Monday 3 August 2009

Splashes of Red

Journeys by the road always give something pleasant to the sight that leaves one to meander and reflect. These days it is the mop of red that one sees while traveling across signals and traffic jams. The Gulmohar (Royal Poinciana) as it is known in India is an exotic species. This season being the time for its flowering lend a lovely sight to behold. In the lush green expanse, splashes of red add a lovely hue to the 'only green' carpet of trees. When one travels, everything outside seems to last but for a few fleeting seconds and during those fleeting seconds, the red colour is both refreshing and welcome.

The Chennai Corporation is to be lauded for its rule to remove hoardings from the city's skylines. A few months ago all one could do was to gaze at the giant vinyl hoardings of some jewellery showroom, a new food joint or semi clad women advertising some brand of jeans. The people were forced to gaze at the loud and flashy hoardings simply because they did not have a choice while stopping for the signals. Now its different: People in Chennai are able to see the green and now being the time of Gulmohars to flower, its a visual treat.

Its not only the Gulmohar but also Amaltash, Trumpet flowers and other flowering trees to show off their lovely hues. It is that time of the year when the onlooker is fighting hard to resist the green signals in order to enjoy a few more seconds gazing into the colours sprinkling the green cover and thinking of days when there was nothing to do but gaze and gaze at Gulmohars bloom.


  1. ya, gulmohar and amaltas trees make a pretty sight and the sight of them is such a relief on a busy road chocked with vehicles.

  2. One of my first posts on the blog was about the Flame of the Forest. You can see it here



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