA... A tree this time :)

    I'm glad I met u too..

  29. between congratulations on the being picked for the online journalism newsletter... I just saw it now, forgive me for the delayed wishes..

    happy for u, and I loved that bit, I still remember the first post I read of urs, about the flower girl at the station...and the journey has gone forth... to how many posts back n forth


  30. Dear Ash:

    Thanks for everything. I do remember the first time -- It was in October.

    Ash, take care and be happy :)

    Joy always.

  31. Thank you Susan :) sure would love that and will definitly be looking forward to it!
    And Congratulations for the selection of 'Newspaper travails' for the Journalism Online newsletter! (I am sorry i got to know about it from Pins & Ashes's comment, did not notice it earlier)
    Good going my friend! All the very best and three cheers!!
    have a lovely evening...
    take care

  32. Dear Ruchi:

    Thanks for your wishes.

    Have a great weekend.

    joy and peace :)

  33. I agree 100%. First time to your blog. I think PNA sort of summed up what I wanted to say. I read this somewhere while blog-hopping -"ignoring a comment is like scowling at someone who smiled at you". I think that holds good. Of course there are some people who don't respond to the comments you leave in their blog, but ensure they follow your posts. At the end of the day, although blogs are personal , it does feel good to get some good feedback and share a laugh:)

  34. LW:

    PnA sums up everything all the time!!! I always pray that she comments the last otherwise my other readers will not have anything to say!! (Don't tell her this).

    Apart from being a feel-good factor, it gives us a feeling of being connected and not talking to space. Some blogs have more that 300 followers but the ones who take time to comment are just 20-30. Better a few valuable comments than many many followers.

    Welcome to the meanderings LW. I appreciate that you took the time to jot down your insights (Am I courteous enough? Wink Wink)



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