Monday 22 March 2010

A beauty so touching that you sob

Traveling by bus today afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised when my friend from Rishi Valley called me and asked me to read a column called Footloose in the Sunday Magazine of The Hindu. Footloose talks about places that are tucked away into the city where not many wander off in their ‘tourist’ expedition. The particular column my friend asked me to read was about how the writer sobs every time she sees a place that is “remarkably stunning” (using her own words).

Cut to 2006:

Location: Tungnath, Located at an altitude of 3,680 m (12,073.5 ft), Uttarakhand

Some of us from the school where I was working at that time decided to go on a trip to the Himalaya. We were quite overjoyed at the thought of this trip. My friend, her daughter and I were a bit slow to climb the Tungnath peak. The others had managed to climb very fast (at least faster than us). My friend and I were slowly trudging along the path. As we went higher, it was difficult to breathe and the way became slippery as it began snowing. During the journey, at times, when we looked around there was no one. It was quite dreary and lonesome. We were very bitter but kept encouraging one another. As we were nearing the place, we saw crows. Sign of life finally. When we saw crows, we understood that there were humans nearby. My friend’s mobile ticked with life as she received a message. So long it was dead! After a grueling hike, we finally reached the top to view the temple of Shiva. Ah! What joy! A temple between white sheets of snow.

Both of us started sobbing.

Sobbing as if a dam had broken lose.

It was the sob which contained a million emotional outbursts – the beauty of the place which completely bowled us over, the sign of the temple finally after a very long hike, seeing snow for the first time in our life and the joy of having made it finally.

It was so perfect that both of us realized exactly what was going on in each other’s mind. We allowed the tears to flow till it stopped on its own accord. It didn’t for a very long time.

When some women say that great sex makes them cry, is this they are referring to? A spiritual experience where all the senses are satisfied.
These tears are rare and valuable as it is caused when one is moved completely from the within.

I am glad my friend called and reminded me of that experience.

Do you have instances as these when you have sobbed involuntarily without stopping. Do share them with me . . .


  1. That is a lovely story Susan..I can understand the depth of their emotion. It is a beautiful thought that one could see something so glorious and it is certainly something to aspire too. I am going to think on my own experiences and will have to come back to you on that one. Hope you have a great week.
    Jeanne :)

  2. Ahh.. I can totally understand how beautiful and divine that moment would have been for you... I was almost in the same state when I saw Eiffel tower, but just that I dint sob.. I was out of my senses.. I so wanted to call my parents and friends to share this moment of joy...I was totally taken aback by that massive metal structure..I was wondering how much of hard work and man power would have been involved to build something this huge... and I must say the place was so lovely and romantic.. I've never believed when people said there is no other place so romantic like Paris, until I realized it myself :)

    So Susan, you were a teacher??


  3. Oh, absolutely. I cry all the time. When a very touching thought crosses my mind, my eyes are filled with tears.
    I cry reading books, when I watch the sunsets, when I see my flowers grow, when I look through photographs, remembering precious moments in time. Tears and laughter are never far apart in my mindset.
    Always such a joy to stop by here - I truly enjoyed the magazine story you shared here,

  4. "Do you have instances as these when you have sobbed involuntarily without stopping?"


    I DO lie occasionally--grin! It's just that "real men" don't cry, Susan
    (in public, or on blogs!)...

    HEY: I've been searching for that post of yours on "cell phone abuse", I wanted to comment on that. Any chance???

  5. Jeanne:

    Thanks for the nice words. Watching something absolutely lovely is beyond any comprehension. Many times I feel humbled by the power of nature. This was one such happening. And I am waiting to hear about yours.

    Take care Jeanne :)


    Yes, I taught for two years and will teach again once I complete my PhD. I can feel your intensity on seeing the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes it seems like a dream and when you realise that its for real, you break down.

    Joy always Sukanya :)

  6. Zuzana:

    Oh! Zuzana, you cry always! Must be a total romantic. I liked the way you have said: "Tears and laughter are never far apart in my mindset." Zuzana, its not a magazine story, its my story!

    I wish you the best. Joy and peace always.


    Long time ah! Knowing you, I can bet a million dollars that you would cry quite often. You don't have to pretend here. And who passes the dictum that 'men don't cry?' Its just a cultural coding which is quite archaic.

    Have sent you an email.

    Love to hear your 'sob' moments which I am sure are many!

    Joy always.

  7. Oh Oh My friend... you've asked Dulce the Golden QuESTION!
    Music is number one... Some pieces move me to tears ALWAYS... Eg. the music in the scene 'OUT of Africa' when they are flying over that magnificent lands... I don't even need to see the's just the music. Right now I have it sounding in my mind and...(..)
    I alwyas cry when I see iceskate dancers... always! ANd also when I see those girls doing synchronized swwimming...
    ANd after an orgasm... but I think that is due to that huge flow of energy which has probably been stuck there... I sob as a little child and cannot understand why, but it's such a liberation...

    I understand that sobbing of you and your friend SO WELL!
    Great post dear SUSAN!
    love--- xoxxo and smiles... with a few joy tears

    PS And I bet Steve is a sobber too (LOL)


  8. ... And also... when I go back or forth to what my followers (like you) comment on my blog...
    That love of you all REALLy move this soul to tears

    love ya! ;)

  9. That is a beautiful story, Susan. I live my life either laughing or crying. Beautiful gestures, music, words, images... they all bring out the tears.

  10. Ah! sweet Dulce, I know that feeling. Music does that to me as well. It's a sort of overwhelming kind of feeling. As for the other two, hmmmmm.

    We hugged and sobbed and looked around as if we were maniacs. I can still savour that feeling!

    Ah, Steve, I bet he is.

    Dulce, you are too sweet. the second comment made me fee tender and nice.

    Love you back dear Dulce.

    Joy always :)

  11. Angie:

    Knowing you I can vouch for that one. I am sure we will have tears of joy when we meet!

    I love everyone of you here.

    Joy always.

  12. wow! susan, I am learning a lot about your experiences through your blogs... keep them coming...

    As for my experience....
    When sana( my daughter) was born, and when I saw her and for the first time, it was the joy of being a mother for the first time, it was holding a tiny vulnurable creature, that came from me in my arms,..... I cried... I cry everytime my husband shows me how important I am in his life, and when I hear him say how much he loves me... I cried when my son was born.... and the other instance when I cried... i don't have to tell you... suzy darling you know it...:)

  13. Dear Seema:

    Yeah, sometimes we don't talk in detail like as we do here.

    I know that the birth of Sana gave you a joy beyond comprehension. Women do this quite often. I think its a pathological conditioning. I know men who cry like this but then that's a rarity.

    Has Parvez got instances of crying with a certain overwhelming?

    Joy always.

  14. To be able to get moved and to cry
    till your lacrimal glands gets dry
    will lighten the soul to make it fly
    and take you to an altogether new high.

    Susan, I can understand what you say. I don't know if you have read my post on crying.Check it out

  15. Absolutely Govind. It is definitely an experience that takes one to a new high. I shall read your post on crying.

    Hope you are well and happy.

    Joy always.

  16. Girl, don't you ever sleep? :)

  17. Very interesting...I wonder if the journey down was as emotional as reaching the top?...just joking:) !!!!!!

    Have a beautiful day, friend:)


  18. I am moved to tears when I see Cairo by night. Can you imagine that I would cry every evening? Well, I didn't when I lived there... Except... when I was at my favorite spot. There is a bridge that divides the two banks of the Nile in Cairo. It's called the Kasr El Nil Bridge. But I call it the Bridge of Dreams. When I walk on that bridge at night, and cross from one bank to the other, I am in tears. Cairo is all lit up like a crown, and the sight just brings me to absolute tears. It's absolutely irresistible in its beauty...

    And thank you for sharing your experience with us. What interesting conversations we always enjoy around your place, Susan! :-)


  19. Climbing the Himmalaya is not some small trivial thing; it's an overwhelming achievement - so tears of joy come quite naturally.

    Well, I haven't yet been at a place whose beauty made me cry, but there's still hope this might happen.

  20. Govind:

    I do Govind but then it depends. It was just 11: 12 pm when I replied to your comment :) Welcome to the sleep patterns of a PhD student :)


    The journey down was great fun and happy as we had made the most difficult part. Coming down was not as emotional but then it was satisfying.

    You have lovely minutes Cyrus :)

  21. Nevine:

    The way you describe the place makes me want to see and experience if for myself. And Nile is something I've always fancied visiting. It's found mention in the Bible as well as in many historical accounts. Wow!

    Now it's my turn to thank you for sharing your experience. It was lovely reading. The feelings are mutual dear Nevine.


    You have traveled to so many places dear DUTA, I cant imagine. Pack your bags and come to Himalaya. It's a lovely place with character. Then you can write a beautiful post on that :)

    Thanks for coming by dear DUTA. Have a lively remainder of the week.

  22. You climbed a part of the Himalayas!! I envy you!! ahaaa.... I wanted to be a part of that expedition that climbed Everest thru Nat Geo, there was a series many years back, wow...

    This might be what Wordsworth meant to be the spontaneous outflow of powerful emotions at that lovely spot out there for u and ur friend, to be recollected in tranquility here at Meanderings and reflections!!

    after all these years of puzzling lit theory, now I see some light... heee heee


    PS: Tears never pop out for me at the right times, now that does not mean that they do at the wrong times either... I sit mesmerized in awe of the place, just gazing at it... maybe I would cry when I see snow for the first time, no ideas there, will let u know as and when...

  23. sleep patterns of a phd student, I never slept when I wrote my mphil thesis! those long hours of drinking coffee n writing, rewriting, and proof reading... ahha... and I what, to go down with typhoid and forced rest for two whole months:))

  24. Wow.. nice to have memories like that! You trekked up the Tugnath peak.. amazing!

  25. Darling Ash:

    I did climb and it was not very amusing. You know it works great to imagine all these things but once you get down to doing it . . . Trust me, it'd an arduous task! Anyway besto. Do the climb once and you will never regret it, by Jove.

    Lit rocks anytime!!!

    Now for the comment on the comment:

    M.Phil eh!! I did that and now for PhD. A notch higher but same patterns. Whine.

    Delicate darling, you. Typhoid and all.

    Hope your vacation is great :)

    Joy always.

  26. Sameera:

    They are great in memories! All memories are like that. They transform . . . much better than reality! Hope you agree.

    Joy always :)

  27. I was overwhelmed with this particular emotion when I got the opportunity to see the majestic Dhauladhars (mountain range in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh)) from close quarters... :)
    That memory and the sheer enormity and beauty of it all, still has the power to put me into a state of pure bliss :)
    Thank you for sharing your experience and making me once again relive my own!!
    Have a lovely time dear Susan!

  28. Ruchi:

    Dharmasala is a place that I have wanted to visit for a long time now. Having heard a lot about that place, I intend to visit it soon. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.

    Bliss is another word which keeps coming to my mind when I think of that experience.

    Hope you are doing well, Ruchi.

    Joy always.

  29. Susie,
    great post, n wht an experience!well, i shed a few tears when i am alone n nostalgic, memories of my childhood in my grandmother's place, those paddy fields after harvest, the jasmine bush in the courtyard, going to swim in the river wth grandma, the vacations wth cousins from all around the world, the evening walks and above all,the people who were around while i was growing up, many of them have passed on...more than tears i feel a choking deep inside of me.
    as for the sleeping pattern of a PhD student, well, did i ever sleep back then? almost got an insomnia n took a couple of years to get back into a proper sleeping schedule! Best of luck dear, wth ur thesis!
    Keep writing good posts n keep sharing great experiences...God Bless..

  30. Ann:

    How lovely to see your comment. I miss you so when I read your lines.
    I very well know what happened during your thesis. You slogged so much. Wish your viva soon comes through before MS retires.

    Love you.

    Joy always.

  31. Awwww I cry because I didn't see that in the Himalayas. :(

    There are still some horse-carriages here. One time the vehicle I was in was stuck in traffic, so was one such carriage, such that I was eye to eye with the horse. The sadness and suffering I saw in his eyes behind the blinders he was wearing brought me to tears right there.

  32. Oh...yeah...many a times Susan...
    Whenever I go Saibaba temple, I just start crying - sometimes its difficult to stop it...And of course, at Kanchi - Maha periyavaa samadhi mandapam - Those two gurus have the power to reach into my soul and shake it - its such a wonderful experience - I feel so much nearer to them !!!

    I remember reading this article in The Hindu...



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