Saturday 29 August 2009

Siblings ga ga

Repeated news clipping of a possible split between the Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel led me to go on a flashback mode and think of some of the siblings who managed to touch the listeners with their melody.

My growing up years in Bombay was filled with radio strains which was playing in the background. My mother used to hum along as she carried on with her chores. The Carpenters were one such group which was always featured in the hits of those days. This memorable band consisted of two siblings - Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter. They did manage to give some lovely songs that still enthrall the listeners who tune into the English radio stations.

Another sibling band was The Everly Brothers - Don Everly and Phil Everly. Their rock and roll songs captured the mood of whatever they were singing. Their one song 'Let it be me' is one lovely simple song which can never be forgotten. The song has been rendered by many performers including Elvis Presley and all of them who sung the song have lent their own unique signature to the song.

Another celebrated sibling band was the Bee Gees which comprised of Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb. The adolescence years could not have passed by without the crooning melody 'How deep is your love.'

Its just wonderful to imagine the immense success these siblings saw during their active years though in their later years they seemed to have fallen apart either by death or by differences. But the coming together of siblings is something which cannot be comprehended by me as working personally as well as professionally with a blood relative has its own pros and cons. I can very well relate to the differences between the Gallagher brothers. But on second thoughts, why cannot blood relations patch up as soon as they fight. 'Blood is definitely thicker than water' but then are the differences so irreconcilable? Oasis cannot be imagined without Noel or Liam. Just hope that they reconcile (with Noel returning) and belt out lovely numbers as before.


  1. I always thought that siblings would fight n make up immediately, because they know each other so well from so long... It's a pity that money, status, spouses create differences between them which cannot be bridged for ever. Sigh!

  2. Ashes:

    I had long forgotten this post. How nice of you to dig and comment!!


    Much love,



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