Thursday 8 November 2012

Some interesting 'phone talk'

For a long time now, I have been steadily observing, rather listening to the words and phrases used by people while referring to missed calls and lost messages. I thought it would be fun to record some of them here and also request you to add to some of these hilarious usage of phrases.

Why didn't you lift the phone? (As if a phone call can be lifted! Hangover of the old telephones which were in use way back when land-line phones were the norm. They are still in use now but in limited households)

How many times I am calling, your phone doesn't pick calls (Has anyone heard of phones having an independent mind)

I saw missed call from you but I didn't call again. Why didn't you call? (Hello, if you see a missed call, you HAVE missed a call and so you have to call back. Duh!)

My tower is cut and I am not able to continue the conversation (Tower is cut?!?!? I think signal or reception is the word to be used)

My tower signal is going (Where is it going?)

Don't walk and talk, the tower will disappear (!!!!)

I am running behind tower to talk clearly (Well, do you have special running shoes?)

Why are you unreachable? Has your tower disappeared? (Missing tower complaint)

After the advent of mobile phones into our daily lives, new vocabulary relating to mobiles have appeared in our daily language. Being a person who is interested in language and its usage, I cannot but help being amused at some of the phrases that are used even by the most educated persons.

You are welcome to add to this list and also comment on them.

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  1. That reminds me..... there must be many missed calls at your end....

  2. Amusing! :) Loved the one about running after the tower! :) Lol!

  3. Haha, this one cracked me up. I liked the one with the running shoe...

  4. Funny post! Towers sure can be elusive!

  5. Missed call has so many uses,especially for teenagers :) Adults take missed calls too seriously. Interesting phone talk...

  6. :D

    Susan I started my job as a customer care rep for a mobile company and I have a huuuuuuuggggggeeee list of such guffaws by customers!!

    LOLzz...I am getting ideas for a new post now!

  7. Wicked!!! i am glad i dont get to talk in front of you...

  8. Hmmm....I can see i haven't been paying attention:-0
    I will not be useful in your quest.

  9. Hilarious! You know how people calling from villages will often end a call with "Shall I put the phone down?" in whatever language they are conversing in? So at the end of a call, at one call center this young guy decided to Americanize this and said: "Shall I hang you?" :)

  10. he he he :) right I had a similar post

    on phonecalls :) well two magazines.. HELLO and OK .. now if there is a phone conversations.. the ok magazine is the only magazine that has to take there competitiors name before its .
    you call them , ”HELLO” ..

    they reply “HELLO, OK”..

    Hello get free marketing and advertisement from OK

    and Then there are a lot of naughty things we can do with a phone call .. for example

    You are all sitting in a pub and send some messages to , someone from the phone of a person who has gone to the loo. Just imagine the reaction of this guy, the hell he is in, if you send a txt to the wife or girl friend of the person who left the phone

    “Dont worry it’s ok, she will never find out X X X X” (XX is for kiss kiss )

    Ho ho ho :)

  11. My Granny's words seem to be true.She says,'Mobile phones have brought a lot of untruth in you people's lives.'
    -Portia Burton

  12. On one of my phones I downloaded an application which creates rain sound while talking with the other person. Useful while talking with bosses to explain why you might be late to the office, you know! :)

    Destination Infinity

  13. And there are some which are a result of direct translation from our mother tongues to English. These sentences make complete sense in the mother tongue, but are completely hilarious to hear in English.

  14. Good job ! Interesting one :) Keep it up.

  15. Deborah, you are riot! But I don't even have a cell :-(
    Voice from the dark ages.

  16. I see mother tongue to english translations are universal! Hilarious post Susan!

  17. hilarious it was especially The old "why didnt you life the phone" usage! :)



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