Wednesday 21 November 2012

I challenge you to get angry in style

Last night I was watching Casino Royale and reminiscing about the old Bond Sean Connery. Casino Royale is the only recent Bond movie I have seen. I haven't seen any of Brosnan's Bond flicks. Well, I am not here to enlighten you about my history of viewing Bond films but rather a completely unrelated subject which ticked me while watching Craig in action in Montenegro.

There is a scene where Bond seems to be losing money in the Casino and gets completely annoyed. He hurriedly goes to the bar and orders a drink. When the bartender asks him, "Shaken or Stirred?" Bond answers something like, "Whatever dammit" in a very angry and roguish tone. The most stylish and suave agent has lost his cool in a very unstylish manner. Well, that is what triggered this post. Can anyone manage to get angry and yet keep his/her style? While courting a prospective partner, one can be very stylish and wax eloquence but while getting angry, the elan is lost and the speech reveals the person. The same mouth that spouts words of love and verse in grace can curse with an equally strong passion.

One can be passionate about wearing make-up and of course can carry it well while eating, sleeping and even making love but when one gets angry, one just cannot take care whether the lipstick is swallowed while spitting out angry words and whether the hair-do is in place while literally boxing down the rival party.

Uncouth words, poisoned glances, banging the doors/utensils can never even be done in style. Come on, James Bond cannot do it, how can others even try doing so. Probably that's why anger is seen as a potent force that can destroy one's interior and exterior health.

Can you ever think of anyone who has gotten angry in style?

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  1. I don't think I have seen anyone in real life pulling off this negative emotion in style (barring some cute girls :P). Only in the movies do they actually care about looking good while emoting it , but here in this example (the bond one) it is realistic 'cause a negative emotion such as anger shadows everything else and it is maybe intended to be that way. Anyways I have never seen anyone analyze something like this from seeing a movie. Pretty Interesting.
    P.S - I think Brosnan was the most stylish Bond yet. Why not start watching them ?

  2. Interesting thought for a post! Thought hard about it and dont remember anyone getting angry in style! The irritation, yelling, glaring, bulging eyes, raised eyebrows, pressed lips along with venomous words, certainly dont look classy at all! :D

  3. //Can you ever think of anyone who has gotten angry in style?
    Me :) ;)

  4. No I have never seen anybody get angry in an attractive or stylish manner. It seems it is an emotion that makes everyone "ugly" when they indulge it. Interesting topic and great reminder to handle oneself with grace at all times.

  5. No I have never seen anybody get angry in an attractive or stylish manner. It seems it is an emotion that makes everyone "ugly" when they indulge it. Interesting topic and great reminder to handle oneself with grace at all times.

  6. ah well I hope no one see's me when I am angry :) although anger makes one look Not so great :)

    Reminded me of the good old college days the Groupisms and gangs and election times .. :) not pretty , especially if one is a Sardar and has hi turban fall.. the long flowing hair .. the hockey stick in one hand and choice words ..

    NOPE not a pretty look at all


  7. You know what, there's an entire different side to this thing about worrying-about-getting-angry-and-maintaininga-certain-style.

    If you keep worrying about style when all you want to do is shout and tear up paper or fling the soup somewhere, you will boil inside. Too much of this will probably give you BP or palpitations or fancy ulcers. Which is not in style at all.

    So, my advice from the otherside of the hill is to let it all out. Just make sure no one is injured.

    And I think "Kuch Bhi " was a better answer than "whatever dammit"....

  8. because this bond is set before the others....i think it is to show maybe how far he has come in the later ones...of course it also is telling of our age...connery was the best but craig has grown on me...

  9. Those kinds of situations make me really uncomfortable...I tend to walk away when someone acts out in anger. I'm not one for 'going off' when I'm angry. My mother, and now my husband, has always told me 'those who anger you, control you'. If you let those words soak in for a minute, it is really true. So, when someone angers me for any reason, I remain calm and collected. I do not let them 'see' that they have gotten under my skin. I don't give them that benefit, especially if I realize they are trying to do it out of pure hatefulness.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. I dont think I am too cute when angry but I will definitely try to do it with style next time...LOL

  11. Absolutely Susan! There are somethings that you regrettably wish you haven't done and anger is certainly one amongst those many!

    Don't all the thirukkurals about anger teach it intensely!

  12. 'Getting angry in style' - I like the sound of it.
    I suppose there are people (maybe the British, considered cool,dry people) who are capable of getting angry "in style". Me , when I'm angry, I'm not a pretty sight.I raise my voice, my face gets red, my body language becomes somehow agressive.

  13. Casino Royale is a reboot of the James Bond series. In that, James Bond hasn't yet attained his 007 status. Hence, his rough edges and missing suaveness. Had he been continuing as the old Bond, you might have noticed the finesse there.

  14. The only person I have ever thought of as being angry in style was Jesus. He had a reason for his anger. I think we can get angry too over the horrible things that happen in this world. Definitely, the reason for anger is the biggie. If we all had righteous anger and did something about the injustices like Jesus did, it would be attractive.

  15. Great point brought up here, Susan! No, I cannot think of anyone ever who could maintain composure when angry. Such a volatile emotion which can, indeed, ruin our mental and physical health if we hold on to it for long.
    Thanks for such a thought-provoking post.

  16. I guess anger and style are incompatible. The last thing we think about when we're mad is how we look.

    Interesting topic as always Susan.

  17. ...really interesting read Susan... so true to facts... as for me, it's relatively easy for those people who knew me personally to determine when i'm already mad/angry... and no, i don't shouts nor throw off anything around me... my anger style was more like peaceful type but not in a good way... i remained silent when i'm mad... totally no words at all... no conversation to a particular person who do me wrong and caused my anger for 2 to 3 weeks or longer depending on the case happened... just letting silence define my anger... my silent rebellion... haha... unusual for someone so young like me, ain't it? ...and Oh, Hi there... just letting you know i'm still breathing and OK... i'm reading your thoughtful comments on blog, WINDOWLAD, just recently.... thank you!!!(:

    Good day!!!(:

  18. Anger in style...nah. Never heard or seen. Thought provoking post. But, yes, I have seen controlled anger when the person who is angry does not really want to hurt the person whom he/she is angry at. Exceptions.

  19. Another insightful post my dear Susan.
    Getting angry in style! ooh! sounds cool :P May be the next time I am fuming about a certain irritant(s) *grins* will think of being stylish!!...errr...naah.....cannot imagine myself doing that Susan.But there was one person who could do the angry part in style.Our school time PT teacher. One missed morning PT session by any of the boys in class would see him call the guilty to stand in a row and become 'murgas'and despite seeming angry,smile away smugly!



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